Monday, July 25, 2011

RUN NO. 2239 SUBOK 378 19 JUL 2011

Run No. 2239
Date: 19 Jul 2011
Site: Subok 378
Hares: Fertile Myrtle and Kathryn

We arrived at the site of this weeks hash to be greeted by the ever enticing aroma wafting over from the Subok rubbish tip. Luckily the wind decided to co-operate and blow the smell away (most of the time). As we gathered to get ready to head off we learnt that both horns were not working. A quick bit of thinking and a scout around solved the problem and off we went to the sound of the front whistle and back rubber chicken!

A few minutes into the run the first check was encountered. Luckily I was only halfway down the hill when it was called and so when the call came from on back I only had to climb halfway back up the hill. In all there were three good checks on the run, the first found by Pee Wee, the second found by Marcella and the third found by Mad Marg.

Swiftly following on from the first check was a rather steep downhill. The ground was soft and the leaf litter made it fairly slippery but this added to the fun of the run. This was also the first of a couple of decent hills in the run, with an extra one for Mad Marg as she went searching at the third check.

The first ones out of the jungle came out looking like they had run hard and loved it! Everyone came out in good time and safely. The on on proceeded in a timely fashion and we all got on with the business of enjoying the very yummy Samosa’s provided by the hares. Thanks ladies for a great run and fantastic food.

Next weeks run is Island themed. Remember everyone you need to be at Pony Divers at Serasa by 5pm to catch the boats across, and also don’t forget to bring a change of clothes – you will get wet! See you all there. On on…


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


RUN NO. 2240
DATE: 26 JULY 2011

At last weeks run we were told to be on time as the boats would be leaving at 5.15pm sharp, well I just made it with a few minute to spare…. There were about 35 hashers with their life jackets on raring go to for the run on Muara Besar Island.

Thankfully the short trip across was uneventful as I can’t swim! Once everyone got of the boat and got their feet wet and onto the beach, the front hashers were off, following the paper trail over a few big bits of drift wood and the usual plastic bottles. We followed the trail through the plantation of local plants and passed many wonderful pitcher plants.

I was too far back to know who found the checks. It was a pleasant walk although there were a few muddy and swampy patches. Everyone made it back to the beach without any problems, where we had a group photo taken. Once we got back to the mainland the hares greeted us dressed in their colourful island attire.

At the shout up two new guest were introduced – one each from Canada and Germany and
small gifts were given out to the best dressed etc. The Hashit went to two willing takers: Christine & Sarah for not wearing hash shoes!

Thanks to all the Hares for the effort they put into organizing the boats and venue - everyone enjoyed the run and the delicious food.

HARES: Madmarg/Erin

RUN NO. 2238 DST 12JUL 2011

RUN NO. 2238
DATE: 12 JUL 2011
HARES: Trailblazer/Psycho/Dizzy

Off we went and after about 20 minutes I thought to ask, “is this a long run”, the reply I received was “don’t know?”. First check was found by Aunty Lynn and called ‘on back’ and I was way off in the wrong direction as usual (never follow me). Off I trotted, well some of the way, the rest of the way I chatted happily wondering along. Mad Marg found the next 2 checks. Aunty Lynn was out first, well done Aunty Lynn, however I’m not sure the hot road is a good place to lie in the recovery position.

The run had a bit of up, but not much, some nice trails, a bit of water, was not too long, not too short, and not too dirty. It is always a good run when I didn’t slip down a bank or slippery slope. There were lots of wild boar tracks too.

I completely forgot I had to do the words, and I completely forgot the signs; yes I know …HASHIT!

Disappointingly Vanessa’s car was broken into and a couple of purses taken. I left early and they were still waiting for the police. Hope you managed to get all the glass out of Freddie’s car seat.

I saw some very yummy food being delivered as I left, I hope you all enjoyed it. Thanks for a lovely run, see you tonight.

HARES: Fertile Myrtle/Kate

Saturday, July 09, 2011

RUN NO. 2237 - 5 JUL 2011 - KM 22.2 COASTALHIGHWAY

RUN NO. 2237
DATE: 5 JULY 2011
HARES: Possum/Trailblazer/Briony
FRONT HORN: Call Girl BACK HORN: Never Wrong

Hashing - I've heard about it for years, but never got around to finding out what it entails personally. An acquaintance's subtle explanation back then gave me a rough idea: "You enter the jungle or some sort of trail with a bottle of water, and you exit with cans of greens or blues." A few years later this week, I finally found out for myself. And boy, what took me so long?!

Site was along the Coastal Highway on 5th July... directions from numerous sources mentioned it being opposite UBD, but that was a little misleading considering how it was more like 2km further down. But I finally found it without having to do a U-turn; inside, I saw cars with ladies wearing running gear standing outside them, and knew I was at the right place.

My tiny car wedged its way through the side of two strategically placed massive puddles near the entrance. My first thought was, "OMG, is this thing going to be a wet one?" But I pressed on; my car was already halfway through the second massive puddle, and there was literally no space to turn for a swift exit; all the other cars parked at the side made it impossible. No chickening out now.

Met a couple of the ladies, Smurf and Madam Sin; ladies of leisure I've had the pleasure of meeting one too many times at a certain establishment. They told me to register, cough up my $10, and find a veteran to run with. They suggested Satu Lagi, since she's fit and I'm fit. Don't know how the latter came to mind; I haven't run through any rough terrain, or at all, in years. My weekend sailing could probably be a contributing factor, but I hardly do any running for that!

I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but Satu Lagi was already raring to go. She ran in, I ran in. Less than two minutes later, my run slowed down to a jog, and finally to an exhausted walk. Already! I was half disappointed in myself. I need to do this more often!

A lot of bright pinks overtook me; the HASH letters strewn all over their shirts tells me that they've done this before. Just you wait... I'll be like you soon enough, with all your running and not sweating that much!

I don't remember much of the trail, other than a massive longkang we had to cross, having to walk alongside aforementioned massive longkang and to not fall to our deaths (I have now developed a new fear of falling to my death into massive longkangs thanks to this trail)... and not forgetting all the long grasses. We lost the trail at some point, but Satu Lagi found it again, and we went ahead... we strolled along the beach sand, proud for being the first to find the paper that would, we assume, lead us back to the tent. A few others overtook us, but ahhh... that's ok... I'll get you next time.

Some minutes later, found a bunch of the runners sipping on a cup of fruit punch at a little hut near the finish. And sure enough, Trailblazer was there. Surely it wasn't just fruit and punch whenever she's around, right? I had my boost to run the short incline up to the tent. And I was spent.

But oh, that wasn't the last of it. Since it was my first time, I had to do some sort of initiation. Aware of my post-run-no-shower situation, I was glad there were three other newbies with me. We introduced ourselves. The ladies deemed our introduction worthy and sang us a song, and told us to consume our beverage. And finally, it was done! We're officially in the Hen House Harriers!

Later on after dinner (of buns and traditional American chow of sausages and beans), Satu Lagi and I helped Possum light up fireworks to commemorate the 4th of July. Secretly, I thought it was to honour my first hash run. Thank you, ladies! On on...

HARES: Trailblazer/Psycho/Dizzy

Sunday, July 03, 2011

RUN NO. 2236 - DIPLO - 28JUN11

RUN NO. 2236
DATE: 28 JUN 2011

“Beyond the Back Horn”
This week’s run came with a warning from the GM that it wouldn’t be easy. The writing should have been on the wall given the relatively small number of runners and the relatively high fitness level they possessed. However, with only the mildest of qualms, off we set, ready to tackle the ‘two big hills and some heavy undergrowth.’
Going in was quite thick and we headed into a moderate climb. The front horns quickly became a faint Cullen-like blur in the distance while we carefully found a pace. Knowing there were going to be two big hills, turning back after half an hour seemed a good option. Then came the first hill. Having got to the top it seemed that going on would be easier than turning back.

The cool breeze from the ridge was lovely but the difficulty level was soon to get a lot, lot worse. The second hill was intense, seeming virtually vertical. The little engine that could proved inspirational on this hill, “I think I can, I think I can” quickly becoming my mantra.
Having reached the ridge, it seemed that we were on the home stretch. Squelching through several water crossings the air around us began to grow dusky. Looking for the white paper we had been told would show the way out, we were relieved after about the seventh time crossing the creek, to see strips of white. In the half light it was difficult to see that although white, it was possibly not new paper…

Scrambling up the creek bank and thinking we were following paper, it became an attempt to get out before the sun set completely. Soon we were met by tree trunks blocking the path. However, seeing more paper, the sensible thing seemed to be to follow it. Over the logs and through the webs we went. As we lost light, the spider webs became harder to see and seemed to be extra sticky. After climbing over more logs and up and down a gully we checked the paper by the light of key-ring pen torches. What we found were week-old holes and Chinese characters: not the paper we were looking for.

Slowly it dawned that we were somewhat off paper. An aborted phone call later the best decision seemed to be to head for higher ground to try and get some phone reception as well as bearings. By this time, a teeny-tiny bit of worry began to set in. It certainly feels isolating in the dark, disoriented and without any phone reception! After another 20 minutes heading up, a toilet stop and finger cramp from keeping the button on the torch pressed down we were rewarded by bars- Bars of DST! While on the phone we discovered we were back on the original paper- double happiness indeed.

A quick call back to the tent later and we learned the hens were on the way back in. The temptation to go on was more overwhelming than expected and in the fresh night air the night sounds played tricks. After what seemed like a lot longer than the half hour it took, we began to hear the real horns.

Slowly but surely, the on-ons got closer. And there they were, hundred pluses, torches and actual knowledge of where the hell we were. We set off the ‘back way’ to get out. The gradient of the second hill seemed even steeper on the way down. Any pretence of walking went out the window as the track became an impromptu leafy slide. Some of those branches got a bit close and personal…At the bottom it was a case of steady going and careful checks. Legs starting to wobble, it was one last hill and then a comfort stop for one of the hens and finally, four hours after we started, it looked like the night would be spent in 1000-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets rather than zero thread count leaves and insects.

The shout out consisted of unbelievably delish fresh rolls and salads, most welcome at half past nine at night, and the hardy few who stayed on to celebrate the safe return of all hashers.

Lessons learned this week: pen torches are not good in the jungle. Check paper properly before blithely following it. Always charge the phone before going out and not to get bloody lost again!
On on.