Monday, June 30, 2014


RUN NO. 2392
DATE: 24JUN2014

Part 1
We all gathered at Hash House and at 5.15 in the absence of either JM we set off along the road to begin the run. We climbed up a stone face and proceeded into the jungle, soon hearing the sounds of the bells being worn by Satu Lagi for her final hash.
Checks were found reasonably quickly I think because as one of the tail enders I was able to continue unstopped along the picturesque Lucky Gardens trail.
This week the ups and downs were not too taxing and it was a very pleasant run with only a few patches of mud and water.
There were no first time guests, new members or special runs but we had to bid farewell to Satu Lagi which we did in style. Madam Sin sang a clever and entertaining song  to wish her goodbye, then Satu Lagi took the hat trick for the Hash shit very humourously. Hopefully we will see her again as she is going over the border to KK.
Thank you hares for a delicious supper. I believe the hard core did well and left the site at 11.45
- Never Wrong
Part 2 by Jessie: 
As usual I knew I was going to be late for hash and thought I’d only go up to 1st check. Met the hares coming out on the way in and they told me it was a short run so I could do the whole thing. Twinkle Toes told me to go in over the dirt….instead I went in through the out (as I later realized...not very good at listening to teachers, am I?). Fifteen minutes into the jungle and I could hear the ladies shouting for what I assume to be the last check, found by Satu Lagi. Finished the run in good time (before back horn!) and a lovely one it was too.

I was tasked to video Satu Lagi taking her last “down down” and she did well to show us how it was done. Unfortunately it also set her up for hashit 3 weeks in a row as her phone went off (don’t you just love children?) but she took it in style.  Sad to see a friend I have quickly grown close to leaving but I know I will definitely see her again.

Our well organized hares fed us with some lovely chili and fueled us for what ended up to be a late night for some. Look forward to having you ladies over at mine this week. Spray up against mozzies and bugs, bring a chair, swimmers and tokens.



Monday, June 23, 2014


RUN NO. 2391
DATE: 17JUN2014

So we were expecting a slightly longer run than is usual for our ladies hash. 5.15 and everyone was raring to go, sort of…...So off everyone went, heading into the labyrinthine run site that is Diplo. Well, what lay ahead certainly didn’t disappoint.
Never ending hills. Up, up, up……..down, down, down……..peppered with a good amount of water crossings. First check was duly found by Jeannie, so after a bit of checking, everyone was back on paper in good time, in time for me - you guessed it - up, up, up…….followed by more down, down, down and more water crossings.
I think there was a pattern emerging here. Sadly, I cannot remember who found second check, but I do know it was followed by more of the aforementioned pattern. Third check really stumped everyone, and took quite a while to find, eventually Sid found the on paper - all down to experience I reckon, well done Sid, as by this time most hashers were pretty tired and ready to be out.
It was a bit further than most people anticipated to get out, but out everyone came. It was dark by now and approaching 7 o’clock, and a merry gaggle of recreational hashers greeted the runners. Everyone was treated to a nice little coffee upon their signing out. The JMs conducted a great shout up, the hares graciously took the hashit (a variety of offences I think - too many to mention) and we were treated to a lovely laksa. And so the evening slowly faded into night, under the starry tropical skies, in an atmosphere of camaraderie and conviviality. On on.

Monday, June 16, 2014


RUN NO. 2390

Squeak's interpretation of Midsummer Run's theme

Wonder Woman & Velma with their interpretation of "50 Shades of Hashing"

Hares: Trailblazer/WonderWoman/Squeak/Twinkle Toes

Midsummer run came out of nowhere and we are now officially half way through our hash-ing year. The run at Kapok Kanan was an updown Serasa hill run. We went right just be-low the G&T pondok – there was a check but my apologies for not knowing who found it. Up the top and along the ridge – lovely view as always but not liking the “progress” they have made on PMB. And back down we go, myself chatting to Paula about Mulu. Just close to the out I had a big pin-prick to my thigh and back at camp learnt that I was not the only one – little wasps maybe; most had a bite each and Trailblazer was kind to dispense her ointment to everyone. Mandi, over with we headed to Dr. Dolittle’s house for “50 Shades of Hashing” – Thank you JMs and Committee for our lovely gifts of tshirts and windscreen shades. Well done to the Committee on the entertainment with very amusing lyrics - credits to Madam Sin. Delicious Afghan food was served (more garlic anyone?) and as a treat there was also some token exchanging – I love special runs! Oh and I got the hashshit with Paula for leaving my pouch onsite (Thanks again Sticky) and Paula for forgetting to sign-in!

Hash Shit!
And this week is a special run for me. It’s the last run I’m laying before the move. My co-hare is Ryvita who I have enjoyed running with (me always trying to catch up!) and also co-hared with. Our site is Diplo where I had my first run – and Squeek too. We did our first three runs together and became members on the same night – that infamous one at Mor-ley Movers!!
Don't want to bore everyone with my reminiscing so here's my summary of hashing:
Things I learned on the hash
  • how to use a parang
  • how to crush a can (thanks Smurf)
  • how to take a proper down-down (thanks Alison
  • how to handle a bucket of water with price
  • how to re-leg Cambodia
Things I will miss about the hash
  • The Bruneian jungle
  • all of you
  • the Adds (from the bottom!)
  • fact that Tuesday will be just another weeknight
  • my outdoor showers
  • the "satu lagis"
Top memorable moments
  • Laying my first run at Kapok Kanan with Smurf and Madam Sin. At the top we bumped into a group of Bomba who had come to rescue a group of Koreans one of whom had lost his glasses!
  • My relief driver ramming into PeeWee's Swifty at DST
  • Leaving my bra on Madam Sin's car window which went all the way to school the next morning!
On on Hens ...- and never turn down that satu lagi!
This week's run:
My ideal hash involving everything - there might even be a bit of emotion thrown in!
Walkie-talkies if you go in late please go as far as first check only. And walkie-talkies may need torches, more walking, less talking!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


RUN NO. 2389
DATE: 3 JUN 2014

Running late.... really wanted to do the run as it is Mata-Mata and a privilege to be able to enjoy the jungle there.  On approaching the road off the roundabout – barrier down! help.... well the H3 sign is there, all good, man popped out of the kiosk, gives him a wave and barrier goes up.


Remembered having to park on one side, but then I can only see three cars..... oops ... I see a sign as I approach slowly, through the rough and up on the other side of the road.  The tent is there, all good.


Left the crockery baskets on the table, signed in and caught up with Sticky Rice and Zoe who had just pulled up. Great, some company for the “walk”. Up the usual track and we sent Zoe ahead to set the pace.  As we got to the top and wound down to the river bed, we could hear ladies chatting – we found Julieanne lying in paid over the log that we had to cross.  We were only one km in and if I remember rightly it was first check, and a few ladies had passed us earlier saying someone was hurt and they were walking out to get help.


Zur and Wonder Woman, and a few others were on hand to try and make Julieanne comfortable. Sticky Rice found some painkillers and handed that over., seems to work for a while.  Trailblazer went up to higher ground to try and get reception to check on the “rescue” situation and finally managed to get hold of Smurf and was advised that the ambulance had arrived.  Sticky Rice, Zoe and Trailblazer decided as nothing much could be done till the ambulance men arrived, to carry on a bit at least to the top before darkness fell.  Off we went again and decided by 6.10 that it was time to turn around and the sun was already setting.  Quickly trotted down the hill, slowly looked around the corner where Julieanne was last on the log, and was relieved to find no one was there... oh good, the ambulance men had been, but soon we could hear chattering.... and we caught up with the stretcher with Julieanne strapped in. On stretcher duty were ladies with the ambulance men taking turns. Alice in Wonderland and Speedy Gonzales came in with 100-plus and water as well.


Soon we were relieved to see more men.... the ambulance had called out the Search & Rescue Bomba.... we teased Julieanne that it was rather extreme action to get “men on the hash”, she might get a hashit.  Ladies sang songs, and made jokes as the journey out was long and windy and hard.  At last after about an hour (we were out) and Julieanne made comfortable in the ambulance and off to Ripas.


The Bomba probably felt they had done much of a rescue and when the barrier was down as they sped off towards the exit, took their calipers out and cut the padlock!  Poor Alice in Wonderland could see that was going to be the case, but as she knew the padlock was not attached to anything, tried her best to get there before the deed was done, ... alas too late, padlock snipped! Off the ambulance went.


The excitement of men on the hash soon settled down after 100-plus and water was handed round.  The police even came for a little patrol, so not many hash can boast of having all three services at the hash in one evening.

 There was no official shoutup... The hares celebrated special runs and thanks for the t-shirts.  Velma celebrated her 60th birthday as well. Thanks for the yummy food.

A few of us were left after the main coup left and as we were quietly minding our own business saw a car speed back up, ... it was Alice in Wonderland with a new padlock for the security guard since their padlock had been snipped by the Bomba.... enough of excitement. 9 p.m. and we left the site....

This week should be back to normality.

RUN.... not too long as we would like all to enjoy the Mid Year party.

Part 2 by Psycho-yoda


Twas exciting me tells you

Got a wake up call from the Jessie me did

Someone fell and injured, bad she did

Ok coming over to help? I am

Riding the bike, not so fast must be safe

Arrived to bomba and ambulance I saw

Ladies at tent but many not so

Others in jungle, in darkness there is light

Yummy curry mmmm me likes

Applause and hoorays we shout

When out come the hash with the injured and help

Refreshments around we passed we did

And off to ripas julianne she did

go alone she did not

Help eachother ladies hash do

Would help write the words I did

Remember much the mind does not

There was cake, yes, there was cake

Much enjoyed cake me did

With hashing one must remember

Do or do not there is no try