Tuesday, September 30, 2008

RUN NO. 2091

Date: 16 Sept 2008
Site: Lucky Gardens
Hares: Sue/Cheryl/Alison
Hens: 40 Chicks: 9
Front Horn: Peewee
Back Horn: Trailblazer

We arrived at the boy's Hash headquarters and those carrying, bins, eskys and drinks were glad to have someone willingly load them on to a trolley and move them.

The run in good weather began up through the dirt which was thankfully not too muddy into the jungle and along the ridge through a well cleared track; till we came to a split with yellow paper to the left for an easy short run for those feeling tired and white paper to the right for a much longer run.The long run proceeded further along to first check. The check was an on check which turned left into the valley through a winding, steep and slippery trail making the run longer than estimated by the hares.

Everyone made their way running or walking through the valley then turned right and down, then left along the edge of the lake, while keeping a eye out for sun bears till they came to another up and down and several log bridges to cross. There were I am told two more checks but sorry I cannot give credit to those who found them.
No sunbears were sighted but Jan and Ellin did spot Molly who had been missing since a Recce on Friday. Alison was relieved and happy to be able to take her home.

The shout up began in earnest and once again there were first time guests to be introduced and a new member Gill was welcomed. Lee celebrated her 250th hash and Sue her 400th.

Quite a lot of discussion followed when calls for the Hashit was announced. Claire's mobile went off so she was an obvious candidate and Tina I was accused of not introducing a guest properly. Madmarg's hubby had arrived with supplies for the hash shop and stayed but pleaded that he was an invited guest, so the decision was made to wet all three of them, though I think marg made sure Mark received most of the water.

The Hares provided nourishing rolls and salads.

Next Run: Salambigar Link
Hares: Jane W/Sarah H/Never Wrong

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