Friday, March 24, 2017

RUN NO. 2535 DADAP 21 MAR 2017

RUN NO. 2535
DATE: 21 MAR 2017

Checking with my co-hare before the run,  so as not to be burdened with the run report as I always seem to be the one writing up, was disappointed with the reply - sorry not coming to run as have work...DADAP CANT DO TODAY..LAST MINUTE I HAVE A DRY RUN WITH PECHAKUCHA AT 7PM AND VISITORS AT 5PM - TODAY I HAVE 2 PRESENTATION, 2 UBD VISITS, 1 CHECK IN N 1 DRY RUN"   la la la......  

A small group of hens had gathered and we were told it would be a short run at 2km and front runners could go round again if they so wished - at least two did.

Good old Dadap did not disappoint and certainly a new site for many hares.  For the oldies its been a while since we were there so it was good to have the shout up on site rather than driving off to Never Wrongs or Sarah's.

The start off to the right up the hill into the jungle was a good warm up to keep the heart pumping.  Front horn Ryvita was no where to be seen and Rachael took on the back horn.  A few river crossings kept our heels cool and a few waterfalls kept the scenery  interesting.  A bit soft underfoot with the overnight rains we have been having but we soon popped out of the lollipop in around 35 minutes.

Shout up was done and wrapped up before the sun was down. No hashit was given and the hares gave us chicken with a selection of salads with bread rolls to be filled. Thank you Duke OC for the yummy stuffing!

So another evening continued for a bit but the mosquitoes won and we were out of Dadap by 8 p.m. I was glad to be on the way home with my little carriage filled with the sign-in board, and all the signs (4 to be exact) which was required for showing the hens to site without getting lost.  Got a message from my co-hare to "HELP HER PICK UP THE SIGN" at 20.26 hours.  By then I was well on my way home........ So goes another evening in the abode on a Tuesday.  C. U. N. T.

Run will be at Diplo.
Hares: Trailblazer/What Butt


Run No 2534
Date: 14 Mar 2017
Site. Simpang 770 Jalan Muara
Hares.Ryvita,Gin Trap and Bracken Bard

Front horn .Lara
Back horn. Neverwrong 

It was good to set off from a new site into unknown jungle.
First we set off through a path then into the jungle where we continued on through
a mixed trail of bracken and jungle for a couple of kilometres until we arrived at the edge of a cemetery and down steps where we were given the option of a long or short run.
The long run went back up the road and the walkie talkies met up with the front runners already returning.

We then disappeared back into the jungle through a lovely trail till we came out again and followed paper until we came back out onto Jalan Muara.

Two first time guests were introduced,Brittany from Chicago and Emma from Malaysia.
Hot Lips celebrated her 450th Run well Done

Sarah  received the hashit for not wearing a hash T shirt which was well taken
The hares then supplied us with delicious chilli con carne.
Thank you Hares for an enjoyable evening.
There now seems to be a new guard of stayers at the on.on


Next weeks run at Dadap. Simpang 102/34 shout up on site

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

RUN NO. 2533 DIPLO 7 MAR 17

RUN NO. 2533
DATE: 7 MAR 2017

In nice and gently through the grass, then a lovely long down trail which made this hare believe that she was in fact a front runner and could keep up. Pa ha ha! Duly arrived at the very wet, very splashy first check and then found the hares had laid a back check, found by Wonder Woman. Then I realised the error of my ways as I hit a bloody great hill and nearly died! Argh! Bit of confusion about where the second check actually was [more of that later], finally found to be an even more devious double back on yourself super sneaky check later on, found by Itchy Feet.

Thank goodness for the 'pissy pants' drink that greeted us at the good old jungle bar. Best not to down it and plough on up the hideous 'relay hill' to the end unless you want to feel slightly sick is what I was delicious though, but should be savoured more is the conclusion!

Sarah C was front horn, Never Wrong was back horn.

There was much merriment at the shout up with Psycho armed with her water gun, and both her and Ripper donning their executioner outfits to name Merrill. From now onwards she will be know as ‘Sambuca’

Several announcements were made [see announcements], among which is a call for secondary people for the roles of ‘hash flash’ and ‘hash softie’. Please see JMs if interested.

The shout up ended with the hares receiving hashit for dropping a load of paper while laying, which caused the confusion about where second check actually was.

Yummy laksa rounded off the evening nicely!

Next week’s run will have 2 options, a short (about 2.5km) and long (about 4.5km). The longer loop will be laid in orange. About 1-1.5km in the run will pass through a cemetery. If you are uncomfortable with passing through there (it is the easier and safer route), there is a steep path about 50m before it on the left hand side (or on the right if you have double backed once you get to the cemetery).

Slippy and scratchy in places, so appropriate footwear and long sleeves, trousers, socks recommended


Monday, March 06, 2017

RUN NO. 2532 DIPLO 28 FEB 17

RUN NO. 2532
DATE: 28 FEB 2017

Weather was perfect for the H3 St David's Day run. Cloudy with plenty of breeze all around. Ripper called the hens to order asking for volunteers for front horn, taken up by Lykke and back horn to which the hash was at one of it's quietest for a minute before Squeak offered to squeeze the squeaky blue horn in the jungle. No info could be gotten from the hares about how long it is, what colours are the checks and how many there were which turned out fab anyway as it is what it is! A jungle run/walk. Once you're in, you just gotta get yourself out.

To the honks of the front horn at exactly at 5:15pm, off we all trotted. In and down we went through trails that hasn't been used by ladies hash in a LONG time and boy were there hills.. Steep steep hills.. Despite the glutes entered exer-cises it was a lovely run with plenty of stream crossings, hill climbing and slid-ing before finding ourselves back to the starting point. First check was a tricky one that sent hens all over the jungle and the second one easier and more obvi-ous. It was such a great run that front runner hens went back in for a second loop only to find themselves, LOST.. Getting dark and close to shout out, Yogi Beer, one of the hares took to blowing the horn at the start of the trail helping to direct the lost hens back to site.

All hens safely out and cleaned up, the hash was called to order with an acknowledgement and thanks to the hares of the run. Just one FTG, Leia brought by Goodnight Kiwi. A very gungho hasher from the get go! She had hurt her an-kle just over the weekend having done 88 km out of her very first 100km run and she was there at hash. Kudos and congratulations to the woman for going so far and being level headed to stop pushing her body when required. 2 new members from the CfBt crew were also welcomed. Sophia from Boston and Katie from Ireland. Footloose received her potty for 50 runs. Followed by announcements with Sarah for Serunai Singers, kids hash in Rimba and Gin Trap's wiggle order having gone out but there are three hens who are going to make a 2nd order. 

Ask before it's too late! Yogi Beer did a joke about a man with 3 wishes and he want-ed to be the cleverest human so the genie turned him into a woman. For eats, there were beautiful curries and rotis all around with a notable mention for the aubergine curry which was polished off quick!