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RUN NO.2287 SERASA 19JUN2012

RUN NO. 2287
DATE: 19 JUN 2012
HARES: Possum/Satu Lagi

The hash was saved by the good deeds of our trusty hares, always willing to volunteer and help out when needed. – thank you. The hens gathered on a lovely fine day at Serasa Yacht club and although there were to be no checks, Call Girl and Nicki stepped up to be horns for the evening. I can’t say exactly where the paper led everyone, because Cheryl and myself chose to walk straight up to the end of the spit and back. We saw a few bits of paper along the way, but were too busy talking to notice. The steady wind made it very refreshing. We met Sticky Rice on the way back doing a second circuit – well done you!

Possum put out nibbles for all when we got back and quite a few cooled off in the pool. There were several down downs for people after the hares were thanked. First time guest, Amanda, a veteran hasher from the Korean hash, was taking time out to explore hashing in other parts. Duchess celebrated her 1200th run, very pleased with herself that she could have a Tiger because Glamour was driver for the night. Gloria was farewelled after only 17 runs. She is heading back to Peru for a while, but since this was her third time in Brunei, we might well see her back again sometime. The June birthdays were celebrated with the usual cupcakes. The hashit was given to Gloria for signing in and out at the same time. The shout up ended with a great joke from Dizzy. Thank you hares for the delicious chicken, tofu and rice.
HARES: Committee

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


RUN NO. 2286
DATE: 12 JUN 2012
HARES: Never Wrong/Debra

After the sad loss of yet another of our beautiful hash sites the hares, Never Wrong and Debbie, moved the run from DST to Tungku Beach, for an exercise of the Achilles tendons on sand. A little bumpy on the way to the site which I believed scared a couple of runners off, but the ‘Beast’ made it and didn’t get stuck in mud or sand so all was well.  Our numbers were depleted by some dressed-up dry affair. Off the small husk of bunnies went in chase of the hares into the sandy walkways.  Mostly dry but a few calf-high ponds to encounter. No nasty hills to slow the front runners down but they did make good going on the dry sand. 

Hornies Yvette and Sue took care of the pack and an enjoyable run brought walkers and runners happy and contented back to the On On site. There were no first time guests or returners, announcements or awards to shorten the proceedings. Although the hashit was aired, no one got wet, that is except the swimming bunnies. The hares provided healthy, tasty and filling nourishment, Thank You hares, and a few down downs were had to quench the thirst.  So again, a good night in the H3 world was had.

HARES: Possum/Satu Lagi

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


RUN NO. 2285
DATE: 5 JUN 2012

The Tale of the great Mentiri water pipes run and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (QDJ) Shout Up
GI Jane and Hot Lips outdid themselves setting this week’s hash trail.  Well done ladies.  We are much obliged.  What a lush bit of jungle it was too.  Too bad it was nearly all uphill, eh?  Or so it seemed.  It was a cracker!  Simply sublime in terms of vegetative cover, couldn’t get enough of the place.  With four checks, they kept us on our toes, or shall I say more correctly, the three clever lasses who found the paper on each occasion (well done Boel for finding the first check, Yann for finding number two (a sneaky back check it was too) and Carol who found checks three and four, you clever girl!).  I found myself wondering whether the Queen might have found a check had she been alongside us.  She’s one cracking lass you know, so I wouldn’t put it past her.  In fact, I wouldn’t put anything past her, she is one right top lass.  Fertile Myrtle found the dog lead Cheryl asked us to watch out for, right at the top of the last hill before we exited the jungle and after a dozen gals strode right past it.  Isn’t it funny how sometimes others see things you can’t?  I say it’s her highly honed ‘mom radar’ that shone through, what with those four boys to keep her on her toes and in a perpetual state of high alert.  We’re gonna miss ya gal.

Alas, before you knew it, everyone was roadside signing back in and gulping back H20 and 100in anticipation of the evening’s festivities just up the road at Karen’s place because tonight was the big night to pay homage to Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of England, that’s right, Elizabeth II who has been on that throne now for 60 years.  Congratulations yourRoyal Highness and many happy returns of the day to you!  Imagine that, putting up with Phillip for, er I mean overseeing her queendom all those years (don’t go getting all PC now Deb, alright I won’t just, I’ll stop it right now).That reminds me, once when speaking on British food, the Prince remarked, “British food is something like a small child. When it’s good it’s very, very good; when it’s bad, it’s absolutely awful”.Positively smashing SOH on that chap, just smashing, oh and we’ll be having loads of the former and none of the latter food-wise tonight as you will soon see.  Though with news just in, we all wish the Prince well as he is in hospital, poor chap, well not poor exactly, but you know what I mean.  Gee, English can be a rather tricky language at times, as we found out a bit later on the night in the A-Z quiz, but I am getting ahead of myself.  

Anyhoosers, there we were fresh out of the jungle and in just minutes we were down the road for the big shebang shout up at Hot Lip’s place (thank you hostess with the moistest!) and being greeted with a lurvely cocktail and all too.It went straight to our heads so we staggered to our chairs (proudly bearing our posh goody bags filled with nice prezzies, thanks Amanda and all you other lovely gals involved in providing that treat) and sought a good view of that table full of yummy scrumpdillyiciousfood that so many nice ladies worked tirelessly to prepare for our grateful tummies.  Yum-yum and another yum, and another rum or was it gin, or I forget, is someone getting sozzled already, they just gots here and already Bettina is Kathryn? – oh dear!%$#!.  Sober up darlin’, right, now where was I?  Oh yeah, it was hard to concentrate once we were called to order, what with all that food right behind the speakers, and all those sparkly outfits. 
There sure were some glam outfits on the night.  Bling galore too, some of us were positively blinded by the bling.  It was hard to believe any of these gals had just been hashing a mere few minutes beforehand.  Jan was truly royal in red, Nicky so regal in blue and Clare in the sparkliest patriotic number of all.  Simply gorgeous ladies.  There were more tiaras than you could shake a stick at too, it were one posh do alright.

 The dress competition is certainly hotting up at these themed shout ups or haven’t you noticed?Brilliant to behold.Oh and there was marvelous classy British music playing in the background and we could enjoy the wonderful themed decorations including fancy napkins and a near life size portrait of the Queen surrounded by Union Jacks (though technically they are only called Union Jacks when flown aboard ships – yes ma’am).   

So there was the lovely Amanda handing out the keepsake white FCO tote bags with a right jolly big UK flag on them complements of Sunny and the British High Comm (thanks so much!), with such nice goodies inside including a red, white and blue lollipop and a fancy schmancyboxed mug commemorating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  Cool logo on it and all.  Just terrific.Thank you, thank you, thank you to all you generous and kindhearted ladies who donated to the kitty to have those made.  We shall enjoy those for many moons to come and toast to your good health each time, we promise.  Bottoms up.

There were prizes and more prizes too.  Those lucky gals who won were thrilled beyond measure.  Eastern Promise, who also looked ab fab on the night,  hit pay dirt by winning a Hello magazine.  It couldn’t have gone to anyone more ecstatic.   Some lucky ducks got a second QDJ mug.  There was even a clever A-Z quiz from Smurf who managed to drag out of us the most obscure royal connections for each letter going.  We learned what a dorgi (a cross between a corgi and dachshund, a special breed created only by the Queen) and a zaza (herfavourite daily tipple).  Things started to get a bit funny when  ‘Y’ was for“Yorkshire pudding”?!  I’m not sure how much Yorkshire Pudding her Majesty ingests each year, but I’ll bet it’s not a lot what with all that swan on her plate and all.  Why that Y word I wondered, why indeed.  Oh and we had to move swiftly along at F, because some gals only know one word that begins with the letter ‘F’ and they sure seem to like to shout it out a lot, like at the top of their lungs.  (What would the neighbours think?)  Then there was C for Charles, but no one said Camilla, which was only right and proper since this was the Queen’s nightanyhoosers.  Oh, a zaza is made of Dubonnet and gin (which was created to ward off malaria for French Foreign Legionnaires in N. Africa – you read it here first) and a favourite of her mum’s and Queen Victoria’s as well apparently, who knew?).  Well done all around for all the brilliant A-Z terms called out on the night.  What clever lot of lasses to be sure.

There weren’t too many announcement, but Sunny reminded all Brits of the Street Party (picnic/garden party) taking place on the 16th at the High Comm’s residence in Kota Batu for which one needs to send an expression of interest to the email address on the FCO website (and have it acknowledged presumably) to attend.  So maybe it will be round two, or even three, there in terms of the QDJ for some of the ladies.  Then Carolyn invited everyone round to hers for lunch on Friday the 15th at midday.  Lovely, much obliged.
After the fun prize draw and quiz were over it was time to tuck I and jolly fine fest it was too.  There were gourmet salads, fingers sandwiches, mini homemade quiches, coronation chicken,little sausages, liver pate (as reported by the carnivores anyhoosers, not this veggie) and water crackers, homemade scones with jam and cream, tasty trifle and Delia’s whisky cake (ok, so I took some liberties with the recipe and trebled the amount of liquid ingredients called for – oops!).  It was all terribly British, or shall I say, incredibly tasty, delectably fine fare, it was more than that, it was very, very good indeed.  Positively delectable.  Rah-ther!  So GI Jane, Hotlips, Amanda, Smurf, Sunny and all the rest of you lot in the UK

posse,thank you ever so much for all your terrific organisational skills, all your hard work, being all around wonderful gals and for the absolutely S-P-L-E-N-D-I-D (read with a posh British accent please) evening that washad by all that was definitely fit for a queen.  We’ll all get to run off some of those extra calories at the next hash which is at Tungku Beach.  Be there or don’t be a beach babe.  Later dudettes.

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Hares GI Jane/Hot Lips with JMs

What a spread!

A right royal wave

HARES: Never Wrong/Debra/Gloria

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RUN NO. 2284 DIPLO 29 MAY 12

RUN NO. 2284
DATE: 29 MAY 2012
Front Horn – Satu Lagi

Back Horn – Squeak
How refreshing for me to recollect with a clear head the events of last night, as thanks to Daughter no 2’s French exam I left the hash site early to conjugate verbs and split infinitives, which makes a change from the splitting headache my poor body has become accustomed to on a Wednesday morning.

At the sound of the horn, the front runners sprinted off, with Satu Lagi ably hooting all the way as we all sallied forth wondering what might befall us in the delicious deepness of Diplo. The odd flash of cerise and turquoise lycra contrasted with the many hues of green and brown which we would have paid more attention to had we known that Sarong’s alter ego, Dr Irene, was going to set us a horticultural challenge at the shout up!

We soon came to first check, which turned out to be a back check and was found in short order by Melissa, I think, possibly due to a rogue strip of yellow paper along the trail which gave a lucky clue.

Although I always imagine I am going around in circles at Diplo, we seemed to be following some newly cut paths which were a little arduous for the taller hashers due to low hanging gnarly branches which appeared too serpent like for comfort in the half light of the Bruneian evening. However, one of the more vertically challenged amongst us, Satu Lagi, ended up to her waist in muddy water whilst negotiating a stream but resolutely held her horn above the water and hashed onwards, whilst the community spirited Mad Margz quickly rerouted the trail for the rest of us so that we could avoid the same fate.

There was another near shocking incident as we were gingerly crossing a very slippery log above a murky stream, no doubt populated with several nasty killing creatures. One of the branches being used for balance above snapped and fell in to what suddenly seemed like a raging torrent below, leaving one lady hasher almost in need of smelling salts at the shock, although like a real trooper, she made it across and harried forth, as any good hasher does.

Second check was found with the normal efficiency one would expect from this fabulous bunch of hens and ultimately we came across the racing snakes that are Madam Sin and Smurf who, in the absence of Ryvita, had taken up the reins as front runners and, apparently, sprinted round once and come back in for all the stragglers, demonstrating an athletic prowess that most of us could not even aspire to.

The last path provided a nice opportunity to run out smoothly into the half light of Diplo, which Cheryl quite rightly said during the shout up should be re-named “Sarong” after all the runs the good Dr. has laid for us there.

The shout up was rather rowdy at times and as usual I was unfairly targeted by the JMs for the hashit as I did not speak a single word (a few sentences, but not a single word!) and Mad Margz came to my defence and deflected the JM’s challenge. I’ve always admired the kiwis….

There was one guest, a Brit and a friend of Sunny’s who arrived in Brunei a few months ago and two new hashers were inaugurated – Clare Reid and Sunny.

We celebrated Sarong’s incredible achievement of completing over 400 runs and she let us know that she will invest in a GPS device so we can look forward to ever more challenging runs!

Thereafter the rowdiest group of hashers attempted to sing “Come on Irene [sic]” (Dexy’s MR - which really gave their age away) and “I’ve got you Babe” - Sonny and Cher, surely they weren’t old enough to remember that one? Oops, I forgot I was one of them, and yes, they were old enough!

The delightful food of the evening was served by Dave, yes ladies, there was a man amongst us, and actually a mini-man as well because Django also put in a guest appearance (surely the coolest name in Brunei). The boys served the most delicious curry and although by that time it was dark and I couldn’t really see what I was eating, it tasted very yummy.
Thanks so much to Sarong ,Trailblazer and Zu for a very good run, and a memorable shout up with delicious curries.
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HARES: GI Jane/Hot Lips