Sunday, October 05, 2008

RUN NO. 2093

DATE: 30 Sept 2008
SITE: Morley Movers
HARES: Anna S/Boel
BACK HORN: Madmarg

I arrived late and played catch-up the whole way round; falling into the stream (splish-splash) and heading right along the trail (go-go) at first check only to turn round and go back in exactly where we’d originally started… Amidst the confusion I wasn’t aware of much so here’s what a few friends and fellow hares had to say …

“I enjoyed the run, bit a bit confused at the double paper. Good to see more new guests and the food was great. Quiz was good laugh too”

“It would have been great to finish last night but got as far as second check before fading light made it necessary to get back to site”

“Shit load of hills; I seriously enjoyed it. Good company”

“Enjoyed it, even if I did cut it short. Fab on-on, great food and quiz. It’s important to know the rules”

“I was swearing so much at how hard it was that I can’t really comment”

“I thought it was good – different hares for once”

“I really enjoyed it; I liked the hills, the fact you could run, and the length of the run too – it wasn’t short”

“Slack ass – you know the drill. Hills, water, view and cheap wine via a thimble (for those not doing the v..... shots – thanks hares!) . What more can a woman ask for?”

“Thought it was okay, felt it in my calves today”

“Upstream and uphill! Long, strenuous and killer on the calf muscles! Good to wade thru the streams though, very cooling.

“Don’t forget to mention the v..... shots as a welcome out of the jungle!”

“Very hilly, arduous, pretty stream and jungle. Quiz on the rules. V..... chilli and potatoes”

“LOVED it! Had a tiny glimpse of why people might hash and dash…! Will definitely be back tho…”

“Confusing at first check – on paper in two different directions? Front horn stayed behind to direct hashers till back horn arrived. Nice run - up & downs, streams & waterfalls”

“Lovely jungle. Too much standing around not knowing what was going on. Fun on-on. Pity about the ducking moon…”

“Fell on ass twice, knob fell off horn – went done the hill after the bloody thing and ended up coming out in the dark! G8t shout up”

All in all it sounds like everyone enjoyed the run, appreciated the food & drink, and had fun over the quiz. Three guests (a Kiwi, an Aussie & a Pom) were welcomed, as were two new (old) members (Fiona & Kate) . The hashit was shared between She who-forgot-to-turn-her-phone-off and She who forgot-to-sign-in.

Are there any rules for writing the words???? On-on

HARES: Lee/Nancy - Breast Cancer awareness fundraising run
Wear pink, pink, pink......

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