Monday, November 26, 2012


RUN NO. 2309

A new year and a new run, and it was great. We all parked our cars sensibly as requested (something to be done requested or not).

We set off following the road round the loop and swiftly came to the first check.  As there was a pack of dogs ahead, sense dictated that the check must be back, and we duly followed a small track to the large water duct. A left and right for most, across the planks for the brave. Along side the stream and into the tunnel running under the coast road. It was not deep and with concrete underfoot was very safe, but it didn't look inviting and a few were weary of continuing.  But it was worth it.  Once through and up the bank we had a short distance to run alongside the highway, and then headed down the road to crocodile beach.  I have not been down here for way too long, so for me it was lovely to have a long walk along the beach, passing places where i remembered having bonfires with the children playing in the sea, and the adults watching over them in a very responsible manner. Ha. The night was mild, the sun set lovely and calming, and lots of friends around to share the experience.

We all had a lovely long run/jog/walk and were rewarded for our efforts with a very welcome drink at the end of it.
Not to mention the bus.

So - a new run and an A to B run to boot.

I had to leave at this point so on on, and Words will kindly fill in the rest.  Dizzy

Um… Hi… Psycho here… Um, ok, lets see… uuhhh… We had a first time guest from Jersey, USA… Food was watermelon… Dhal… Pratha… and stumpy phallic shaped sponge cakes. Announcement was email Words to get onto the emailing list, and kids hash on Sunday and Santa will be there. That’s all I can remember… On on!
It was drizzling when we all gathered for shout up. Mrs Pingu read a poem her dad wrote, well funny titled ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, a description of geriatric S&M porn, lesson learned, sleep is way better than sex regardless what your age is, and safe! Hash shit went to Ryvita and Claire for jaywalking across the highway. Dizzy forgot the hash shit so they made do with using the water bucket to shower them with, after kindly removing the ice and cold water, Ryvita got most of it! On on.
NEXT RUN: Kota Batu - Pls bring a chair

Monday, November 19, 2012


RUN NO.2308

On a cloudy night in Serasa, up Jalan Ping ping - the site of the final run of this year’s committee. A short run in grassy terrain, with slippy areas that challenged the best of us, (well those of us that bothered to venture out, rather than making their way directly to the party). The heavens opened just as many of the hens made it out of the jungle. So there was a mad dash back to the cars.

A magical night was had by one and all. There were magical creatures and mystical people everywhere in the yacht club. The three blind mice made an appearance; a ladybird collided with tables and chairs, a wolf was caught scaring little red riding hood. Characters from nursery rhymes and favourite fairy tales were seen sipping cocktails, reminiscing about the hashes gone by, each delving into the goody bag given upon arrival.
Then it was down to business, we celebrated Cheryl’s 500 runs, welcomed a new hasher Sue Sawyer, and a returning hasher – Helen Swan (Puteri) and Survivor (ED). Awards were given to Mad Marg for the most runs laid (but in her absence awarded to Trailblazer - ED), to Ryvita for being the front horn the most frequently and to GI Jane and Squeak for the back horn. Dizzy was given the annual hashshit and told not to lose the chicken this time. Prizes were given out for the hardest on the feet run, the hottest run and the wettest one. A yummy meal was served and devoured whilst all this was going on.

The hens were asked to parade around in their costumes. Suddenly the 6 dwarfs (not sure what happened to number 7 – perhaps still wandering around in the jungle) broke into song “Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it’s off to hash we go!!!!” The judges awarded the best costumes to the Wolf (Mrs. Pingu), Ladybird (Sticky rice), Snow White (Alice) Mermaid (Ryvita) and not forgetting the 6 noisy dwarfs.

The old committee members were thanked and new members of the committee were welcomed in, in traditional fashion. Many thanks to the committee of 2012 for the hard work, commitment and dedication, making it a successful year. We loved the mementoes, hash shirt and photos (we discovered on the stick) and look forward to trying the nosh.

NEXT RUN: JLN MERAGANG, KG KAPOK Please leave your cars in the designated car areas as the spg is too narrow. It is recommended that you wear long socks and shoes that are not brand names as they may get wet. --- Pls also bring a chair.

Monday, November 12, 2012


RUN NO. 2307
HARES: Annabel/Satu Lagi/Clover & Wendy

Only one week left!!! It does sound like we haven’t enjoyed our year of mismanagement with that statement but we will all breathe a sigh of relief once next week is done and dusted, but the whole year has in fact breezed past in a blur of hash boots, shout-ups and wonderfully delicious On-Ons. So to our last hash before Founders Day and as always I’m arriving as the hens head off at 5.15pm. Bless them, I’m already signed in by my fellow mismanagement members and I can quickly lace up the boots and be off. Having been unwell and not done any exercise all week I was not looking forward to hills but thankfully Anna had stated in the words “nice run without too many hills”.

So off we go heading up towards the far end of the simpang and presumably looking for a gate into the jungle as Cheryl was carrying a ‘Shut the Gate!’ sign. Past Bini Hutan’s old house – I wonder if they ever sorted the landslide? Ah, now we are going down to Debbie Davidson’s old house, oh the On-Ons and parties that house has seen. At ‘The Gate’ we paused to attach the sign, got a little confused as the paper had fallen through the fence into the garden but with only a slight delay we were through the gate and stepping gingerly over the storm drain! Storm drains are bad enough but that one had a viscous slope to it too.

Into the jungle and oh yea, I remember this hill out of the valley, up, up and more up, but a good trail and lovely jungle area still surviving. We conversed with Glamour on passing to check out where to find the on paper as we had heard them calling for first check as we meandered our way up the hill. Sorry don’t know who found it. On right and then left to see the orangey paper for first check and off we go again along the trail. Good trail, lovely jungle and good chance to catch up on gossip until we spied the moonscape area and heard the dulcet tones of checking. Second check and ………………… carry on Sue. (Cheryl and I turned back at this point, as the rain softly started dropping on us and enjoyed the return jungle paths and rechecked that the gate was shut)

Second check was a back check and the light was getting dim already, as we headed back into the jungle after negotiating the crumbly clay banks. Jingle bells (Melissa on her last, last run) ran past me in hot pursuit of front horn, Ryvita. Some lovely trails soon led us to third check, yet another back check and found by Mad Marg (the only check I know who found it). By this point, the rain was setting in to a steady , but not too drenching patter. The rainclouds blotted out even more of the remaining evening light, but after meandering left and right several times, we finally emerged out onto a half completed construction site. Boots soon became heavy with all the cloggy mud, as we clambered carefully down a large bank.

This was familiar territory. We walked back along Simpang 462, which soon led to Simpang 420, which was exactly where GI Jane and Sid’s hash of a month or so ago started. Remembering that night when a lot of the front runners came out in the dark and pouring rain, I was thankful the rain had been kind to us this night. The resonant sounds of the mosque called us home to Hot Lips old house and by the time we completed the road run / walk back to Simpang 370, the rain had stopped completely. It looked like we might get lucky and have a calm, still night to celebrate the shout up, but that would be wishful thinking!
Go Cheryl…….. and the rain kept raining! Back under the tent we started the shout up by thanking the Hares for their combined efforts in leading the Hens through the jungle and also for the prospect of lovely food, the smell of which was wafting from the kitchen and round my heart!

We greeted a new member into the fold, Jenni, and Dizzy ‘Welcome, welcome, welcomed!’ her. Then a bit of excitement as four hens were dubbed with their Hash Handles.

Briony shall henceforth be called ‘GPS’, Marcela is now ‘Speedy Gonzales’, Debra is aptly named ‘Hash Wit’ and Call Girl has been renamed ‘Ikea’.

There were a few announcements about the forthcoming Chieftain’s Dinner (see Jan for more details) and drum roll, our Founder’s Day!

The committee have been hard at work to make sure we have a great night. All the ingredients are there just come and have fun!

Back to the shout up, that is all I can remember, the rain kept raining and we feasted on delicious chilli and baked tatties with plenty of health giving salad!

Sue, Alison and I would like to thank you and the committee for your kind support during our reign. We wish the next G.M and J.M.s smooth happy trails.

Cheryl on on

Monday, November 05, 2012


RUN NO. 2306
DATE: 30 OCT 2012

The sun had set, the night was dark with only a fast disappearing streak of light on the horizon when the hens set out on the Halloween Run. They left their few clucking companions in the warmth and safety of the tent and ventured unto the sandy track by Tungku beach among the Casuarina trees clutching torches and each other.

Debbie and I set out bravely behind the main flock thinking my glowing pumpkin lantern and her fetching flashing earbobbles would ensure a safe passage past all awaiting ghouls and zombies. However the rutted uneven path in the sand made walking quite slow and my companion’s injured foot began to hurt so she returned to the beckoning lights at the sign in.

Breathing deeply and lifting the lantern aloft I continued alone searching in the darkness for someone to catch up with. Soon I had to stop and scramble in my back pack for my wind up torch. Alas it had no reservoir of power and I tripped forward winding it for intermittent flashes to see silhouetted figures up front. Suddenly a ghastly apparition appeared out of the bracken and bushes. Startled I shone my torch to see a great figure of mystery and menace and a black cloak framing a grisly skull. It was the Grim Reaper holding a threatening scythe intent on grisly work. “Not my time for harvest” I resolved and swung the orange glowing pumpkin hoping its grimace would help in my demand to pass. A voice from the evil one spoke and initially refused but soon gave in to my repeated pleas.

Greatly relieved that no impossible riddles or magic words were needed I stepped past as the evil shape returned to the shadows and followed the tiny tea lights obviously provided by some good angels. Then joy of joys I caught up with some hens and paired up with the bold Thelma to face the remaining uncertainty. The track still held some evil forces because a hen, hitherto considered friendly, insisted on misleading us at a junction of the run. Soon we were met by the returning front runners who told us to turn back. What hidden dangers we escaped we cannot say. Hence we set off in the opposite direction towards the gloomy shore. Again we were met by hens this time warning of great black holes and threatening waters.
Joining forces with other hashers and again keeping our eyes on the lights we returned safely to the welcome tent which had become populated by gruesome but friendly creatures and thankfully gulped our 110pluses and H2o. Other hens enjoyed a bonfire on the beach.

Three witches, having abandoned their caldrons and Macbeth, deliberated over the Shout up introducing 2 visitors: a lass from Liverpool and Stephanie from Malaysia.

Briony was congratulated on her 50th Run and Melissa was wished good tidings for her departure from Brunei after 99 runs with the hens.

Appropriate jokes were told and sumptuous seasonal food including pumpkin soup and petrified trees was enjoyed. After that camouflaged members were photographed and feted.