Thursday, March 31, 2011

RUN NO. 2224 - DIPLO - 05 APR 11

RUN NO. 2224

HARES: Psycho/Eastern Promise & Squeek


After the very heavy rain in the early hours of the morning I was thinking will we have a slippery, muddy run tonight? Will it rain again in the afternoon which has been happening every day? Will the streams now be rivers?

I turned up a bit late and all the hens had taken off on the trail to the left of the tent. We haven't been into this part of the jungle for a while, nice change. I managed to catch up to the main bunch just as the first check was called. Sue found the on paper. I had headed in the wrong direction along with Dizzy and Mrs Pingu. We managed to catch up to the front bunch and continued on up the hill from hell that just kept going up & up & up and then twisting to the left side of the hill then up again and down into the valley and up again and back down into the valley, what a work out to get to second check.

Once again I headed in the wrong direction and the call on paper was on back which was found by Vanessa. Guess what, another hill to tackle. It wasn't as hard as the previous one! Once I reached the top of the valley third check had been called. Vanessa and I went checking, this time int he right direction and called on paper, after that it was a great trail back to the site. No it didn't rain until most of the hashers were out of the jungle and it wasn't too muddy only at the start and there were no rivers to cross so all in all a great hash and there were some new trails cut for this run.

Thank you ladies for delicious food and great run.

At the shout up one new guest was introduced: Fai from Thailand and Madam Sin's sister Christine was welcomed back. No hash-shit this week.

on on Mad Margz

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens (Memorial Run for Road Runner)

HARES: Aunty Lynn/Marcela/Mad Margz & Sarah

Monday, March 28, 2011

RUN NO. 2222 - SUBOK 67 - 22 MAR 2011

RUN NO. 2222
DATE: 22 MARCH 2011
BACK HORN: Madmargz

A quite small but dedicated group of hashers due to the school holidays gathered at Subok 67 and discussed whether it would be a long run and whether to just go to the ridge and turn round or brave the whole trail.

I made the climb to the ridge and after talking to the local whose house was located at the top and being proudly shown his orchids, I bravely decided I needed a longer walk.

From then on it was a long trek with many steep ups and downs and water crossings. Whenever I thought I had come to the top of the last hill I spotted another to be ascended, so I plodded along. By the time I reached the out trail, a torch was necessary with the final leg being slippery with holes and drains to be overcome. I was relieved to finally reach the end.

Thank you to Domestic Goddess and Virgin hare Heulwen who said the hash reminded her of the
hills and valleys in her homeland wales. The shout up commenced with 2 first time guests being introduced and Christine celebrating her 50th run.

Madmargz and Alice entertained us with amusing jokes and Satu lagi reminded us it was Run 2222 on the 22nd March.

As usual whenever Domestic Goddess lays a run we know the food will be delicious and tonight was no exception with mouthwatering vegetarian curry. Thank you hares for a challenging hash and beautiful food. We were obviously a well behaved group of hashers as there were no calls for the hash-shit this week!!.

HARES: Never Wrong/Clover

RUN NO. 2221 - LOWER DIPLO - 15 MAR 2011

RUN NO. 2221
DATE: 15 MAR 2011

Ah, to be sure we were looking forward to the St. Patrick's day hash but alas Irish luck was not with us as the day dawned. "Stay indoors, stay out of the jungle if it's raining. There's a possibility of acid rain fall from Japan" came the text messages from various sources. A nasty rumor or sound advice?

Who knows? As we drove along Domestic Goddess and I decided to take heed and just venture for a short walk. We ended up walking round the water tower. Very scenic!

The Irish flag flew high as the hens set off many blending into the background dressed in various
shades of green. Thanks to Never Wrong for filling us in on the fine details of the trail on her
return. Beginning with a steep slope down, then a deep river crossing. A gradual up,up,up for
quite a while. Along a long winding trail, many pitcher plants to be seen, and coming out where
the in-trail started. Then back through the river and back up the slope. Verdict - a very pretty trail, not too much mud.

Begorrah everyone was welcomed back to base with a tasty drop of the hard stuff! Squeek
returned with a beaming smile, proudly announcing that she had found a shamrock and a check!
Time then for Squeek to bring the house to order. This week's hares had morphed into three
green Leprechauns (though taller than the average!) Thanks to this week's front and back horns.
Shamrock finders Squeek and Readymix were rewarded with a drop of Ireland's finest, a cool can of the Dark Stuff. There was one guest this week but alas, she had already left and gone home!

The hashshit was duly awarded to Sarah who bravely confessed that she had forgotten to sign both in and out! A hilarious joke about missing pants brought much hilarity to one and all. Then the Leprechauns served up some delicious Irish stew. Yum yum!

An Irishman once said - At the end of a busy day it's good to get down on your knees and
give thanks that you're still on your feet! On On.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


RUN NO. 2220
HARES: Pee Wee/G I Jane/Hot Lips
BACK HORN: Shantal/Elaine

As we all gathered roadside in Mentiri, the horn was sounded by Tango as she
set the pace in her "too tight shoes holding the friggen horn!" Much needed
back horn support was provided by Shantal and Elaine.

A short way along the road we cut in to a picturesque part of the jungle with
sweeping vines and flowing streams. Not longer after entering we heard the
very familiar "Checking from hereeeeeeeer" and shortly afterwards the melodic
tones of Mrs Pingu as she bellowed On On On Paperrrrrrrr!

As the hash continued there was much time spent on a vertical angle as we went onwards and
upwards. Mrs Pingu was on fine form finding the second check as well. This part of the jungle provided some great variety with streams to jump, logs to scramble over and mud to squelch through. Throw in some snow and we could have had a bear hunt!

An hour later and one more check, we were back roadside for some much needed rehydration.
Over to Simpang 323 for the On On and the smell of sausages cooking on the BBQ gently wafted
in our direction as we set up chairs by the swimming pool.

The lovely Dizzy had returned from mighty Blighty to hold the reins with Squeak and lead us
through this weeks On On. Congratulations to Karen for 300 runs and Pee Wee for 150 runs! We
welcomed this week three new guests who were thoroughly entertained by Possums joke. No
hash-shit this week so remember to be vigilant with that sign in board!

With mouths watering we were treated to delicious hotdogs (and vegetarian patties for the
vegetarians) and a variety of salads. To go with the BBQ!!!

NEXT RUN: Lower Diplo --- St Patricks run
HARES: Hot Lips/Tango/Bunny Girl/Vanessa

Thursday, March 03, 2011

RUN NO. 2219 MATAMATA 1 MAR 2011

Great view from the ridge
The intrail
Beautiful pitcher plants at their best
Beautiful trails
The Hares - Diva/Smurf & Trailblazer
New Members
Psycho with the hashit

RUN NO. 2219
DATE: 1 MAR 2011

Well, the horn may well have sounded at 5.15 sharp, but I would have no idea! Being all organised I left home at 4.15, enough time to get through the traffic, which I did, no problem. However on turning into Kg Mata Mata I realised that I had forgotten the blasted lights! Damn damn damn! So a nifty little u-turn and off I set, back to Jalan Muara, this time really hitting the traffic :-( Anyway, I finally rocked up at 5.40.

Having been in communication with the hares, I thought I would probably be able to do the run, but after setting off, I went up the hill and realised I had gone off paper - things really were conspiring! Back on paper I realised my legs just didn’t have it in them (nothing to do with a 4 hour recce the Sunday before I’m sure.....) so I did the sensible thing and went in 20 minutes and came out again, just as the front runners were coming out. Everyone came out in good time this week, sensible hashing prevailed! Our only problem was the lack of tent! Satu lagi called again and they finally rocked up at about 6.40 - even later than me. Good thing they did as it was definitely starting to spit.

The shout up commenced - hares Diva, Smurf and Trailblazer were down downed for a lovely run, I think there was an FTG, and as has been the norm for this year, we had a couple of new members! Diva got her 100th run award - bravo Diva! And this is why she set the run with Smurf and Trailblazer, they helped her lay her very first run a couple of years back - also at Mata Mata! They put on yummy food, roast chicken, tuna, egg, cheese and salad rolls! Had to go back for seconds, it would have been rude not to! Now comfortably ensconced under the tent, the evening disappeared into night, aided by some amber lubrication, as the end finally came to another great H3 adventure! On on!

HARES: GI JANE/PEE WEE/HOT LIPS - on on at Hot Lips - Jln Muara Kg Sg Tilong