Thursday, August 27, 2009


The three guests
Water crossing

Alice in Wonderland with
Glamour - Founding member of Ladies Hash

"Duchess" Veronica - 71yrs old and 1100 runs later

The Hares Tania & Julia

Back Horn - Sue

RUN NO. 2140
HARES: Julia/Tania

A hot still day,
No wind no breeze at play,
Wondered how this run is going to be like,
For us who hadn’t eaten or drank since last night,
Up in the hills parked on a narrow road,
I looked around for my compatriot,
To discover when I called she just woke up,
She said to me, “Don’t wait up”
With hens raring to go,
Along with several chicks in tow,
Off we went when the horn blew,
I went with a light jog feeling whoop de do!
This isn’t so bad after all,
To hash during the month of fast,
Within five minutes the front horn called,
“Checking checking!” was heard by all.
Front horn Anna asked me to check back,
Rest of the hens were coming up the track,
When “On paper! On paper!” was heard,
Ready Mix the one who discovered,
On on,On on we go,
We met The Dutchess,
Who warned us,"Watch out for slippery stones ahead",
Glamour is somewhere close I bet.
I took it easy, nice and slow,
Not knowing how far to go,
With Pee Wee sailing by,
She looked like she could fly,
As I trudged on,
Glamour, we stumbled upon,
Oooh she's in deep,
Fortunately the trail weren't steep,
Will she continue til the end I pondered,
I wasn't the only one who wondered.
Whoever said 'you can't cross the same river twice',
Have not done a hash in their life,We crossed not once, twice, or trice(?)
I lost count which was pretty wise,
Concentrating to keep feet as dry as possible,
When crossing where ever I was able,
passed by a woodcutter site from the looks of it,
Bunny Girl almost tripped from a trap not far from it,
Fellow hens wondered if meant for wild boars,
As we passed by the numerous bamboo groves.
Then Ready Mix announced,
"We're almost out,
"My flagging battery revved,
Yes, I'm saved!
Wina turned up in her blooming pants,
Cow! I thought as she did a little dance,
Teased her for missing out,
And proceeded to tell me why she was all pout.
Better head to Julia's to break the fast,
Food and water, at long last!
The shout up was fun aplenty,
Heard lots of different stories,
Three new chicks were introduced,
Quiche Fanny Waxer was the most amused,
By us all by far the most novel,
Tania still stuck with the chicken squeak,
Was it Dizzy that took the dog's squeaky chick?
We attacked the food with rice and homemade bread,
Thanks Julia and Tania for the filling spread,
Then Julia's wedding album was passed around,
So pretty she was in her red gown,
Love, happiness and not a single frown,
We wish her all the best in married life,
For now she is someone's wife,
I forgot to say Glamour did go all the way,
She's the white rabbit that Alice couldn't carry,
I left the night feeling great,
One by one, everyone soon dissipate,
Until the next gathering of us hens,I bid you adieu until then...

NEXT RUN: Mata-Mata
HARES: Wina/Rozi/Smurf/Trailblazer


New Hen Monique and returning hen "Hot Lips" (Karen S)

Looking for 1st check

Waiting for the horn to go
Run No. 2139
Site: Spg 1087 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar
Hares: Pee Wee/Ruthless Pursuit
Hens: 39 Chicks: 2
Horns: Anna/Eastern Promise
The hens all gathered at a familiar place—Ruthless Pursuit’s backyard! Before the run, we heard the sad news that Virginie Staal’s niece was starting chemo that day, so our thoughts went out to her.

We started out on the familiar walk up the road to the turnoff. Walking more slowly, or gossiping more enthusiastically—depending on your point of view—meant that I was very surprised to catch up to the front runners on the top of a small hill. It appeared that the run was not going as it was supposed to! Front hens had run out of paper while marking through to the place the hash ‘should’ have gone!

We need to go back to first check (*huh? We’ve passed first check?*) was the cry, but no-one appeared to be entirely sure where first check had actually been. Bunny Girl’s cries of ‘horn, horn, who’s got the horn?” Were answered with “you’ve seen my husband, so you know it’s not me!” by someone I shall allow to remain nameless.

After some time spent fruitlessly searching, the very devioius back check was finally revealed after a few phonecalls. Hens can be tricky creatures!! The rest of the hash was relatively straightforward with only swamps and scratchy patches to contend with. Getting back to base we were all reminded that the on-on was at Pee Wee’s new place (*palace—I’d move in, I’m sure there’s room!!*)

Before the shout-up were were treated to a skinny dipping Dizzy checking out the pool. At shout-up, Ruthless Pursuit had abandoned us for an affair at the High Comm so Pee Wee was the sole hare available to give our thanks to. Two new members were welcomed (well, one new one—Monique, and one returning—Hot Lips). “There’s your first stiffie” announced Bunny Girl mysteriously, before correcting herself and handing out the welcome drink.

Alice in Wonderland celebrated 300 runs and Pee Wee 100 runs, both giving their cash to charity (what a caring bunch!) Mad Marg was thanked for the
leadership she has provided over the last month, and congratulated on her new boobs—very perky. Some funny jokes were told, and then Julia was given some very helpful advice on her new marriage (*’Commit murder and be out sooner’ had to be my personal favourite.*) She has threathened us (will treat us) with the wedding photos next week. Congratulations on the happy event!!

Unfortunately, no-one was given hashshit so the lucky previous holder (that would be ME) gets to hang on to it for another week. The food provided was delicious and the rest of the evening passed in a pleasant haze.

Just as an aside, while waiting for the hash to begin this evening I was asked by Julia if I would set a hash with her ‘one day’. With ‘one day’ flating serenely in the future somewhere I said sure. The future quickly zoomed into much nearer proximity, with “it’s at Dadap sometime” plucking my murky memory of last week’s hash when I was asking how to get there because it was in the words for two week’s time—that made it NEXT week now! Dazed and confused at just how fast time moves, I smiled politely. See you there.

NEXT RUN: Jalan Dadap

HARES: Julia/Tania

Monday, August 17, 2009

RUN NO. 2138 - DIPLO

One way of keeping dry - GM under the table
Duchess celebrating 71 yrs and 1100 runs

Brunei's top runway model

The hares - Jenni/Trailblazer/Duchess/Readymix with JM Bunny Girl

DATE: 11 AUG 2009
RUN NO. 2138
HARES: Readymix/Trailblazer/Jenni/Duchess

OK, time to write the words. Just got back from a lovely evening with Possum, Peahen and Magic, so if these don’t make sense – blame them!

Plenty of Hens were gathered around the tent waiting for the off. A quick phone call to Trailblazer confirmed that we were to embark on fairly long run. With no ‘big’ hills. Yah…….. so with Tango on front horn, off we ran at 5.15. We were a fair way in before first check, which was readily found by Mad Margz (MM). I think we call that ‘Hashcraft’. So off we ran, and yes, it was good running trails and fairly flat. However the odd ‘small’ hill started to raise its head. And we could sense the weather closing in. Dark clouds descended, and as we were under a fair whack of canopy, light was disappearing fast.

Second check came along the river. More Hashcraft as Mad Margz was sure it was ahead along the river, so I followed as instructed and indeed she was right. So on we went, and it was at this point that more hills began to appear. And they didn’t seem so small – maybe because we were covering a lot of ground. Up, up, up we went, yet it was a good 20 minutes before we hit upon the final check. We kind of had a handle on where we were by this point, and MM found it on ahead. As it was still getting darker and darker the four of us at the front elected to stay together. A fair bit further on we hit the ridge – yay! On our way out. MM, Tango, Anna and myself had a fairly brisk run out as we didn’t want to be caught in the rain.

The rain started to pan down as we were signing out. It was dark, cold and pretty miserable. Ruthless Pursuit, Magic and a couple of others came out next, and the rest filtered out over the next half hour. I struggled to change in the car, Magic quite sensibly bolted! As I got back to the tent, it appeared that a few were left in. Bunny Girl made a few calls (we are a caring sharing hash!) And we established that most were ok and on their way out. Sadly, Diyana and Tracey were in communicado. So we decided to wish MM a happy birthday and avail ourselves of the delicious cake as she had to ‘hash ‘n’ dash’.

Thankfully the girls appeared, wet and a bit bedraggled, but in good health and spirits! The shout up was well conducted by our returning JM Bunny Girl, there were a couple of first time guests – one of which we were truly honoured to host. Road Runner’s sister had come along, I guess to see what it was that she loved so much! And I’m sure we all hope to see her again soon. Duchess celebrated her 71st birthday and 1100th run – she truly is the most decorated Hen! Well done! The rain just didn’t really let up, but we sat around and enjoyed the hash camaraderie as usual. Madam Sin was on particularly good ‘tidying’ form, and she crushed a can of mine that was actually full. I think I took that as a sign to go! On on! Pee Wee


Friday, August 07, 2009

RUN NO. 2137 - SPG 378 SG AKAR

The Hashit taken graciously by Tania.

The Hares - Alison,

Cheryl and Sue

Kellie after the up and up and up ....

DATE: 4 Aug 2009
SITE: Spg 378 Sg Akar
HARES: Alison/Cheryl & Sue
As I got to the site, having dropped off the words earlier, a row of cars neatly parked up one side of the "hill" could be seen - It meant having to park down the bottom and trudge all the way up. Anyway, a good warm up, and soon the horn was heard and hens started up the usual cut.

We had been warned about traps along the trails and were on a look out for these. We soon dipped left down from the ridge. The hares had indicated that it would be a big down followed by a big up...... we were soon going down, and down, and down. So far, so good. We then had a small up and soon first check was called., and on we went. Then paper ran out and the front runners went on ahead and found some paper which did not seem to be layed "correctly" and of character of experienced hares that had laid the run. We trudge on and soon found ourselves at the Markucing ridge. Hens went left and right, looked down tracks, but no paper. Time was ticking on, with the whole pack together - albeit a bit small - as quite a few hens were still on holiday, the decision was made that we should turn around and go back the way we came.

Moans and groans were heard all the way, as we had been down down down, the obvious up up and up could not be avoided. All were out with hens exhaused and most reminded of the last hash at the same site when the hares had lost their reccee paper and we had to turn around as well.

GM Madmarg's call for the hashit was made easy as Tania's phone went just as shout up began, and Christine was glad to pass this on.

Thank you Alison, Cheryl and Sue for the hot baked potatoes with all sorts of toppings which went down a treat and the evening continued as usual under the cloud of haze.
NEXT RUN: DIPLO - Veronica L's birthday run
HARES: Readymix/Trailblazer/Jenni

Monday, August 03, 2009

RUN NO. 2136 - SUBOK 67

Rodzi performing her assignment in earnest!
The Loan Service Team enjoying a nice evening before the haze! Bet, Kellie and Tina I

The Hares - Tania & Hash Baby

DATE: 25 July 2009
SITE: Subok 67
HARES: Tania/Hash Baby
HORNS: Tango/Trailblazer
GUESTS: Mary, Gill & Spot

Arriving at my favourite hash site (not) with anticipation of lots of hilly terrain, I found the words described 2 runs – white paper for a 1 hour RUN (yeah right!) up and down the ridges of Subok, and yellow paper for a revitalizing 30 minute stroll for the hens who have had a hard day (that’s me). Oh no! It was my turn to write the words and my co – hares had some great excuses for doing the short run, so I got the short straw and the long run. So off we all went like mountain goats up the first cliff face and continued to go up, up and up until we hit an open ridge with great 360 degree views. Apparently, this was where the short walkers were meant to turn around and head back down and out on another track.

Just as I hit the summit, Suzie said they were checking below and left, so I thought I had better check out the track to the right – found paper, but it was dubiously old, so I went back and down left to join the rest of the long runners. The call of ‘on paper’ was heard a long way distant, so I continued on down the steep slope until I got to a large log bridge. Apparently, first check was found just before this bridge by most of the front runners because there wasn’t much gap between the check and the on paper.

The hash continued up and down for quite a while until it wound its way down past a waterfall. After that, I really confirmed how unfit and tired I was as the walk became a bit of a blur, just putting one foot in front of the other. All I could focus on was making it out and a lot of the scenery was wasted on me. The vague sound of a distant horn was heard, waking me out of my reverie – that must be second check found (Pee Wee), but that meant there was still a long way to go.

After a very long, steep down my knees were really starting to complain, so I was relieved to follow a stream on the valley floor for a good while. We crossed over at two lovely little pools and then crossed over a larger river and oh joy, began the long ascent back up. At least the flat section had given me time to recover a little. Next thing I knew, I heard somebody whistling and soon came across Alison, looking for Spot, who had taken off before 5.15, been seen sporadically by the front runners, but had failed to come out. I was hoping this wasn’t going to be a repeat performance like Molly’s 4 day jungle adventure. After walking through some long grass and along an old asphalt road, we at least were out.

Alison, sister in law Gill and Cheryl all headed back in a bit later after reports of sightings of Spot. GM Mad Marg started the shout up without them. The hares were given their down down – it was actually a lovely hash, thank you. I must say there are some beautiful trails in Subok, it’s just a pity they’re not user friendly for the old knees. No matter what I think on the way round, I love the scenery and it is good for me having to push myself sometimes because I know I have to get out.

First time guest was Mary from Melbourne who was visiting Mad Marg; Hash Baby was the only July birthday hasher; Rodzi read out 2 jokes about Billy; Pee Wee gave an announcement about the Boy’s Hash 090909th run and Nellie was offering a short term amah. Everyone was perfectly behaved and no hashit was given. Just after the shout up, by which time it was well dark, the 3 rescuers returned with Spot. So their short walk didn’t turn out so short after all. Everyone was just thankful that Spot had been found. The evening was rounded out with bread buns, chicken and coleslaw and some yummy desserts, especially the apricot crumble. Thank you ladies for the food. Yet another good hash night had by all….. On On

SITE: Spg 378 Sg Akar - opposite rubbish tip
HARES: Alison/Sue/Cheryl
11 AUG
SITE: Diplo
HARES: Trailblazer/Readymix/Jenni/Veronica L
18 AUG
SITE: Spg 1087 Jln Muara, Salambigar
HARES: Ruthless Pursuit/Pee Wee
28 AUG
SITE: Dadap
HARES: Julia/Sarah G