Monday, July 26, 2010

RUN NO. 2188 - SPG 370 JLN MUARA - 28 JUL

An animated Alice in Wonderland telling a few jokes!

RUN NO. 2188
DATE: 28 JUL 2010
HARES: Karin/Sarah P
FRONT HORN: Tango BACK HORN: Trailblazer

Ruthless Pursuit not looking too happy when Aunty Lynn showed Cho how a hashit is given!

JM Ruthless Pursuit trying to get out of a dousing by some illegal advice to Hashit virgin Cho before Aunty Lynn stepped in.

Survivor enjoying the night with two drinks!

Hens enjoying some clucking before the shoutup

JM with hares

I arrived at the site nice and early, I sorted out my bits i.e; put my shoes and socks on and took the water and bucket up that steep driveway!

Ruthless Pursuit arrives and asks me to hold the front horn whilst she nips to the Loo, so i end up being front horn with my new bad foot & stiff muscles. I go for it as best as I can down the Simpang and into Sam's garden, I ran past a Giraffe and a Gorilla in her garden (Honest) we then had to go through the gate over the drain and into the jungle.

A few hills, a few slippery steps, 2 checks Ruthless pursuit found one and i don't know who found 2nd. The run was about 35mins for front runners as Madam Sin looked at her watch as we began to arrive. It was a lollypop run very pleasent, thankyou girls Well Done for laying your 1st Run!

We all went to Karin's for the ON ON. A lovely Green drink was served with Dips and crudites,then followed by Burgers, Salad, Buns, Chickpea and Pumpkin salad and Coleslaw, oh and Banana cake. Yummy!
Mad Marg had taken over from Legally Blonde for a week or 2. Alice told us a few jokes.Rebecca was a first time guest from Manchester,UK.

Ruthless Pursuit got the Hashit for not signing in,couldn't find her number she said! on on Tango

NEXT RUN: Spg 791 Jln Muara, Kg Tanah Jambu (Morley Movers)
HARES: Tango/Mad Marg

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RUN NO. 2187 - DIPLO - 20 JUL 2010

A beautiful view even when you are not high up!
Celebrants of numerous runs - Possum and Smurf
A rare double rainbow over the site
Hares Diva and Trailblazer with JM Ruthless Pursuit
Magic out checking? Yes, she has the on paper! all in wrapped up to protect from the rain.
One way of crossing a tree trunk without getting feet wet
Squeak and Tango
Speedo on the trail
A fallen tree after the hares have been
Cheryl and Survivor studying the words

RUN NO. 2187
DATE: 20 JULY 2010
HARES: Diva/Trailblazer
HENS: 27

Front Horn : Ruthless Pursuit Back Horn : Claire ( the sax player )

Sarah, Danielle & I headed off in the rain towards Diplo & actually made the horn this week which is a rare thing. Tango, Speedo & Ruthless Pursuit off again at lightning pace. They were slowed down at the first check tho’ with hashers going off in all directions in search of paper.

Finally Sarah found the trail & we were back on paper with Speedo & co having to first find their way back through the jungle after the search.

I tried to keep up with Ruthless Pursuit but there was no holding her back. The other front runners had soon caught up again & were fast overtaking until we came across the huge log which slowed them down. There was another way around which a couple of us took & I was surprised to find myself once again up the front, thinking that if I kept up the pace going up towards the ridge I may just stay ahead.

Ruthless Pursuit was spotted returning from the 2nd check & we turned back at this stage to follow the trail going in the opposite direction & back on paper. Danielle & Squeek just up ahead & we came out first with Tango & the others not far behind. A great trail with a bit of everything thrown in !

Back to the tent where we celebrated Smurfs 550 runs & Possums 200th. Lolly scramble followed with Possum giving out chocolates & then we all enjoyed the salads & chicken that the hares had done.

Sarah & I had to collect the signs & I jumped out at the lights & ran to get the last one then disappeared down the drain ! Must have been funny to see but my knee so sore I wasn’t laughing & worried that I may be out of action for laying next weeks hash.

NEXT RUN: Spg 370 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong - Bring your own chair and lots of mozzie spray.
HARES: Karin/Sarah P

Saturday, July 17, 2010


RUN NO. 2186
HARES: Mad Marg/Legally Blonde
HENS: 28
FRONT HORN: Ruthless Pursuit BACK HORN: Squeak

After my long trip to Dadap the week before I left home bright and early to find traffic an absolute breeze and I made it to site in no time at all.
Sleazy Gardens is such a lovely site to run from with the lovely pool area and good off the road parking.

At first there didn’t seem to be many of us but then Squeak got an SOS call from our newest members to confirm then were heading in the right direction. … So with their arrival Ruthless Pursuit beeped her horn and we were off.

Tango was back from her holiday and off she went at lightning pace up the hill with Ruthless Pursuit hot on her heels. As we were going up the road we could see some more hashers driving past.

Into the jungle and across the wee riverbed, around the bull dozed corner, up the hill and . . . “Checking from here!!!”. Tango faithfully ran on, people started checking and I managed to go back down another big hill and faithfully search away.

OK – 10 minutes still no paper found - - Squeak took over “Checking from here” and Ruthless Pursuit runs ahead to assist Tango . . . 15 minutes - - still no paper. Gathering around the check to discuss possibilities and Speedo and Alice in Wonderland advise they think they found paper further back but thought they’d heard the cry of “On Paper” earlier on so must have been wrong paper. . . . So back down the hill we start heading and they run on to find the On Paper!!!!! Yay – 20 minutes check!! Poor hares we find out afterwards were faithfully waiting in the jungle to lay the paper out and watched us dally around!!

So onto paper we headed through the jungle, over the rivers and I’m sure my right foot found every boggy muddy marsh available – even up to my knee at one point trying to extract my foot to not lose my shoe. Back out onto more bull dozed trails and out the way we came in.

Back to the pool and I do believe most ladies jumped in the pool!!! Absolute bliss!!!

Then time for the shout up and we celebrated Mad Marg’s 350th run!!!! And also had the hashers up who did the interhash in Kuching for a down down. Speedo told some brilliant jokes – (and yes I parted my curtains on my computer before starting up windows!!).

To our hares – thank you for the wonderful food – yummy chicken drumsticks and homemade pizzas to die for!!!!! And of course – New Zealand lollies brought back by Mad Marg – YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY – EH WINA!!!!!!!

Thank you for a lovely run, food, and hospitality. Although our numbers were smaller than usual it was a lovely hash!!!

HARES: Diva/Trailblazer

Thursday, July 08, 2010


Some uploads from fellow Hasher, tks.

Legolass with Gordon
Cheers -- oops what is Not Yet doing? Checking to see if her daughter has had her baby?

Brunei group with hasher from Mombasa Kenya

BH3 survivor & duchess
A reunion with ex Brunei hashers!


It was great catching up with old friends and making new ones. A great experience for "virgin" WIH goers and am sure enjoyed by all. Next WIH Borobudur, Indonesia. Some photos taken by various hashers. Will upload more as I get some.

Some additional photos forwarded by "Schnapps" - thanks.

on on

NEXT WIH: Borobudur, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
24-27th May 2012

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

RUN NO. 2185 - JLN DADAP - 6 JULY 2010

Nice jungle.... lots of water
Lovely Bamboo
A crossing!
Pickled Lilli with her bells
Start of run with JM Ruthless Pursuit and Diva leading the way
Water fall....

One of the many waterfalls we passed by.

RUN NO. 2185
SITE: Jalan Dadap, Off Jln Tutong
HARES: Squeak/Rambling Rose

Well I arrived late as usual to a lonely Hash site and the vision of cleared Jungle in front of me.

Off I trekked into the juggle saying to myself for the 4th week that I must get a new pair of Hash Shoes ones that actually have rubber stops and not like my current tired shoes.

It was not long before a could hear voices up ahead and letting out my usual On On call a reply came echoing back. I stumbled across Madam Sin, Smurf and Possum like the three musketeers ,who had only been in the jungle for about 7 minutes and had advised me they had already taken 3 wrongs turns, it was now more like 3 Blind Mice!. Off I ran to try and catch the rest of the pack, it was Trailblazer who advised me in a motherly tone as I ran through , I hope your taking this all in for the words, my reply was of course lots of green and lots of water.

I don’t recall ever so many water crossing of various sizes and degrees of difficulty – “All Good I say”!

In fact I noted that at no time during the whole run the sound of running water could not be heard, this was very peaceful and soothing. As usual Dadap had enough mosquito to eat you alive so no time to dawdle.

I made good time and back to the camp site. My apologies to those who took on the horns and those who found the checks as I did not record this valuable statistic, as I was kept rather busy at the Hooley Dooley Barr.

(Two new members Elaine and Shantal were welcomed to the coop. ED)

Great Run Ladies and really Yummy Tucker, thanks heaps.

On On

Next Run: Tajung Bunut Kanan
Hares: Legally Blonde/Mad Marg
Note: As usual I believe a bit of OFF would be useful!!

RUN NO. 2184 - MATAMATA - 28 JUN 2010

Lovely trails on the way up to the ridge
Glamour and Duchess looking good

RUN NO. 2184
HARES: Satu Lagi/Virginie/Patricia

Last night Satu Lagi took two virgins deep into the jungle.... hmm, sounds like the beginning of a very bad joke, but she has beaten me to all the major achievements - first to get a hash handle, first to become a front runner (never going to be an option for me), and now first to 100 runs - but I'm not jealous (MUCH). Enjoy your time in the sun Satu Lagi, and just remember that by the time you get back from your holiday, I'll be in front! (cue maniacal laughter HAHAHAHA).

Anyway, congratulations to Virginie and Patricia on having cherries popped. If all your runs are as good as the one last night, we'll be very happy.

True to form, Matamata was its usual slippy self, we crossed what I'm sure was the exact same stream almost a dozen times (I think we must have been trying to lose any pursuing dogs), and the last hill qualified as an aggravated assault (I for one was pretty aggravated by the 3/4 mark) with menaces (the people behind me were threatening/discussion Xmas cards featuring all the butts they could see struggling up the hill). However, the view from the summit made sure all was forgiven and the out trail was sloping downwards (always popular!) I can even comment on the checks this week as, miracle of miracles, I actually saw them. There were three, and they were duely found by Bunny Girl, Ryvita and Claire C. Honorable mention must be made of Pee Wee and Psycho were were our guiding horns.

At the shout-up Beluga and Satu Lagi were congratulated on reaching their century mark. We were reminded that the pussy book is still on sale (all proceeds to charity), and Pickled Lilli announced that she was selling her moped (all proceeds to her pocket). Sarah and Karin almost got the hashit for "failure to meme", but redeemed themselves by promising to lay a run in the next six weeks. (We still have a couple of runs available - see Trailblazer for openings!)

The food (and the 'you made it out' drink) provided was excellent, the company delightful, and the evening sublime.

NEXT RUN: Jalan Dadap, off Jln Tutong
HARES: Squeak/Rambling rose