Monday, July 29, 2013


RUN NO. 2344
DATE: 23 JUL 2013
HARES: Wonder Woman/Masayo/Ika
FRONT HORN: Duchess of Cambridge  BACK HORN: Twinkle Toes

Hares: Masayo/Wonder Woman/Ika
Well where was everyone! I believe 21 people signed in and out but if that included the Hares, the walkers to the waterfall and those busy sorting out drinks, ice and the like there was only about 11 of us who set off last Tuesday afternoon, sorry and 2 dogs.
Holidays that's what it must be and that was my excuse for not wanting to do more than the short run indicated on the words. Three weeks of English sunshine, family catch ups and hundreds of bowls of strawberries, raspberries and the like.... a non-typical English holiday!!! had set me to thinking a long run would see me in RIPAS and not as a member of staff. So when I arrived at the hash trying to think of plausible reasons why this weeks words would only be about the short run, I was greatly pleased to hear several other hashers complaining of ailments or such for opting for the short run. Both horns, Twinkle Toes and the Duchess of Cambridge, opting for the short run made it very clear with such a small body of runners we had best keep to the one run and keep safely together for the purpose of checking etc. A great shame for the hares and I'm sure we all thank them for their hard work rec-cing, cutting and laying the run especially in the face of the construction or rather destruction machines, apologies from all of us.
Well the run started promptly at 5.15pm as the runners/walkers/crawlers and all traversed the opposite edge of the storm drain to enter at a newly cut trail straight up the hill. There was certainly some scrambling going on on this in-trail and I for one wished I had the 4 leg drive of Twinkle Toes' pooch. The top of the scramble was seen and we got back on to a familiar trail from GI Jane's epic A to B from Sungai Akar. Disturbing comments were made as we meandered along ups and downs of the ridge as we could see the destruction to the right. Good running trails ahead if only our little group could raise the speed but it's not a race so we caught up on gossip and kept plodding on.
Breaking out of the jungle ridge we met the Duchess of Cambridge being a committed horn by laying paper through first check which we believe was found by Squeak, was there some paper trail crossing and a little short cutting going on in front of us??? Well we were very good and followed the trail on-to a slight rise off the newly created mud track and on up again only to turn left and drop back on to the afore mentioned construction trail, we know what you front runners probably did!!!!
We then headed over the slightly muddy trail back up into the jungle only to be confronted with a sharp right down back towards the muddy trail, we think ah ha! lets call and see where are fellow hasher dulcet calls come from. Thank you whoever responded as we could hear calls ahead and stayed on that ridge to save our legs and lungs for later hills. Honest we didn't short cut, much!
Up and down, up and down was the order for the rest of the run as we headed hopefully back along the link road and out. Trails became familiar again as we turned and descended off the ridge to the very unstable looking log crossing. Rachel was the braver of our group as she strutted across the log but me for one thought better of it and was seen scrambling around in the stream below before attacking the return up to the ridge. At which point I have no idea who found second check or if there was a third or more or who found them sorry, pat yourselves on the back if you did as a job well done. We the followers had no problem following your well laid through checks.
We also scrambled up the next hill to meet Sarah coming in backwards, her message of "there is light at the end of the tunnel" was a greatly appreciated and a boost to our efforts, although after at least another two hills which we had to assault I for one was wondering whether she'd been playing us along, but no that sign said it all- short run this way. Thank you hares I had had enough and was very grateful to see the sight of the big drop back down to the waterfalls and out.
A lovely if not hilly area being completely spoilt for what??? Any ideas? Possible one of the last runs there which was very well laid and organised, thank you hares for a job well done.
I missed the On-On but was informed by my co-hare and stand-in JM (after she eventually managed to get in at the on-on- tricky gates I hear), that there was no guests, no new members, no entertainment, no hashit but two virgin hares - excellent, a fantastic start to your hash laying, there was filled rolls a much loved La-dies hash on-on delight, thank you again hares and all in all an-other successful and enjoyable Ladies Hash Tuesday. Here's hoping our run goes as well. This weeks run is a variation on the usual Diplo run, there are hills, valleys, water crossings and checks but with the addition of a long time not used trail just to keep you on your toes at checks - well that's the idea! PLEASE NOTE : there is alot of old paper in this site, we have tried to clear as much as possible but you still need to make sure you only follow new PINK paper (first check will be yellow as normal) ON-ON
HARES: Alison/Sue/Cheryl 

Monday, July 22, 2013

RUN NO. 2343 DIPLO 16JUL13

RUN NO. 2343
DATE: 16 JUL 2013

Karlene on front horn lead the way into the jungle and straight down a slippery hill. We weaved our way in and out of trees, up and down hills, jumped over streams and balanced on logs. Just what we expect of a jungle run in Diplo!! (Although one hen was heard to be asking “Do you think it will be hilly?”) At first check, we scattered in different directions until Trail blazer and Duchess of Cambridge spotted the trail and called “on paper”. More ups and down and lots more water and mud to splash through. My dogs Jess and Zulu are particularly fond of water so jumped in and swam around at every opportunity. They even lead me off trail once just because they spotted a stream they thought we should be crossing.

Second and third check was found by Jenny on the block. Duchess of Cambridge was back horn and rounded up the plodding walkie talkies to ensure we all made it out safely. After one and a half hours of wandering round the Diplo jungle, we were glad to see the lights of the tent with the cold 100+ and ads waiting,

Rave brought her sister Panina as a first time guest and was given the usually welcome from Dizzy. The July birthdays were celebrated and Trail blazer told a joke. Yummy chilli was served – thanks hares. I was in a rush to leave (sorry husband was moaning of a bad back – but ok now) so butted in to tell you about the run Masayo, Ika and I are laying in Salambigar Falls. This could be one of the last times we can do it here as they have bulldozed a rather large road straight across the trail we reccied. We are doing two runs - a short one about 3 km and a longer one at 5 km. Look out for the sign to show you where the trail spilt off. 

Wonder Woman

NEXT RUN: SALAMBIGAR FALLS - Bring chairs to onon at Wonder Woman's - Please park sensibly on the main road.

Monday, July 15, 2013

RUN NO. 2342 KAPOK KANAN - 9 JUL 2013

RUN NO. 2342
DATE: 9 JUL 2013

Oh Another run in Kapok Kanan

The last one laid by one of fame

In the h3 history she will go

Our one and only GI Jane

Oh Kapok Kanan with hills so high

And thorns around somewhere

With new cement steps and a public toilet

Have anyone yet peed there?

Oh GI Jane we will so miss you

Your costumes always in a pair

With Sid in sequins and tights

And colourful wigs for hair

Oh the run was good and tricky

On the hills we almost want to die

I can’t remember who found them checks

Coz I was drinking early and feeling quite high

The shout up was quick

We welcomed new friends

Sunny needs a new amah

If you know of one to lend a hand

Some announcements we made

I can’t remember them obviously

Tho I did remember we sang

With some missing words .. Goodbyeee

So a quick run report

Apologies it is so late

My computer is quite old

And its programs out of date

Oh GI Jane how much we will miss you

High hills you take us and valleys so low

However for next weeks run

Here’s a hint you might hate us in Diplo

Au revoir GI Jane

May there be a hash where you’re going

Remember the hash motto

Be in sun, rain, storm or snowing


Monday, July 08, 2013


RUN NO. 2341
DATE: 2 JUL 2013

The run started off with a shock to the system and a vertical ascent. Chests heaving we reached the top. There was only time to briefly draw breath and we set off again in a vain attempt to touch the skyline. From there it was a case of through the bracken until the paper stopped. Second check was called. It was found along a dry river bed and the hash was again on the move. A lot more up eventuated and at the very top, as we paused for breath, a check was called. It was found before too long. A back check for variety, and the hash moved on at a steady pace until a thinking hasher was heard to say, "Hey I've been here before". After that it was just a case of down, down, down and out.

There was a bit of a wait at the out as some hashers had enjoyed everything so much they had decided to do another circuit. In fact this was Cheryl's first time in hash boots in several months and this may have been her reason for attempting a second circumnavigation of the route. Possum was flashing away as the hens came out.

It was a most enjoyable run, and it is important that we thank the Ripas team for their cardiovascular workout.

The Shout Up was a noisier than usual affair with locals attempting to join in through their exceedingly effective loud speaker system. Items of particular note. There were two first time guests, Kay and Aida. Jasmine flew in from Australia for her annual hash. Peahen received her 450 run and Hana received her 50 pottie and was named the Cheeky Check and Annabel was named Bracken Bard. A scandinavian baby gift was also presented. We wish you all the very best.

We said a sad farewell to two hashers. Mother Nurture is heading to Bristol, England and Cheeky Check will be going to Harrogate in Yorkshire. At this point Dizzy would have given a big cheer if she had not been travelling in Kalimantan. No calls for the hash hit, we must wait until next week. I hear that there may be a candidate already.

On On

NEXT RUN: Kapok Kanan, Jalan Muara
HARES: GI Jane/Trailblazer

Monday, July 01, 2013

RUN NO. 2340 SPG 355 KG TUNGKU- 25 JUN 13

RUN NO. 2340
DATE: 25 JUN 2013

The starting themes to the Canada run this week were a beautiful new run location and new parts of the jungle to explore.

There was oodles of mud, water and hills with some very muddy socks and trainers by the end of the evening. It was worth it as we were treated to the most beautiful view across the Borneo jungle.
Stunning vines, golden sandy river beds and lovely local picture plants along the way were all laid out for us which made the hills feel less steep. With two outs, one long and one not so long we all ended up with some good exercise and more wonderful memories of the jungle with all its wild beauty. Mother Nurture wore the bells all round the jungle as this was her last hash. Ikea found the first and second checks, one of which was unusual and tricky the other very muddy. Mrs Pingu found the 3rd check. Well done ladies!

JM in sync with theme

The on-on was coloured red and white to match the Canadian day theme with the tent decorated in billowing maple flags.
We welcomed 4 first time guests, who are all visiting Brunei by yacht. We also said a very sad farewell to Mighty Maple, whom will be mightily missed.
We were also blessed by Satu Lagi donating a yummy tipple of rum and Mighty Maple setting a Canadian themed quiz for our entertainment. We all received lucky numbers and won Canadian goodies!
Poor Trail Blazer received the hash shit for her phone going off but she also received a cooling beverage to celebrate the arrival of another grandchild. Congratulations!

Thank you so much Mighty Maple, Annabel and Satu Lagi.

HARES: Hana/Mother Nurture/Hillary

Please remember to wear your ‘Long legs’ and long sleeves as the grass is mean! Also to park with respect at both the run and the on on. .... Bring a chair.