Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RUN NO. 2301 - SPG644 KOTA BATU - 25 SEP 12

RUN NO. 2301
DATE: 25 SEP 2012
HARES: Dizzy/Debbie/Mad marg

A very jungly jungle hash.

The scene was set by the threatening rumble of thunder and the ominous growing grey clouds above as we set off into the jungle.

The first check up a steep hill was found fairly swiftly by Hana and Kim. We were then led along the road, over a ditch and on up into the thick jungle. Second check was at the top of the hill.  It was on up.  Hill, hills and more hills making us work hard for the yummy food waiting for us at the end!!

Over rivers, through small crawl spaces among branches and bracken. Over the river again (glad I hadn't cleaned my hash shoes beforehand). Women looking all over the hillside but the on on was down the hill by the river.

It was on up another beautiful hill. Next check was up another hill but the onon was down through the ferns. Through a guy's veggie patch and up to the road.... well confusing, and worrying, for those tracking the run progress on their GPS devices.... what's going on???... As having already run over 2 km and having already found 5 checks we were now heading in the opposite direction from the start!! With great relief though, after a couple of hundred meters on the road, we were met by the lovely sight of a bus waiting to deliver our sweaty tired bodies back to the shout up. Nifty!

The rain never did show and we had a great hash with five checks found by to name a few, Ryvita, Call Girl, Rachael and Trailblazer.  Thank you ladies and thank you hares - Mad Marg, Dizzy and Debby.

We had 2 first time hashers and a returning hasher, Nelly (Not Yet) who had been in Fiji, UK (Bristol), visited Sydney and is now back in the Abode of Peace.

Five September birthdays were also celebrated with cupcakes.  Happy Birthday.

All in all a good night was had by everyone.

Call Girl, Clare, Hana & Ryvita

HARES: Call Girl/Ryvita/Hana/Clare

Monday, September 24, 2012

RUN NO. 2300 SUBOK - 18 SEP 2012

RUN NO. 2300
DATE: 18 SEPT 2012
Hares Trailblazer & Peewee
Crossing the waterfall after first check
View from the top
Hashit well taken by Possum

HARES:       PeeWee/Trailblazer

Front Horn : Kathryn
Back Horn:  Mad Marg

Celebration Run 2300

So, we all showed up in our latest and greatest hash attire, from the fashion houses of Milan, Paris or perhaps it was Gadong.  The girls had all dressed up for a pre arranged group photo. Taken by our friendly pro, Ben, ready for the front cover of next months Vogue. Anxiously awaited by the masses.

The horn sounded and away we went. First we passed our friendly blow-up snakes, as opposed to our just our friendly blow-up boy...say, where is he anyway? A beautiful water feature came next which looked so inviting, just a shame it wasn't at the end. Next we headed up the hill to the right, ready to embrace the three camel humps above us. Over the three camel humps to the top of the ridge, which had beautiful views.  It was dissapointing to find that the coffee stop was unattended, no latte on offer which would have helped to get us through to the end. Further on we passed the Youth Hostel, again unattended. We stopped to admire the sun set, before the lights went out. Thankfully many of the back hashers had torches which helped with the tuck and rolls into the valley of darkness, to eventually surface, having tested our ballet skills walking across the ballance beam and on tiles and bricks, to arrive in the midst of a new housing development.. A long road trail then led home.

On arrival back we received. from the hares, a celebration T shirt - thank you ladies.  One new guest joined us this week.

Yann celebrated her 500 runs and Kathryn managed to pass on the hashshit to Possum for owning up to not signing in.

Thank you hares for the food

usual ups and down. Wear longs.

The Three Musketeers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


RUN NO. 2299
DATE: 11 SEP 2012
HARES: Smurf/Madam Sin/Satu Lagi
FRONT HORN: Ryvita  BACK HORN: Trailblazer

A new site for a few hashers today, always good! We all parked up around the tent, ready for our little foray up the hill. Ryvita was front horn AGAIN, (c’mon hens, Ryvita and Mrs Pingu more than do their bit - we need more front horn volunteers!). Off we trotted down the road, then in right and up a steep rocky slope, only to hear the familiar call of ‘Checking from here.....‘ Being familiar with this site and having laid a run here a few weeks ago for the Hetero Hash, I suspected the on paper may be back up the road and in through the orchards. Hurrah - I was indeed correct, however GM Alison got there first! The on paper was lurking by the fence, so off we ran, through some fairly difficult terrain, due to tree falls, until we reached the bottom of the hill. The paper then took us to the right and before long we were on proper trails. I have to say they (the Ketua Kampung and gang) ‘ve done a pretty good job! Up and up we went, over pretty little bridges, winding round and round, but constantly up - no letting us off! The trails took us past the caves, how many of you spotted them? And finally up to the ridge, which offers a breathtaking view over Brunei Bay. Marcela and Mrs Pingu lead the way to the second check, which if my memory serves me correctly, was down to the left. Mrs Pingu found the on paper at the trig point, which is now home to a lovely little pondok! The perfect place to stop, look around and enjoy one of the best views in Brunei. It is a reminder of how lucky we are to live here.

On we ran, towards the last check, which was ahead and to the right, 3 ways we could go here, I took the easy route - following the Kampung trail down the hill, and struck lucky! The last part of the run comprised a little dash down the hill, a few concrete steps here and there, but not so many as to spoil it. Then lo and behold - we came out to another little Pondok where we found Murphy’s Jungle Bar! The hares had very kindly put on a light refreshment for us. This was very much appreciated after strenuous run. Thank you hares! We then meandered down the concreted trail out to the road and back to the tent.

The shout up was very well conducted by our faithful JMs, hares were down downed for a great run, Madam Sin celebrated her 550 runs - well done! Remiss of me I know, but I can’t remember if we had any FTGs or new members (actually newly wedded Rachel Preece - ed). Smurf did give us a bit of background as to why we were at this site on this particular day, September 11th. I think most of took a moment to reflect and remember those who lost their lives 11 years ago. We then partook in a lovely makan of baguettes and fresh fillings, again, thank you hares. And so the evening wiled away, under darkening Brunei skies, as we enjoyed each others company, as we oft do.

Enjoy this week’s ‘special‘ run, and please bring a chair and a nice Hash t-shirt to have your photo taken in, BEFORE we run. It’s a bit familiar if you did the Spg 339 run a few weeks ago, but a lot were on holidays and so missed it. A bit of a twist at the end though. Enjoy! On on, Pee Wee.           
NEXT RUN: SUBOK 309 - CELEBRATION RUN --- bring a chair
HARES: Trailblazer/Pee Wee

Monday, September 10, 2012


RUN NO. 2298
DATE: 4 SEP 2012
HARES: Kathryn/Karlene


HARES: Kathryn & Karlene SITE: Lucky Gardens DATE: 4/9/12

OBSERVED BY: Madam Sin TIME: 4.55 – 7pm HOUNDS: 52


Hounds’ interactions on trail

Hounds’ completion of trail

Hounds’ interactions at On On

HARES’ INTERACTIONS (What did I see and hear?)PRE RUN: Visual aids/H3 signs had been placed in strategic locations to indicate run / On On site .Trail paper samples had been left. Hares had asked Erin to explain that pink paper would be used for laying through of all checks.




5.40pm Hares came down road from trail looking tired but pleased they had completed their objectives successfully.


SHOUT UP: 6.30 Hares appeared from house in matching hash t-shirts.

6.45pm Hares stood up as requested by JM Cheryl and held cans of unopened drinks in hands.

Hares opened their cans and drank on the words “Drink it down” and then lifted cans and held them on top of their heads. Hares smiled, looked relieved and sat down.

Kathryn argued with the hounds in defence of being let off Hash Shit for forgetting signs from last week.

ON ON:7pm: Hares rushed off to serve victuals (roti and dahl)

Hares sat down and drank and chatted with hounds.

HASH OUTCOMES ACHIEVED: Yes, a good trail. Hounds completed tasks set and interacted well. A quality trail.

HOUNDS’ INTERACTIONS (What did I see and hear?)

4.55pm Hounds started arriving, parked vehicles, signed in and commented on the heat. Some put on hash shoes. Softies were put on ice delivered by Sticky Rice and Smurf put green and blue cans of drink into eskie with ice.

5.15pm Horn sounded by Ryvita. Hounds moved off to find trail paper at a variety of pace. Hounds clambered over storm drain railings and bridge. Some commented that this task was difficult.

5.30pm Hounds gathered at a pile of pink paper. Some shouted “Checking” and ran off looking for On paper. Some stood about chatting and catching their breath. Mrs Pingu found the On and called. Ryvita sounded the horn. Hounds ran/moved off towards the paper.

5.45pm Similar behavior observed as at first check and once again Mrs Pingu found the On

5.55pm Less hounds at third check and On was found by Marcella, a late starter (5.30pm) who had caught up with the pack.

6.15pm First hounds to complete trail ran out of jungle

6.15 – 6.35pm Other hounds arrived in pairs or groups. Most were sweating and drank water or isotonic drinks, and went off to shower or change their apparel.

ounds commented or shouted opinions about the run, “Nice to go the wrong way round for a change”! (Satu Lagi) Hounds replied, ”Yeah”. Some clapped. Possum shouted, ”Too dry!” Trailblazer started off the Down Down song. Hounds all sang.

One new hound, Alice, introduced herself and drank a bottle of water as a Down Down.

Front Horn, Ryvita, and Back Horn, eastern Promise, acknowledged the hounds’ gratitude for their performance of their tasks. Other hounds made announcements and Deborah told some witty jokes. Hounds responded appropriately.

Mad Marg threw a bucket of water over Kathryn with gusto.

Hounds rushed into house to grab bowls of food, which they ate quickly. Some left the site. Others remained for some time drinking and chatting before leaving the site after 9pm

NEXT RUN: Kapok Kanan
HARES: Smurf/Madam Sin/Satu Lagi