Sunday, December 28, 2008

RUN NO. 2103

HARES: Tango/Amanda S

Last week's run we set off to a nice clear sky and no rain clouds gathering which is unusual for this time of the year.

The run went a different route to the usual Morley movers runs, firtst up the hill to the water tower, then up to a ridge, through a quite thorny area but not too much water and mud for a change, then out in the opposite direction to where we normally exit at Morley Movers.

Survivor impressed those who did not go in by walking up the water tower hill by herself. Well done Judy.

The first runners were out in under 45 minutes and all runners were out in an hour. Everybody commented favourably on the run.

We had one new guest tonight, Helen from the UK visiting her sister Rachel. Miss Tango celebrated her 100th run and Sarah Hill celebrated her birthday. Speedo and Miss Pink told their amusing duty jokes. When it cam time for the hashit, I, Never Wong was awarded it again for forgetting to take home part of the hashshit equipment and Maria again had to take it with me. Sorry Maria, and Miss Pnk for going in early to keep Glamour company (feeble excuse). I am taking good care of the choook as the last person to have him broke his neck. Thank you to the hares for the delicious and healthy rolls.

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RUN NO. 2105

DATE: 23 December 2008
SITE: Spg 370 Jalan Muara
HARES: Peahen/Bini Hutan/Gaby
FRONT HORN: MadMarg BACK HORN: Trailblazer

For new comers, Site 370 can be very misleading as there are a lot of trails from 370. However for those of us who know where Sigi lives that is no problem, but my heart always sinks as I have not got used to the hill from her house. Since the first time I stepped on that hill I have always huffed and puffed going up.

This week, I arrived late at Sigi's house and all the hens had already gone in. As I was not feeling very well I did not want to tackle the hill on my own so I decided to take a short walk, along the road and quickly got back to the house, and had a chat with Survivor.

Two front runners, Lee and Carol were out at 6.05. Since I did not go in I then went round asking hens what the run was like. I was told that after the hll the run was very interesting and that I probably could have managed it. First check was found by Sita, first time guest, Lee found the second check and the third check was found by Tango. All were out by 6.30 and had a good shower by the poolside.

The shout out began with teh arrival of the two JMs dressed as Santa and each carrying a bag of presents, all the way from Greenland for the very few hens who had been left stranded in Brunei. The shout out had only gone half way when the JMs were interrupted by the music from the Three Wise Kings (Tango, Mad Marg and Lynn) and baby Jesus (Dizzy). They entertaind us with a few songs, while pieces of gold (chocolate) were tossed around and incense burned as baby Jesus lay on the floor.

After the entertainment Juergen Broda, Sigi's husband, our Honorary member was called out of the kitchen, and after having been ordered to remove the apron and to put his kitchen towel down, he was given a down-down, for once again, he made and painted some beautiful H3 signs for us. What could we do without him? Thanks Juergen.

The evening continued with the draw for the Xmas presents for everyone present including Juergen. Each hen was only allowed three seconds in which to pull out a present from the bag.

The Hashit was awarded to the JM Amanda, who confessed that she did not sign in or out, and Satu Lagi and Dizzy for not signing out the previous week. However amanda craftily decided that as it was a festival run no one should have a hashit. We then sang Christmas carols and a few jokes were cracked.

The Hares put on a mouth watering dinner which included Turkey with stuffing, potations and vegetables followed by dessert. Thank you very much Bini Hutan (Sigi), Peahen (Bettina) and Gaby. All in all it was a great evening!

NEXT WEEK: Lucky Garden -- Bring a plate to share
HARES: Trailblazer/Not Yet

Friday, December 19, 2008

RUN NO. 2104

Date: 16 December
Site: DST
Hares: Never Wrong, Miss Pink and Norma
Hens: 29
Front Horn: Carol Back Horn: Alice in Wonderland

Driving to the Jerudong area at an early stage of the afternoon in order to be at the hash site on time, I still was helt up at work and heard the horn when I arrived. It took me a few minutes to get ready and after signing in I started running to catch up with everyone following white paper.

After a few meters along a road I hit a sewerage plant, which had a fence line, but no actual fence. From there it was a big open trail to follow all the way to first check. Soon I caught up with the tail of the runners, Naj, Speedo and some others.
Some areas were a bit muddy and swampy, but all in all it was nice trail.

First check was a back check; Carol just arrived picking up papers and we
followed her to where Alice in Wonderland was standing with a squeeky back horn.
On we went, through some shrubs, ferns and razorgrass until we hit a road. I realized that this was the same road we used to take going to the lake area, which has been blocked off for cars. From there on it was a nice stroll back to the hash site. We were out before it got dark, a good 45 minutes walk.

The shout-up was quite short; there were not many hens around as usual during December and no new guests. After a down down for the hares and a few announcements, Glamour brought out some jokes, which Carol was kind enough to read aloud.
Thanks to the hares for the delicious samosas.

Satu Lagi offered to join me collecting the signs, which by the way are in a very sorrow state. Only five of them are left including one made out of cardboard. Lets see what Santa can do!!!!

On On
Peahen, Bini Hutan and Gaby


Monday, December 01, 2008

RUN NO. 2101

DATE: 25 NOV 2008

A few dedicated hashers turned up in the pouring rain and the refrain, “It always rains at Rimba!” was heard more than once. I would like to congratulate Boel for bringing a first-time guest to the run – excellent persuasive skills considering the weather conditions!! I am sure we’ll be seeing her again.

The downpour turned into a shower, and then a drizzle, and then to a deluge, back to a rainstorm and finally a storm. Carol was very keen on training up some new horns and the back horns function was re-defined as not having to be the last out, but as ensuring that the paper is clearly laid through so walkie-talkies can easily follow it.

While some of us managed a short “umbrella walk”, other hardy hens were off on the paper and into the bush for a run, slip, slide, crawl, shuffle, stagger, climb, descend, dash trek.

Carol and Amanda came out in matching shirts singing, “Meet the JM’s” from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum. At the on-on the previous year’s committee was thanked for their hard work and Not Yet drunk a down-down. It has been decided that each week a joke will be told. This week Alice and Madam Sin both had good ones to share.

I was told that the food was delicious, but I didn’t have a chance to sample it as I had to hash dash after risking life and limb to collect all the hash signs (almost jumping into traffic to avoid a snake!! – although it turned out to be a dead one when I looked more closely.)

Off to a good start!