Friday, May 30, 2008

RUN NO. 2075

DATE: 27 MAY 2008
HARES: Not Yet/Mama San

It was a calm sunny afternoon as we assembled at DST. Had the hens been here since that time we got kicked out from the coastal highway site and had to re-group at DST for a live run?

Well, the hares promised a nice and easy run, so we eagerly set off at 5:15 with Carol on front horn and Sarong on back “whistle.” We started off in the woods behind the tent, and some of us who had been on a hetero hash a few months ago were wondering if we would take a similar route (an infamous hash in my memory as a group of us were on wrong paper and came out at 9:00!....but that’s another story….) Would the hares lead us to that same waist-high swampy stream? It seemed so, and sure enough, I arrived at the water just as 1st check was being called just beyond. Been there, done that – call me a coward but I didn’t want to cross this time if I didn’t have to. (At the hetero we waded that water more than once as we went back and forth trying to find the on paper which turned out to be back.)

Maybe the on paper today would be at the same place? Ready Mix had the same idea and so we both ran back to a trail that led to the road, where she found the paper. Some hens had doubts and were afraid to follow, as the paper was wider than the tiny strips the hares left as a sample – after warning us to stay on correct paper. But we did find a clump of tiny strips hidden behind a bush, so we definitely were on the right track. (Later we found out that the hares wanted us to follow a mix of thin and wide paper.)

Down the road we went and soon heard 2nd check being called. Poor Carol must have been lonely at this (and every other) check as few people went ahead, figuring it must be a back check across the wide open lunar landscape area. Our guess was right – 2nd check was soon found by Lee and others (didn’t see who) after crossing the open.

3rd check was only a short distance away, and it was another back check up and down the hill and to a road. So far it had been a dry run (except for the unlucky ones checking ahead at the first swamp!), but just when we thought we had made it through unscathed, a bit of sludge had to be crossed. Oh well, what’s a hash without mud??

Back at the tent, while waiting for everyone to arrive and the shout up to begin, some hens were engaged in bottom-checking. Comparing insect bites, I heard. Perhaps a competition to see who had the most? Not sure…

At the shout up we welcomed first time guest Claire, who hails from Glasgow. Apparently she’s already been warned that there are usually a few more hills than this at the average hash, so don’t get your hopes up that it will be this “nice and easy” every week. (Having said that, next week is Rimba and there aren’t too many hills there either!) Claire was brought by Maria, who’s a fairly new member herself – well done Maria!

Thanks to the hares for lovely vegetarian food, which was enjoyed by all as the sun set on another balmy Brunei evening.
On On

HARES: Sarong/Sarah B

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