Saturday, September 06, 2008

RUN NO. 2089

DATE: 2 SEPT 2008

It was a beautiful evening (no rain clouds visible) as I set off for my weekly exercise being the hash. Having arrived at the site fairly early, I was able to enjoy a bit of a chin wag and browse through the items for sale at our hash shop. So engrossed was I with some new items of clothing that the horn suddenly sounded catching me unawares (where does the time go!) and everyone was dashing off into the jungle at the back of the tent.

So off I dashed trying to make up for lost time, thinking to myself “I am going to engage my brain and try to remember as much as I could of the run”. I started off quite well but failed to remember half way round what I had done! Sorry that’s age for you. We set off through a very pleasant part of the jungle, in fact I could almost say forest, which I believe was a loop as we came out onto the road. We went along the road for a while to head back into the jungle on the right, up a slight incline, and then along a shallow ridge for a while to drop back down (I may be wrong but believe this was where 2nd check was). Now I have a blank spot. I think we carried on for a while in the jungle until we came out onto the road again, but by now I had lost my bearings. Fortunately for me I was with Ready Mix who was explaining exactly where we were (god she is so knowledgeable), one had the feeling that you would not get lost if you stuck to her side! Unfortunately for both Ready Mix and I, as we were talking geography along the road some spiteful bee’s or whatever decided to shake us up a bit by stinging Ready Mix on the left cheek of her bottom and one on each of the top of my legs just under my bottom. This certainly woke us up and as you can imagine, we were running and jumping all over the place. We both felt why, we did not deserve this we had not disturbed anything (how could we, we were walking down the middle of the road). I believe we then went back into the jungle, walked a long a fairly wide dirt track for some while, then off to the right to which we came to a small, reasonably deep bit of a pool. Too wide to be able to jump across so did an obstacle course across it with a balancing act on rather narrow logs and a stick to aide us across. Although I personally did not witness this, I would not be surprised that a few hens may have ended up in the pool. We eventually came out onto the road again not far from the hash site. Because I’m not an FRB, although I couldn’t have been too far back as I heard 1st and 2nd check, I really don’t know who found the three checks, sorry girls. I for once to my surprise was soooo enjoying this run (maybe that’s because I didn’t have to climb ex amount of MOUNTAINS), that I could have continued on an on and on.

Excellent run girls, thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable, and for once we had no mountains to climb!! Thanks also for the scrummy salad and rolls (one of my favorites).

The shout up. Well what can I say such a number of things going on. We had two first time guest, Charlotte from London and Sharon from Australia. Carol brought to our attention that we had 12 guests; longest list of guests ever on the hash (would be nice if we get a few members out of that lot). Hashit. We had a dilemma as there were two misdemeanors – Carol forgot – or rather late to mention her own guest and Madmarg/Nancy for taking a first time guest on a longer run and off paper. It turned into a vote and unfortunately Madmarg/Nancy lost so the hashit they had.


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