Monday, July 21, 2008

RUN NO. 2082

DATE: 15 JULY 2008
HARES: Trailblazer/Cheryl/Glamour/Veronica L
SITE: Lucky Gardens

Pre-run whilst everyone was still arriving, parking (on the opposite side of the road on which we drive, so we had to turn around and head to on-coming traffic, which luckily there was very little), signing in and reading the Words (which contained some interesting ideas about bears being lured onto the run by honey previously laid, porcupine quills - so we may have been lucky and seen one, which we weren’t lucky enough to have seen - and spotting monkeys, which we also didn’t see) there was an announcement that at the beginning of the run there was a snake. But not just any snake a viper.

So at 5.15 the horn sounded and we all (well, some of us) went gallivanting off into the jungle at speed, wary of the snake, but failed to see, and found out later at the shout up that it had moved else where. We followed the lake for a short time before heading away from it, up and up.

Beautiful and interesting flora and fauna could be seen along the entire run. The Words had said that there were two runs – a short and a regular. The regular was like all jungle here; captivating, and of course smothering with humidity.

Linda found first check, for the first time, well done!

And on we went, continuing up and down and along. The lovely and refreshing thing about Lucky Garden is that it isn’t entirely hills; it has its flat bits for people to catch their breath without having to stop. Parts were trippy and slippy (because of the massive thundering, torrential storm on Sunday night).

Emerging from the jungle, not where we usually exit, we crossed the sandy abyss and headed back to cold 100 plus, cold water and cold beer and the shout up. Cooling down and chatting amongst ourselves about the “sneaky”, yet, all-in-all great run.

Before long Smurf was up thanking the hares and introducing the one guest Cathy (who was going on a walk and found the hash so decided to join the run). Linda was congratulated on finding the first check for the first time and was awarded with a beer. There were calls for announcements, surprisingly there were few, and calls for hashit. The new hashit holder I feel was a little bit unfair as it wasn’t her fault her family decided they too didn’t want to miss out on the fun! So she had to sit on ice and was given the ultimatum of drinking the water or wearing it. She decided to down half of it and then pour the remainder on her feet, well taken. Considering the hashit was awarded on a hash offence (No men allowed!! )

Once all that was over the food was served, it was delicious, and a truly varied array. Glamour and Veronica had prepared papadams and aubergine (for which everyone was asking the recipe for), a dahl, a chicken curry, and green salad.

Thank you for a really great run!

NEXT RUN: Crocodile Beach/Pantai Meraggang
HARES: Jessica and Linda

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