Wednesday, December 28, 2011

RUN NO. 2262 - SPG 378 SG AKAR - 27DEC11

Glamour relaxing after having done a 4 hour hash!

JM Magic with Cheryl introducing first time guest Karli
Looking for a replacement for this lost bottle in the jungle.
Cheryl explaining her boob roll down the hill.
Cheryl showing off her bottom.
Glamours shoes and walking sticks.

RUN NO. 2262
DATE: 27 DEC 2011
HARES: GI Jane/Gung Ho

As Jane said on Tuesday night, ‘there is never a dull moment in Brunei’. I think we should qualify that by adding ‘at the Ladies Hash’!

The evening started out without incident as a small gathering of hens went off into the jungle to the sound of the horn. As I didn’t have my usual walking companions, Kym very kindly said she would stay with me. I am more of a ‘crawly talky’ rather than a ‘walky talky’ these days!

After about 30 minutes we caught up with Glamour and rather than hold up the ladies I was with I stayed behind to keep Glamour company.

We got on well to begin with but as the evening wore on and it got dark we got slower and slower. Fortunately we were well equipped with mobile phones, plenty water and torches. Up on the ridge we keep up a steady pace but as the paper lead us down again onto muddy trails we slipped and slid down to the bottom. I even managed a spectacular ‘boob-ski’ at one point. (Beautiful bruises this morning, one in the shape of Africa, the other quite a good profile of George Clooney!)

We crossed another stream, crawled over a log and then came to a horrendously muddy hill. I did try to haul myself up it but decided it would be too difficult to propel Glamour to the top. That is when I phoned Heather and asked for help.

GIJane, Marcella and Fiona (Gung Ho) came to the rescue. Jane took us back a little bit on the trail to meet up with the ridge, thus avoiding the muddy mountain. Then after a short while we heard the welcome chatter of the rest of the hens.
Thank you girls for coming back into the jungle to get us, we could not possibly have done it without you.

The on-on was conducted by MAGIC (Jan)standing up and me sitting down! It was a pretty short affair; the hens were thanked for the run followed by splendid food, then KARLI was introduced as a guest. Only one announcement, from me, about the forthcoming Burns Supper (on the 26th January at Serasa Yacht Club – write this immediately in your new diary!)

No hashit given.

All in all just another night at the Ladies Hash!
Next week’s run needs another recce, so details of difficulty, length. etc will be announced before the horn.

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - HOGMANAY (A Scottish New Year's Eve celebration) wear any bits of tartan if you have
HARES: Cheryl/Alison/Smurf/Possum

Sunday, December 25, 2011

RUN NO. 2261 - 20 DEC 2011 - TASEK LAMA

RUN NO. 2261

As we arrived at Jalan Teraja by the Radisson Hotel, jockeying for car park spaces were observed with a few local walkers watching with curiousity.

A couple of hens had gone to the wrong end of Tasek Lama but soon were reunited with the coup before the horn sounded and we all headed up Bukit Salelah. It was quite a different scenario as we passed many locals or were passed which was a change from only a group of ladies sauntering along the trek. As the walkie talkies got to the radio mast we were greeted by some macaques with their oranged coloured babies. (upon research it appears it was the natural colour of their babies as some of us were intrigued by the colour).

Extract from Jungle Drum:
To those of us driving to work or out on the river, monkeys are a familiar part of the Brunei Darussalam landscape. Borneo has two distinct groups of monkeys - on the one hand leaf monkeys and the peculiar proboscis monkey, and on the other hand, macaques. Leaf monkeys spend all of their time in trees, whereas macaques can sometimes be seen on the ground.

The long-tailed macaque ( Macaca fascicularis) is the monkey most commonly spotted on nature hikes or drives to the office. Its call, krra krra, gives the monkey its Malay name, kera. The long-tailed macaque is also called crab-eating macaque because it is common in coastal forests including mangrove and beach, and along rivers where it can easily catch and eat crabs, frogs, or insects. But macaques love other foods as well such as ripe fruit. Macaques therefore live sometimes close to humans where they soon lose their shyness and can become arrogant and even aggressive.

The leaf monkeys that can be seen most easily in Brunei are the silvered langurs. They tend to be most well-behaved, being naturally shy, not inquisitive and never showing aggression, certainly attributes for which the macaques are not noted. They are entirely dark grey and have a distinct crest of hairs on the top of their heads and around their faces, giving them a pretty appearance. Their infants have a surprising bright orange colour.

Silvered langurs live in small groups of five or six and are mainly found in coastal forests, where they feed on leaves, shoots, and fruits. They are also seen in riverine and swamp forests. They appear to co-exist well with the macaque and have been seen feeding on the same branch on a number of occasions. They appear to be more confident in groups, and are less likely to leave their feeding area to 'escape' the intrepid observer.

The silvered langur could, at least until the end of the 1992, be regularly seen close to Panaga, in the swamp forest to the rear of the G4/5 housing area. At present, we have no confirmation of their presence there.

Both the leaf monkeys and the macaques look quite sizeable with a head and body length of up to 60 cm for the macaques and up to 75 cm for the leaf monkeys. They are very light in weight, though, even the taller males rarely exceed 7 kilograms.

© Panaga Natural History Society (PNHS)"

We plodded along (walkie talkes) as I am sure the front runners ran! the familiar trails and at the top went down left and through a part of Tasek Lama not usually used by many. The steps were very corroded and luckily although we have had lots of rain previously, the evening was fine and the trails not too slippery. We caught up with Glamour who actually finished the run. I stayed with Glamour till we got to the tarmac and headed for home. The park was very busy with walkers and families enjoying the facilities. Never Wrong was at the start of the run checking out the sign-in sheet. Four were still in but they were soon out by 6.45 pm, including Tina who had not done her first complete run sinice her knee injury April last (2009).

We then all headed towards Never Wrong's place for the shout up and everyone was dressed for the occasion, looking very relaxed by the pool. A lovely punch was served and JM Jan started the shoutup welcoming Ryvita's mum who is visiting from Sweden and will be in Brunei till February. No hashit was given although the pool was most inviting for a group hashit! Soon Secret Santa arrived and Readymix was the first to sit on santa's knee - strangely no one else sat on Santa's knee and gifts were dished out for all. Dinner of roast turkey with all the trimmings and yummy desserts was served with a few carols being sung by a small group of boisterous hashers, The evening soon concluded before the rain arrived. Thank you Possum for the xmas coolers! and Thank you Never Wrong & Heulwen for being great hostesses. Until next year, keep safe - on on

HARES: GI Jane/Gung Ho

Saturday, December 17, 2011


RUN NO. 2260
DATE: 13 DEC 2011
HARES: Peahen/Eastern Promise

Tune: O little town of Bethlehem

Oh Lucky Gardens was the site
Where eager hens stood by,
To venture on another hash
Adrenalin was high.
Then in the distance calleth
The ever beeping horn,
The hopes and fears
Of a truly great run
Were met right here tonight!

Tune: Jingle Bells

Dashing through the mud
Squelching as we sway
Scrambling up the hill
Chatting all the way! ( that's probably why I have no idea who found the checks, sorry!)
Crossing over streams
Keeping spirits bright
Oh what fun to slip and slide
On the paper trail tonight!

Jungle belles, jungle smells ( or that could be me!)
Jungle all the way
Oh what fun it's been to hash
With my fellow hens today!

Then it was time to gather for the shout up. JM thanked the hares Eastern Promise and Peahen for a picturesque run. She also thanked front horn (Hash-hound) and back horn (GI Jane) who had apparently both volunteered for the task.

Two first time guests were welcomed, Kathryn's mum and Satu Lagi's sister in law. This was followed by great jokes from Possum and Dizzy. There were no announcements this week. No hash shit again either as apparently it's still missing! However JM assured everyone that some members have very long memories and there would be a mass hash shit in the New Year! Finally, many thanks to the hares for the delicious rotis and vegetable curry.

NEXT RUN: TASEK LAMA - From Bukit Salelah (Next to Radisson) Xmas run
HARES: Never Wrong/Heulwen - Dont forget present for Secret Santa

Friday, December 09, 2011

RUN NO. 2259 RIMBA - 6DEC2011

RUN NO. 2259
DATE: 6 DEC 2011
HARES: Ryvita/Melissa/Hash Hound

It was a clear day, no sign of rain, unlike a week ago, when it was raining cats and dogs!!
When I arrived at the former hash site near the Rimba compound (we hadn’t run there in a while), a few cars were parked there, all wondering where the run was. Luckily someone headed further down the road and turned back to inform us.

Before we headed off we were informed that it is a 5 km run. At 5.15 pm sharp, all of us followed the front horn along the road, back to the compound and turned left just before the entrance. We followed the paper all along the fence, a bit up, down, through some rubble, some mud, saw the nearly finished housing project (this had been abandoned for a long time; so good to see it made up) until we finally arrived at the entrance to the jungle trail. Not far along, the first check was called and everyone headed in different directions to try and find the on – paper. It took a while until someone called, in the end it was a back – check.

Further we went through different vegetation, some areas with ferns, some with shrubs, a few ups and down, but not too strenuous. Second check was a back - check again, found by Readymix, I assume, as she headed off in that direction. Thereafter I lost track of any other checks. I still remember plenty of trips on the trail, some thorns (not too many), some logs and trees blocking the path. We came out after 50 minutes and only ran appr.
3 km, but had a good workout.

It took a while until everyone was ready for the shout-up; also it was getting quite dark. The hares would get the usual down-down. We had one new guest from the Czech Republic, who got a down – down, too and one new member was confirmed.

It was Domestic Goddess 64th Birthday; Congratulations, you really have done well!!!!
Some jokes were shared before our JM brought up the hashit issue. Oh no, it’s missing, so who ever was a nominee has been lucky this time around. But for sure, it’s not been forgotten.
Our thanks to the hares for the delicious treats, the baked potatoes and condiments were really tasty.

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens
HARES: Peahen/Eastern Promise

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

RUN NO. 2258 - SPG 370 JLN MUARA 29NOV11

RUN NO. 2258
DATE: 29 NOV 2011
HARE: Magic Roundabout

Words will be posted as soon as received.

NEXT RUN: RIMBA - Wear longs
HARES: Ryvita/Melissa/Hash Hound

Friday, November 25, 2011

RUN NO. 2257 DIPLO 22NOV2011

RUN NO. 2257
DATE: 22 November 2011
HARES: Sarong/Debra/Kim

A new hash year, a new committee. That’s funny; some of the faces up there looked very familiar.

After the excitement and jollity of Founders day last week a quieter bunch of hashers turned up at Diplo for a lovely run. All the usual, a bit of water, a small hill or two, lovely trails and scenic views as is to be expected in Diplo, our favourite hashing spot, and Sarong did us proud as she showed her virgin hares the ropes and got them trained up for laying future runs.

We had 8 guests, 4 of them first timers. Pat from Canada introduced herself to a great whoop of delight from Kim our lone Canadian. A South African and someone from the UK rounded out our cosmopolitan bunch.

The front runners started off in good form only to be seen milling in confusion as Sarong led them in at a different path, over the drain and off to the right, struggling to spot the very skinny paper. They soon got the scent and headed off toward the stream. Various methods of crossing were tried as some dainty girls tried not to get their feet wet. Some of us, we are nameless, managed to trip over our own feet not once but twice. Checks were called, yours truly not among the lucky ones to discover the on paper and set the hens in the right direction. With all the wending and weaving we only covered one small area of the pristine hashing still available to us in Diplo.

It was a nice tight hash with the hens all coming out more or less together. No one got lost no one was late out. Perfect. With all signed out the first hash of the New Year commenced.

JM’s Magic and Cheryl tizzied (not dizzied) around getting the hens in order. The hares were thanked and accepted their due rewards- water or ‘ads’. Guests were introduced, entertainment, announcements, then our ‘Survivor’ Judy was presented with a memento of her hashing years in Brunei as she will be heading off to Penang to settle in the near future. Those of us who have known Survivor Judy for the many years she has been with the ladies Hash wish her well and we will miss her tenaciousness, her pluck and fighting spirit as we have seen her take her first tentative steps after returning to Brunei after many months of fighting to survive. Her laugh, her jokes at her own expense as she struggled to do her own hash steps, Diplo being a favourite area with its paved road. The book was a marvel. Thank you Mad Margz for the compilation. Judy has extended an open invitation to anyone wishing to visit her in Penang. Possum being first on the list.

Hashits were mooted but the all important chicken being AWOL it was put off being awarded until it returns to the hashing fold. But, we JMs have long memories!

On On Magic

NEXT RUN: SPG 370-16 (Opp Villa Mauri), Jalan Muara, Kg Sg Tilong

HARE: Magic Roundabout ---- PLEASE BEING A CHAIR

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


RUN NO. 2256
HARES: Dizzy/Ryvita
FRONT HORN: Tango BACK HORN: Trailblazer

How are all you groovy hash chicks? Here I am, the new hash kid in town being asked to write these words on the momentious events of the past week namely Founders Day. What an honour. I bow before you duly humbled. Where to begin? First there was the mysterious and perplexing start to the trail which nearly had the troops running out to Menteri (perhaps the pile of roadside checkpoint paper was construed as recent trash thrown out of a car window since some out-with our lofty group fail to keep Brunei tidy). Quick as a flash all sense of direction was recovered and pride restored when the trailhead was located and the assent of Everest, I mean the wee hill commenced. Up, up, up, up, up and more up, then down, down, down, down and yet, more down and then it was all shower up, tidy up, presto, change into your favourite musical character. My oh my, what transformations unfolded before my very eyes.

This peace loving hash chick who is having a hard enough time as it is learning everyone's name (since new hash chicks from all over the world keep appearing from out of the woodwork every week) and their hash aliases, finds she now has to assemble even more bits of information in her brain to try to guess who these gals (and in some cases gals in drag) are supposed to be, not to mention needing to not make any mistakes guessing who they are supposed to be (let's face it, sometimes that was easy, others not) and put a name or hash alias to the characters incognito. No small feat that, but this hash chick gave it the old college try and managed to identify on first attempt a few of the personalities gracing her presence e.g. Carmen Miranda, the Phantom of the Opera, the naughty nun, Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of West (such astonishing powers I hear you, say yes, I know, thank you, thank you but enough about me). The power of three was evident on the night as well with the three muchacos and the three red and white wigged lovelies I was beginning to feel lonely until I remembered that I brought me, myself and I to the ball. At least one other hippy chick graced the horizon (thanks Wendy).

With loads of star performances from Alice and her dainty folk tale entourage (complete with English subtitles), the girls in the nightgowns regaling us with their "Favourite Hash Things" and the Mad Dr (complete with white lab coat) and the Hashettes singing the Monster Hash, in a flash we were well and truly underway with our memorable evening, even if the chef and sous chef still hadn't turned up for duty. What a patient lot of hash chicks were were. Nothing phased us on the night. With a shout of "The show must go on" and an expert DJ (thanks Freddy Mercury (or was it 2 Karen), I mean Salsa, I mean Mandy, see what I mean?) and revved up dancers, the floor was a movin' and a shakin' so much that any inhibitions that had entered the venue that night disappeared for good. What talented gals you all are.

We thank you from the bottom of the very tasty punch bowl. Even the waiting staff were shaking their booties and other bits to the groove. Oh what a night. The food was nice and tasty once the chef decided to fee the masses (no pun intended Sister Hash Hound). Do you suppose he had run off with the sous chef and they changed their minds once they got word of our star line up of the evening? No worries, once fed we forgot all about it. It is good to be forgiving, right Sister Hash Hound (SHH)?

Top marks go to those who helped set up, decorate, organise, those who won prizes and awards on the night. Well done everyone! You know who you are and so do we. Sincere thanks go again to all our committee members for the terrific job they have done for us this past year. Best of luck to the incoming committee too. It will be full "on on" once the reins pass to you. It was also nice to meet the guests. We hope to see them again in future.

The paparazzi were out in full force as well. With so many great photos taken you are sure to be able to recall many fun moments from the evening, even once the ads haze wears off (surely not the nun I hear you say? Sister, I will leave it to your conscience to confess or not). Just flip through your Founder's Day 2011 photo album any time you simply want to remember your Favourite Hash Things... and then you wont't feel ... so bad. Thanks for a memorable evening everyone.. Peace baby.

NEXT RUN: Diplo HARES: Sarong/Debra/Kim

Saturday, November 12, 2011


RUN NO. 2255
HARES: Satu Lagi/Anna M/Jodie
FRONT HORN: Fertile Myrtle BACK HORN: Dizzy

The rain came down half an hour before i arrived at Mata Mata, and i was optomistic that it would be very localised and only on Jalan Kota Batu. This wasn't the case but in any event the rain had pretty much stopped by 5.15. It did make life rather slippery in places but hey ho.
Mata Mata was looking lovely with rain drops catching the light, on what is always a pretty run. To start we had to avoid a couple of drains and then we had a few ups and downs, but nothing very strenuous (Oh how time dulls the memory). This led into wiggle wiggle by the stream and a cheque (check - ed). For those who hurle themselves across these hazards, i can recommend a cooling down of the feet. It really does make a difference and lessens the possibility of a sprained ancle. We passed a very inviting pool but i think those infront of me were in the running grove, and as i was bring up the rear, a late night in the jungle didn't seem such a good idea.
All in all a good run followed by some very delicious curry - thank you Hares.
The on on was fairly short and sweet. The last one with the current committee.
Many thanks to all of you who have participated in the smoth running of the hash this year
I wouldn't happen without you. Scribe: Dizzy

NEXT RUN: Jalan Kota Batu, Bukit Serdang - FOUNDERS DAY
HARES: Dizzy/Ryvita

Sunday, November 06, 2011

RUN NO.2254 - LUGU KM 84.7 COASTAL HWAY - 1 NOV 2011

RUN NO. 2254
DATE: 01 NOV 2011
SITE: Lugu Km 84.7 Coastal Highway
HARES: Trailblazer/Pee Wee

Our site last week was Lugu which I am told is the most remote location for the ladies hash.

The path was rough at times and fair to say off the beaten track, many times weaving through the roughage, and grappling up the slopes, the ground was slightly wet, but not sodden thankfully. I caught up with Hana, another fellow novice hasher and she was shocked to see a huge prick embedded in her hand!!!

A couple of cheeky water ways to venture over and through. At second check I caught up with front horn Satu Lagi (which doesn't happen very often!!) and she was less than horny with a disappointing honk!!

Both checks were found by Ryvita and her guest Anna, well done ladies!

Hardly any feet left the jungle mud free or dry, and if they did the downpour after was sure to catch up with them!!

Bound together with mud, the small group of hens huddled under the tent for the shout-up. Some of the more adventurous even managed to dress up for halloween with bin bags and all! Well done ladies – it was a challenge for some of us just to take our boots off!

Trailblazer and Pee Wee were thanked for the great run. Two first timers were introduced, welcome Anna and Wendy. There were a couple of jokes and a phone did go off but without the hashshit bucket she got away with it! And also a Happy Birthday to Trailblazer!

Thanks to the hares for the delicious tuna and chicken baguette combo, went down a treat!

NEXT RUN: Mata-mata
HARES: Satu Lagi/Anna M/Virgin Hare Jodie

Sunday, October 30, 2011

RUN NO. 2253 - KOTA BATU - 25 OCT 2011

RUN NO. 2253
DATE: 25 OCT 2011
HARES: Never Wrong/Jo N

So we all gathered at the top of 672 Kota Batu, I think all the cars managed it.

It was a miserable rainy day, and therefore already dark and we hadn’t even started the run. We did have plenty of warnings from Hare Dizzy, that the run was long and pretty difficult, so no one was under any illusions as to what lay ahead. Mrs Pingu made an executive decision as front horn, to start us early, so at 5.10 off we went.

Straight away we were faced with that killer of a hill, made all the more tricky by rain. There was some rope to help us on our way, so we formed an orderly queue and trudged up. And up, and up, and up! Finally we hit the top ridge and went left whereupon we had some lovely running trails. first check wasn’t far from here and it was on-ahead, I think found by Yvette, Fertile Myrtle and myself sadly chose to check back and down a big hill. Always good when it’s the wrong way. I think by this time a few hashers had already turned back.

By 6 o’clock, the Duchess of Cambridge and myself decided to turn back - let’s be sensible we thought. We passed Trailblazer determined to forge ahead and as it turned out, it wasn’t such a long run and when we turned back it would have been about the same as continuing as it was a lollipop run and we met the others at the stick.

Well, by now it was well and truly dark, and the rain was cascading down; it was starting to descend into something resembling ‘Romancing The Stone’. The big hill in, meant the same big hill out, only this time down. By now everyone had been up it, and those who had turned back had already been down it, so this made for rather steep 30ft mud slide. Bunny Girl led the way, setting off and going hell for leather, full pelt down the slide, next came Jane - who should win a prize for her canny right turn at the bottom to end up wedged under a tree, there was no let-up and Tamsin went next, followed by myself, the bodies were starting to pile up and the screams and hysterical laughter were getting louder and louder! I have never seen such a muddy lot of hashers! All anyone could see were the whites of our eyes and our teeth.

Happily everyone came out in one piece, in good time too, and we headed back to Dizzy’s for the on on which was very ably conducted by Dizzy herself and co-JM Squeak. Hares actually turned out to be Never Wrong and Jo as Dizzy had hurt her back, thanks all for a great run - I look forward to doing it in better weather with more light.

Yvette - super checker, was named Hash Hound after finding nearly all the checks since she’s arrived, well done! We had a couple of jokes and a few announcements which were followed by some amber lubrication of the throat and delicious pasta - thanks chef Dizzy! And so another evening was wiled away under threatening Brunei skies..........On on!

Next run: LUGU (km 84.7 Coastal Highway after the Jerudong turnoffs) - HALLOWEEN RUN --- normal start time - 5.15 pm
HARES: Trailblazer/Pee Wee

Sunday, October 23, 2011

RUN NO. 2252 - MATAMATA 18 OCT 2011

RUN NO. 2252
DATE: 18 OCT 2011
HARES: Readymix/Jenni of the block/Alice in Wonderland/Mani Mouse

The run began by following the "road in progress" for half a kilometer before turning left into the jungle. It was a bright sunny evening and with the exception of the approach we were always in the shade so the light was lovely on what is always a very pretty run.

There were quite a few ups and downs but nothing humungous, though still i felt reasonably exhausted. One of the cheques (I think Dizzy meant "checks") was an on back which always pleases me hugely, and for a very brief period I was up with the front runners. A state of affairs that rarely last further than the next incline, or decline come to that, but oh it does make me feel fit; and I get to hear the front horn as well as the back, thank you to both.

The path was good and wide most of the time and underfoot was soft and not slippy. A couple of drains near the exit were well marked. Everyone was out before dark, which is quite early at the moment (NB unlike this weeks run) No wet feet this week and no rain either, at least not until after the run.

We had two new members; Welcome to you both Hazel & Debra.

Alice in Wonderland, Jenny from the Block, Readimix & Mani celebrated their
Birthdays with the other October Girls.

The hares laid a scenic run, including organising the weather and provided a truly delicious meal, all home cooked goodies. The Vietnamese rolls were prepared before our very eyes! and, the Birthday cake was yummy. Thank you to you all.

Hash Hint -
When holding back branches please release carefully. If they spring back they may hurt someone behind you.

NEXT RUN: SPG 672 KOTA BATU - Long run - bring torches - Turn around after 30-45 minutes if you arrive late. On on at Dizzys - PLEASE PARK SENSIBLY.
HARES: Dizzy/Never Wrong

Monday, October 17, 2011

RUN NO. 2251 - DIPLO 11 OCT 2011

RUN NO. 2251
HARES: Squeak/Smurf/Wina

This week’s hash was at one of our favourite haunts- Diplo. As in previous times, our agile and crafty hares managed to carve out an untrodden trail within the familiar. Initially, the drone of the traffic drowned the calls for the checks so we who were further behind, never really knew when they were found. Alice said it is a trail she used to lay quite long time ago however the last bit took a twist and took us to a different route (somehow familiar yet uncertain).
The trail had all the elements of a typical tropical jungle trail: some dry stretches, some muddy bits, some ups and some downs- making it a challenging yet doable run.

Somehow on this trail, hashers seemed introspective , almost meditative in their walk. Why one wonders? Was it because the haze had enveloped everything insight and created a heavy stillness? Or, was it because people were so absorbed in their own thoughts that our own reveries were not interrupted by the usual more audible chatter that tends to pepper our previous runs? Or, was it because there were fewer hashers on this run? This is our time, our place, and our joy and we all eagerly owned it in our own unique way.

After everyone freshen up and back to the tent, the usual welcome to FTG, announcement, joke (told by the first time joker-Smurf~a good one! ) done at the shout up, we were greeted by a table generously laden with an array of goodies for everyone- the active and cautious, as well as for the decadent and indulgent. Bring a plate is always a roaring success. Many thanks fellow hashers for delighting our palettes.
Thanks also go to Anna, our front horn who lead the way and pointed us in the right direction and backhorn Margaret, who patiently waited and herded us safely back. Dizzy, yet again, received the hashshit and she took it bravely like a woman- face on.

HARES: Alice in Wonderland/Readymix/Jenni of the Block/Mani Mouse

Saturday, October 08, 2011

RUN NO. 2250 - DADAP 11 OCT 2011

RUN NO. 2250
HARES: GI JANE/GUNG HO/SID (in absentee)

Something must have been in the air this Tuesday, if not the dementia must be setting in early because I actually volunteered to write the words this week??!! Well when there's nobody down as hares the week before a run and someone volunteers at the last minute and it's hashers who have laid a few runs already this year then we all need to be very grateful to them and lend a hand so here I am writing the words. As I have this honorable task I can add my own whinge at any of you hasher who are sitting back on your laurels expecting others to come up with a run each week and haven't laid a hash yet this year come on even if you aren't very experience there are plenty of experienced hashers to help you out, get your name down and lay a hash!!!!!!!!!!!

So, Tuesday 4th of October and we're at Dadap, a different site for a change and it's bound to be a good one! With hares like GI Jane, Sid and Fiona there's got to be a good run, a good On-On with good food and a bit of theatre from the girls, especially the dressing up kind. Anyone remember Sid's bras?

Well that is exactly what we got, 5.15pm saw a what............gaggle, flock, herd, pack, possie, what is the collective term for female hashers? Any ideas to hash words or JMs. Well what ever we are called there was quite a group setting off up hill in an array of shades of pink in honour of Breast cancer awareness, well done for remembering and supporting the cause. Words from Jane had stated that the run was “not too hilly” and I suppose all these terms are relative, but from the site to passed 1st check we seemed to be still going up and up. Mustn't complain though after the Tuesday before at Subok even Diplo this week will be flat!!! Lets call it a gentle steady incline from the start of the hash as we forked right off the road and into an open clearing and then eventually into very pleasant open paths. On up was definitely the way we were going even if only gently. No problem though as all this gave us time to catch up on the holidays of our JM Dizzy as she strolled with us near the back of the hash. The checks were found but don't ask me by who but congrats to whoever you were they were all laid through well and we back runners only detoured from the correct way slightly once at 2nd check.

A few slippy drops down from the higher ground and we recognised the more traditional area of Dadap as we crossed and recrossed the streams and rocky out crops along the way. The waterfall was in good flow as we crossed over the slippery rocks.

We passed through a variety of terrain throughout the hash finally making the last stream crossing to the out trail. It was suggested by JM Dizzy that the clearing should be where we had the On-On thank goodness no-one else had that idea as that last stroll out seemed to go on for sometime before we finally heard the clucking of the gathered hens.

The shout up started by a quick introduction of our wanderlust JM as some new members may never have seen her before followed by a thank you to the hares for a great run. The hares took the opportunity to thank those responsible for the decorations, Sid for her recci skills and sorting out the pink towels we had all received after the run. Thanks to all for a great night whether for the run, decoration, freebie, food, drink etc it was hash to remember.

The JM and GM welcomed 2 new hashers (remember it's never to early to start laying a hash!!) and a returning hasher, Running Bare who I'm sure we would wish to be seeing her back in Brunei for more joyous reasons but it is still always good to welcome her back.

This weeks run - well, watch this space, listen before the run or just wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget your plate with something edible on it




Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RUN NO. 2249 SUBOK 309 27 SEP 2011

RUN NO. 2249


It was a very good crowd that started out at PeeWee’s home.

Ladies were looking forward to a social evening as chairs were already out before the run and a buzz was in the air. We knew we would have to do that big climb up to the ridge, but high spirits were not dampened. Some stopping and starting as we grunted our way up the hill. Lovely clear trails to the ridge and then the reward of a stop and the view and breezes. Short runners went off and the last of the hill (Never wrong described it as “ pretty walk with waterfalls”) Long hashers continued on along the ups and downs of the ridge to the down. Through bamboo forests and steep downs across creeks and then a good long drop into a muddy housing site to finish off! (just when we thought we’d get home without muddy shoes and bum!)

Shout celebrations for Alice in Wonderland’s 400 runs, well done! And did you hear the joke about the 3 first time guest on the Ladies Hash? Well one was from Czech Republic, one was from England and one was from Ireland….

We enjoyed some fine joke telling: Margory’s Stroke Joke: Madam Sin’s pianist joke, which was inspired by Never Wrong’s Collingwood joke (good timing just before Aussie Grand Final Day!) Music Society Doo this Friday night. GI Jane warned Tutong Hashers have taken our Dadap for Monday night, so beware of other paper.


HARES: GI Jane/Sid/Gung Ho

Sunday, September 25, 2011


RUN NO. 2248
DATE: 20 SEP 2011
HARES: Aunty Lynn/Legally Blonde ---- Madmarg/Eastern Promise stand in due to Aunty Lynn breaking a toe., and Legally Blonde had work duties.
SITE: Tanjung Bunut Kanan

Well, the traffic made this quite a journey! So I rocked up just in time for the horn to sound. Just!

It was already dark, and for most of the run we were under canopy, but I did have my torch at the ready! Out of Sleazy Gardens we went, left up the hill and ahead on into the jungle. Well worn trails took us where we knew, out onto the pylon trail and then up into the main bit of jungle. I was taking great care not to get into the muddy water, having crashed into some steel concrete reinforcement bars on Friday’s hash, and having cuts across my shins as I didn’t want any infection!

The run was lovely and flat, just a couple of inclines which weren’t too taxing. As I was approaching the last one out of the jungle and back onto the pylon trail, having avoided all the river crossings, I managed to plodge into a pile of mud! Right up to my knee. It was a good look, trust me.

We all came out in reasonable time, even Never Wrong who had taken a wrong turing on the way back. The shout up was very well conducted, as always, by Magic. Hares were down downed, not a simple job, as original Hares, Legally Blonde and Aunty Lynn, were MIA. Legally Blonde was caught up at work, and Aunty Lynn had broken her toe - stubbed it on her bed apparently. So Hash Heroine Mad Margz took Eastern Promise in with her and together they laid what was a lovely little run! Thanks for that ladies.

We had yummy roti for dinner, great stuff! And a great on on as usual. Enjoy this week’s run, a short and a long, and enjoy the view! On on!

NEXT RUN: Subok 309 --- Please bring a chair if you have one.
HARES: Pee Wee / Tiffany

Monday, September 19, 2011

RUN NO. 2247 DIPLO 13 SEP 2011

RUN NO. 2247
DATE: 13 SEP 2011
HARES: Sarong/Trailblazer/Heather D
With all the Hens clucking around waiting for the off, Magic
Roundabout took charge to tell us about the run. There were two, A
Short and a Long Run. Lots of rain had fallen the night before so new
Hens were told to think about their fitness levels before adventuring
onto the long run. Then the horn sounded and the Fast Chicks took
off, followed by a very excited Golden Retriever !! It wasn't long
before we started on the up and up and up........OH God it was like
the stairway to Heaven..I was expecting to see the Pearly Gates. Once at the top I
stopped to see if a Defib. unit was awaiting me and the other mad chicks, but no. As I
ventured on I thought ok that's the worse of it now ........How many Hills are there in
Diplo ?. Did they move Mount KK to Brunei without telling anyone !!

First check was found by Mrs Pingu and a new Guest. Yvette. Second check by Tango, although a very tricky one.. and, third again from Mrs Pingu and Yvette. Well done new-comer, a
brilliant start to your Hashing Career! With some down downs and a few tricky water
crossings, all Hens eventually appeared back to sign in.
Thank you to Rivita for being Front Horn and Catherine for taking Back Horn. Ruffling their feathers, they all went off to change for the shout-up. As Hens clucked their way back to the on on, plates of lovely food appeared from all directions. Rugby Flags fluttered from the tent as G.M
Magic Roundabout and J.M Squeek called for the Hares, Sarong/ Trailblazer/ Heather
With much clucking going on whilst the down down was performed, the G.M. Gave
Yellow Cards to the offenders, making them sit in the "SIN BIN" Ryvita, Ready Mix,
Marcela, Christine and Kim were now all worried about the Hash shit award. Plenty of
First Time Guests this week, Rafeah, Tati, Yvette, Hanna and Marg ( Welcome,
Welcome, Welcome ) Prizes were given out for finding Maria"s Nicker"s Oh NO
Sorry, for finding Rugby Tickets along the run, Photo's of Men, unfortunately with
their clothes on, and Gilbert Rugby Balls, NOT.....For the Best Dressed Rugby Team.
With a down down for new member Duchess of Cambridge and jokes from Mrs Pingu
and Deborah all that was left to do was eat, drink and be merry.

NEXT RUN: Tanjung Bunut Kanan
HARES: Madmarg/Legally Blonde

Monday, September 12, 2011

RUN NO. 2246 SUBOK 67 6 SEPT 2011

The paper we picked up during the reccee.......

RUN NO. 2246
DATE: 6 SEPT 2011
HARES: MadMarg/Hot Lips
FRONG HORN: Ryvita BACK HORN: Alice in Woinderland

It was a fine afternoon as we set off down the usual trail mindful of the last few runs that saw many hens turn around as the rain pelted down. The hares had advised that it would not be a long run but with lots of paper on the trail to ensure that the on paper had a kiwi on it

Down the trail we went and pitcher plants aplenty were spotted very close to the intrail. First check was soon called, and found by Pee Wee with her keen guests with a quick introduction to what the hash is all about. We followed the stream for a bit which this week was extremely dry.

Second check was called across the stream and as the front runners checked ahead, Trailblazer and a few others checked back without crossing the creek. Our efforts were soon rewarded as Mrs Pingu and Lauren found the “on” which had the kiwi printed on white paper.. On paper was called “back” and we were soon joined by the other hashers. Mrs Pingu and Lauren went ahead, and front horn Ryvita soon caught up.

We wound our way through the pretty trails and was soon out as advised by the hares within 45 minutes. Others slowly trickled through and soon the sign-in was completed. The horns were thanked and Alice in Wonderland did a good job as back horn making sure all the hens out checking got back on track before moving on, as both checks were back and it was good to be able to hear the horn as usually the paper would have been picked up, and if one was not back before the main pack went through, could find themselves in strive trying to get back onto paper without assistance of the horn.

The hares provided delicious samosas and curry puffs, but not before Elaine was given the hashit for an incoming call during the shout up. Madmarg had her native baskets on display for sale, and it was good to see Hash Shop back after a long absence. Thank you hares for a great run.

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - Please bring a plate to share
HARES: Sarong/Trailblazer/Heather D

Monday, August 29, 2011

RUN NO. 2245 SPG 564 SUBOK 30 AUG 2011

RUN NO. 2245
DATE: 30 August 2011
HARES: Mrs Pingu/Lauren
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

What good news to hear of a run being done at Spg 564, Subok!! I havent been to a run from there for a long long time. I remember the lovely runs from way back and I wasnt disappointed. The run had a bit of everything we hashers like. Good trails with some hills and a little water. The trails were really pretty and the cunning checks kept us all together. All in all a great run. Well done. It couldnt have been easy with all the changes going on in the area.

The on on at Mrs Pingus was a great success and we had a first time hasher - Debra who thoroughly enjoyed herself and hopefully will be back! Mrs Pingu celebrated her 200th run and we were all so nice that we didnt give the has shit to anyone that night. The Laksa after was EXCELLENT too. Thank you Mrs Pingu and Lauren. The on on was ended by the news that the new moon had been sighted and Hari Raya was upon us. On that note SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all.

NEXT RUN: SUBOK 67 Tonights run is a typical Subok run. It's so pretty in there at the moment so dont miss the birds, pitcher plants and orchids we saw whilst laying the run. Should be about 45 mins for the runners and an hour for the walkie talkies. Enjoy! On On
HARES: Madmarg/Hot Lips

Thursday, August 25, 2011

RUN NO. 2244 SPG 378 SG AKAR 23 AUG 11

RUN NO. 2244
DATE: 23 AUGUST 2011
HARES: Trailblazer/Sue-Anne

So when my Mum tells me that we're doing the hash, I'm not gonna lie...I'm in it purely for the me me meeees and the beer banter at the end. That said, I absolutely loved this weeks run. Short and sweet but cross-jungled and bugged enough to make me feel like I've suffered enough to warrant said beer, and enough of a story for me to bring to my Fleet Street work colleagues that I braved the Borneo rainforest, that we went off trail following paper through mud, gunk, and logs that disintegrate when you step on them, emitting Pumba-from-the-Lion-King-worthy woodlice and other multi-legged 'things'. I'm a bit of a wuss, can you tell? I'm told there we two checks but by the time we got there, some keen hares had already on onnnnnnned and let us in their wake to follow the route back to the waterhole of paradise lost...a marquee with a couple of ice boxes. Before the run had even started, climbing that hill to the start point was a pretty grueling workout, especially when *ahem* you're a little late and have to park at the bottom. All in all an enjoyable trek that made me finally feel like I was on holiday in Borneo, and as much as I'll moan about being dragged from a plane through the jungle without so much as the opportunity to climatise...let's be honest ladies, although it's part of your weekly routines, from the other side of the coin, it's pretty damn cool. Many thanks to Trailblazer, On on!

'down in the jungle, where nobody goes,
there's a bunch of hen house harriers following their nose,
with a me me me here and a on on on there,
they're havin' fun just following the hare
Boogie woogie oogie'

NEXT RUN: Spg 564 Subok - An hour for walkie talkies. Once you get into the jungle it is very jungly n overgrown, so keep on paper, enjoy the ups and downs and the water features. Please bring your own chairs.
HARES: Mrs Pingu/Lauren

Monday, August 15, 2011

RUN NO. 2243 KAPOK KANAN 16 AUG 2011

RUN NO. 2243
16 AUG 2011
HARES: GI Jane/Marcella
Front Horn: Mrs Pingu Back Horn: Kathryn
Hens: 31 Chicks: 6

Having had a busy week, not to mention day, and running late, headed off towards Kapok Kanan and wondering whether I needed to top up my petrol as the puasa hours at the pumps albeit we are already half way thru Ramadan has not sunk into my routine. Anyway pressed on and on the way passed Madmarg and Toni running—my, all the way from Sg Tilong??

The run had started when I got there, so a quick dash to the sign in board and then back down the road to catch up with the bunch. The “in-trail” was through the orchards although at this time, no fruits were in season so no pungent smell to guide the nose. As we headed towards the stream bed and rocks, Smurf and Madam Sin were turning around to go in via the out-trail as they reckoned it would be easier.

We followed the trail almost all the way along the stream, luckily no rain and rather dry surroundings, and the pack moved on quickly up, up and up with some assistance on the way of ropes which seem to be a permanent fixture at the site.

New hens were wondering how long the “up” was going to be and I encouraged them
along saying that there is only one way up this side of Serasa hill, and once up the ridge will be on the way down!

First check took a while to find being a back check with Pee-Wee putting her hashing skills to work. 2nd check was found by guess who—Pee Wee again, and 3rd by a keen Tango who has just come back from her summer holidays.

We were treated as usual by magnificent sights of Serasa, the Kodak moments sites being a bit overgrown and after a brief stop, we were winding our way down again. Front runners were out within an hour and an excellent makan of roti and dhal provided by the hares.

Some puppies were on site and one has found a home since.


RUN NO. 2242 DIPLO 9 AUG 2011

RUN NO. 2242
DATE: 9 AUG 2011
FRONT HORN: Magic Roundabout

The sky looked threatening over the Diplo site as we arrived but the rained held off for the whole run and the shout up. There were some hens beginning to trickle back from holidays and others looking forward to the start of theirs in a couple of week’s time. We chatted as we walked in along Bill’s ridge following the yellow paper. Part way along the ridge blue paper to the right showed the way along the short route, which most people decided not to go along.

However when we reached the point where the yellow paper when down a steep path to the left 4 hens decided to walk back and tackle to shorter run! Down we went for a while and then along and down again to a small stream with some great muddy patches along the banks. Of course we then had a nice long up to enjoy before arriving on a ridge where we turned left to reach the area where, in some cases, hens were looking for the paper at the check. I went back but of course it was down and to the right. What a steep and challenging slope it was (not sure who found it) Trailblazer with Alice in Wonderland - Ed., which lead us back onto Bill’s ridge. We wound along for a while and then took the path to the left which went down to the creek. We now had a section of water side paths to follow and no more steep climbs until we came to the out trail. Many thanks to the hares for a great run.

At the shout up we welcomed 3 first time guests Jane (Oz), Jackie (NZ) and Marilyn (NZ). All are teachers. Marilyn had a special mention for having found the hash after only being in Brunei for 3 weeks. Fertile Myrtle received her award for doing 150 runs, well done. Alice in Wonderland told a joke that had been provided by Jeni from the block. Yann announced that she needs co hares to help her lay the run in 2 weeks time and more hens were asked to volunteer for the hareline for August and September. The hashit this week was a special rollover event. Erin had left her 1st time guest to walk unsupervised in the jungle and there is photographic evidence to prove it. The hash will remember. Quote of the evening “I know I am mouthy and bolshie” but we still love you Smurf! Many thanks to the hares for the lovely rolls and the gluten free option.

NEXT RUN: Kapok Kanan - Bring those bug sprays!!
HARES: GI Jane/Marcella

Monday, August 08, 2011

run no. 2241- LUCKY GARDENS - 2 AUGUST 11

RUN NO. 2241

Last week’s hash was at Lucky Gardens but not at our usual site. This time we set off from Erin’s place, which used to be known as ‘The Hash House’.

Lucky Gardens is one of my favourite sites and hopefully we can use it for many more hashes to come. We seem to have fewer and fewer sites to choose from when setting a hash!

I haven’t been up to the ridge from that ‘horrible hill’ for a long time. I had nearly forgotten how long it is. Alison, Sue and I dragged ourselves up and up, with stiff muscles from hashing earlier in the day, (doing our recce for tonight’s hash!) I kept waiting to see which one of us would chicken out at first check. However once up at the top of the hill Alison took off like a bat out of hell! A woman on a mission! Sue and I dutifully trotted along behind her. We didn’t even have enough breath for a good gossip!

I don’t think I even heard calls for checking but I believe Magic Roundabout found one of the checks.

Down off the ridge we meandered along the floor of the valley, crossed over a couple of streams and then back up another bloody big hill. A very nice hash, thank you ladies.

Back at Erin’s, after a few sustaining egg sandwiches, Smurf explained why it is called ‘The Hash House’ and told of all the runs that had begun from there.
The shout up was an orderly affair. The Hares were thanked for the run and for providing the food. I don’t think there were any first time guests, no announcements or jokes. Hash shit was dispensed to an errant hasher - Elaine.

Shortly after the shout up, we were tucking into delicious pasta and cous cous salads with roast chicken.

A very pleasant evening. Thank you Erin, KathRYN and Mad Margz for the run and the food..