Monday, March 30, 2009

RUN NO. 2118

RUN NO. 2118
DATE: 24 MAR 2009
HARES: Julia W/Tina I
HORNS: Mad Margz/Trailblazer

Tango & Ms Pingu go Hashing

Tango and Pingu went up Dadap hill
To follow the trail of dropped paper.

Tango fell down and split her neat gown
While Pingu came tumbling after!

Up got our Tango and said to Ms Pingu
"you ''re got got to be f-------g joking!

"We must keep on going
The moon light is glowing
And hashers are wondering after...."

Up Pingu got, to the shout-up did trot
To grab a well earned cold T------r
Tang got lost and got in plum last
So the vino just tasted like cider!

Checks found by: Ms Pingu, Susie & Boel

HARES: Mad Margz/Lee

Monday, March 23, 2009

RUN NO. 2117

RUN NO. 2117
DATE: 17 MARCH 2009

AAhhhh now where do i start!? Mmmm let’s just say that this is the hash run that i really don’t like.. so suffice to say.. I went to the hash.. with a sinking feeling in my heart! But.. hey.. let’s think positive!

We started off heading down the dirt road...past the barrier.. a nice stroll me thinks.. ahh No paper?? So a few ran on.. a few doubled back.. and a few (i.e me) stood and admired the slightly dead snake that was on the path! On On was called from ahead.. so off we clucked... turning left as if to go towards the jungle where the 1st check was found! (by someone!)

The on on paper was no where to be found.. but alas I could hear Alison calling so headed toward her dulcet tones.. on up! And in good old Tina style.. on down, slipping over, in true Torville-and-Dean-style (5.7 on the score board!) I did notice a few people (Ruthless Pursuit) taking the slightly shortened route.. but hey...!

At the bottom we were greeted by a bit of a pile up.. as Boel had fallen into/over the drain as she was looking for the paper.. and I wasn’t looking so I piled onto her, as she laid on the floor...Ok, do I laugh or cry????
We dusted ourselves down, had a bit of a smile about it and carried on! (Oh how we laughed on the way to casualty!!!) Now, this was where it got interesting!

Walking along the roadway.. I noticed the paper went behind a tree.. but as I mentioned to Yann - what’s the point in that? And the paper went in front of the tree as well as behind (being a good hasher I used the theory of the shortest route! Just like Ruthless Pursuit!) Ah now, this was a huge mistake!

Before I knew what I was doing.. I was jumping in the air, doing a particularly girly scream.. shouting "get em off me, get em off me!!". As there were no fantastically handsome men around to be seen this could only mean one thing: BUGS!
I have no what these things were but they hurt and they were digging their hooters into my thighs and face! Trailblazer did her best to rid these little creatures from my legs.. although I do think the ladies I was walking with thought I´d just show them a few of my dance floor moves! (Shaaamon!)

The rest of the run for me (AND also Hip hop Eastern Promise, who also got bitten!) consisted of Mrs Pingu running around trying to find the trail as we couldn’t locate the paper; and MadMarg coming round to me and Eastern Promise, liberally applying bite cream to our 'important little places!' there there there!!!

What can I say, but the phone call to Tango to get us out of the jungle was what I’d been waiting for! I’m not a celebrity but get me outta here!!! No outlandish demands, no white lilies in me dressing room, or plates of red m&ms.. just get me OUT!!!

DST now has new meaning:
Dodgy Stingy Things
Dancing Stung Tina!
Double Stressful Times etc

At the shout-up we welcomed one first-time guest, Signe from Denmark, but otherwise not many announcements this week. Thanks to the Hares for an interesting run! Sadly I have decided that next time.. I go with my gut feeling - and stay in bed!!!
ON ON Tina I.


Monday, March 16, 2009

RUN NO. 2116

RUN NO. 2116
DATE: 10 MAR 2009

Well, what can I say about tonights run. We began by organising everyone into boats and waiting for those who decided to arrive fashionably late.

Once we were off we had a pleasant boat trip to the island,although I am told one boat had a leak and Cheryl had to use her finger to plug up the hole.Well done Cheryl!! We were greeted at the jetty by a smiling head man.

We proceeded along the pathway until we entered the jungle and went up along waterfalls ,rocks and, narrow ledges with ropes to assist us. Along the trail there were crocodiles,(although coming from Darwin that did not worry me}.

One sign warned us of skeletal remains but I did not spot them, emergency rations were placed along the path and Indiana Jones' hat was there but unfortunately Harrison Ford was nowhere to be seen.

We reached a high ledge and had a spectacular view and then continued down back to the jetty. We were kindly given hospitality at the head mans house and signed a guest book before our boat trip home. I am sorry I do not know if there were any checks on the run as nobody I spoke to was at the lead to advise me.

At the shout up the hares were thanked for a memorable run and all celebrated special runs - Mad Marg 300, Legally Blonde 200 and Dizzy 150. Well Done. There was one guest Beth from the U.K here with loan service Amanda entertained us with an Indiana Jones joke.

Everybody behaved themselves as there was no Hashit awarded. The hares provided us with drinks and delicious pasta salads. Thank You

NEXT RUN: DST - ST PATRICKS DAY RUN - Green being the order of the day!

Monday, March 09, 2009

RUN NO. 2115

RUN NO. 2115
DATE: 3 MARCH 2009

The run had all the elements of what I think make a good run. It
was a good length of 1 hour, it had lots of hills to get those legs
working and there were lots of good running trails. Unfortunately I
don’t know who found the checks or how many there were, because I
only could only hear the calls in the distance. However, at one
point I did find something that looked a bit like a check but might
not have been a check. It was a pile of paper with paper leading
away from it. Was this possible sabotage of the hash – who knows?

Thankfully it didn’t cause any problems for the experienced hashers
as they found the 'on paper' pretty quickly.

We were thoroughly entertained at the ‘shout up’ with great jokes from Nellie and Amanda. Amanda was a little too honest and ended up getting the hash-it which she shared with Eastern Promise.

I’d like to thank the hares for a lovely run through the jungle and
for the absolutely fantastic food they put on for everyone. It was
my absolute favourite – The best Laksa ever!!!!!!!

NEXT RUN: Spg 664 Kota Batu (next to yacht club)

Monday, March 02, 2009

RUN NO. 2114

RUN NO. 2114 - National Day Run
HARES: Trailblazer/Smurf/Madam Sin
SITE: Mata-Mata

It was a very hot and dusty afternoon in Mata-Mata. The tent was late (again) and Hens were trying to find shade amongst the parked cars. When we eventually set off, we walked up the dirt track road for about one km before we entered the jungle. Of course I forgot I was going to be writing this until the run was over and all I remember at the beginning was going up and up and up. And going down we crossed a couple of streams, a bit muddy and a bit slippery going down on some parts. What a lovely piece of jungle with plenty of greenery. First check was found by Sarah and third check by Lee. Nobody was sure who found second check. In all, a superb run in an area new to some of us. First front runners were probably out in 45 mins back onto the wide dirt track road heading back to where we started and all Hens were out safely not too long after. Word out is that two of the hares had to keep up with a couple of youngsters on the first recce - how old were they again?!

Back to the OnOn site and we’re tent-less for the night but it was a fine evening so we didn’t need it anyway! After the usual weekly strip-show, the evening’s proceedings got underway. Hares who were wearing the Brunei colours were honoured with usual down-downs for a job well done. There were three new guests, a tourist from Singapore who runs with a Singapore chapter and two Bruneians guests of Dr. Pron, very apt for the National Day run. There were two birthday celebrants for February - many happy returns again to Anna Scott and Cheryl.

Madame Sin then did a National Day quiz. The first was to sing the National Anthem and the two Pron mates did us proud (phewwww for me) though maybe with a bit of prompting from another fellow Bruneian. We also learn from the little quiz that Alison shares her wedding anniversary with Brunei’s Silver Jubilee - Congratulations Alison!

Joke time! Well what can I say....Glamour thank you for what is probably the most graphic joke we have had yet. And as long as you make Amanda read them out you can keep them coming! Sarong got the hashit again for another mobile phone offence. And the finale for the evening was yet another Ladies HashHit by our talented JM’s, “Thank you for the Hash”. Well done ladies....encore..encore.

Thank you to the hares for the nasi lemak, a first for many Hens. A good number of hens stayed behind with the usual suspects for a fun night under the stars (though one really was a satellite!) On..On!!!

NEXT RUN: Lucky Garden
HARES: Satu Lagi/Peahen/Bini Hutan