Monday, April 28, 2008

RUN NO. 2070

DATE: 22 April 2008
SITE: Diplo (ANZAC run)
HARES: Madmarg/Heather S/Linda G/Cath C

Well, last weeks run turned out to be a bit of a surprise for some people. In hindsight the first indication was when i passed Glamour and Veronica returning back to base having not been able to find first check. I should have realised that something was up then but at that point i was still trying to catch up with the front runners and my focus was on the first of far too many hills looming up infront of me. And there were many of them, slippery and steep; and streams too wide to jump with no bridge available. Three checks, both back and forward, but the back wasn't back enough for me to even hear the callers, even though i was passed at one stage by panting streaks of lightening. And... what a surprise to end up at Subok.

It should be noted that being last on such occasions has the huge advantage of not having to wait for all the walkie talkies who delay the return of the bus, (and that i was being a very conciencious back horn and not just slow!)

The onon looked like a fair without the rides. Scantilly clad women in various states of undress, shouting and laughter and music, ice cream vans selling fish and chips and girls shouting 'free t shits, come get one'.

At the shout up we had more fair ground antics, starting with two visitors and then an outstanding jewellery exhibition hosted by Veronica to celebrate 1000 runs, a truly glitzy occasion. More jewellery ensued with a gift from the Aussie Hi Com of entwined flags, Brunei and Australia, a symbol of the close International Hashing Bondage developed by some of us on our recent trip to Perth. The merriment continued to increase with the arrival of the latest Hash Group, soon to appear infront of Simon Cowal, our very own Tripple Severn Girls - "yes let's hear it for the 777" - with antics galore to relate from their recent trip to Mens Hash on the island of Moon, including singing and dancing a la Can Can. And after that there was no stopping some. Ghetto blaster at the ready Carol managed to be both conductor and sometime lead singer in yet another soon to be famous Hash Group, as yet unnamed, with a corageously wobbly rendition of a very well known Queen song, but i am damed if i recognised it. So keep practicing girls.

A big thanks to Hares for an excellent A - B run. Good fish and chips with coleslaw and Anzac biscuits from the ANZAC girls.

NEXT RUN: Bukit Serdang, Kota Batu (yacht club end) - on on at Dizzy's
HARES: Dizzy/Cow Girl


Anonymous said...

i missed fish n chips and free t shirts... doh! doh!!!
ill be back...........
kota batu here i come..
Tina I whos forgotten her password!

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