Monday, April 30, 2007

RUN 2018

Run: 2018
Date: 24th April 2007
Site: Sg Hanching Baru, Jln Muara
Hares: Magic Roundabout and Apprentice
Front horn: Carol Back horn: Angela

A beautiful evening saw the hens off into the trees. An interesting valley stretch with some muddy ups and downs. A bit of bum wriggling on a few slopes managed to slow down some ladies. The trail of hens certainly stretched out somewhat. Then up to higher ground and some nice trails, all sloping down just to make us feel that we were fitter than we really are. Rustling in the bushes with the monkeys fighting definitely got some of us running a little bit quicker too. A lovely walk/run had by all finished off with a gorgeous sunset, or was I the only one that noticed?

The checks were well set, always giving plenty of options to go and check. Lee must have been chuffed as she found all three checks – welcome back Lee!

A small number familiar with the area took a short-cut home. Shame on them!

Back at the ranch, a busy shout up in which Irene was named “Miss Sarong” and was presented with a very stylish, obviously haute-coûture changing tent, (Viva) España celebrated her birthday and …. Linda was awarded the hashit for not signing in. Then we all tucked in to sausages and salad. ¡Qué rico!

Next week: Diplo

Monday, April 23, 2007

RUN NO. 2017

Run No. 2017
Date: 17 Apr 2007
Site: Diplo
Hares: Elaine, Black Beauty and Jane

Our Fairweather hens failed to turn up but the Diehards were there fleet of foot. Hash site looks likeVersace these days, a glam number hanging here and another draped there with a little of Jimmy Choo to boot. A tinkle of rain to whet the anticipation and then a rumble in the jungle, a flash overhead and we were off. Heads were bowed against the rain, hens under the fearless control of Claire the Front Horn and Sarah Clements following as Back Horn.

Hares laid a shortish and a long-with-a-godawful-Up to please all. ‘Though some toed the green and then stayed on the black. I’m told it was green, brown, leafy, wet and even Mulchie slipped a few times. Carol found the first check and Alison T found the last check and came out with the front runners, go you girl! While she caught her breath walking to her changing room and walk-in wardrobe, Alison did remark about someone not doing the last hill if the person could still whistle after the run! The horns got switched, and some hens dodged a few water crossings but I hear, GOOD CALLING this week ….. YIPPEE!!!! All came out tried, tired and well tested in good time.

On On celebrated the naming ceremony of Judy now Survivor, Mandy now Tango and Magi, after a re-count, a re-gig and a re-hash changed from Miss Pink errr no Miss Spain, err no Miss Blain err no Miss Plane, became Espania. Never Wrong reached the special milestone of 50 years of age, Happy Birthday! No change of Keeper of The Hashit, though maybe this week may see a batton change. Signs? Hmmmm. Announcements included “See Kay for details of the next Pula Tigga hash 13th Oct”. Hares provided scrumptious salad rolls and ham (all the way from Singapore), and another great event of hashing was had.

Ghost writer for Magic Roundabout and Magic Roundabout's Apprentice.

Next week: 24 April
Site: No. 13 Spg 462-80 Sg Hanching Baru, Jln Muara
Hares: Magic Roundabout + apprentice

Saturday, April 14, 2007

RUN 2016

Run: 2016

Date: 10 April 2007

Site: Spg 378 Jln Subok, Kg Sg Akar

Hares: Trailblazer/Judy/Tina

I arrived at the site just in time to get the last car park at the bottom of the hill, lucky old me! It then transpired that this was the very spot all the late comers were going to turn their cars round at. Oh well, somebody was bound to ram into me, I would collect the insurance and buy my BMW. Dream on, cries Smurf, who assured me that the insurance on my car wouldn’t buy a BMW, even in a match box.

Up the hill, sign in, and on command of the lovely Naj we head off into the jungle. Madam Sin was whittering on about Scotland and bracken, as far as I could see we were tramping over a pile of weeds. That soon took us into the jungle and some lovely paths. The run was very nice, the checks were fiendishly clever. On the traverse from second to third check it became very apparent that I needed new boots as it was a slippy slidy hillside, but very pretty. The whole hash was out by six o’clock. Well done to the hares.

The shout up was the usual chaotic affair with two guests welcomed, returning hashers welcomed, and three hashers given hash handles, which caused the body of the kirk to spontaneously break into song. We had a wonderful rendition of “ We’re all off to sunny Spain” followed by “ They are changing the guard at Buckingham palace” rounded off with “ I’m a Barbie girl”. Hash handles were given to Alice - Alice in Wonderland, Magi - Ms Spain and Cath Doolan - Legally Blonde.

Then the fun really started with Madam Sin’s birthday presents which she pulled out of the box and explained the purpose of each gift to much hilarity all round. The said hasher then entertained us with a brilliant presentation of that well known classic “ Rindercellar and the ugly blisters”

Thank you to all the people who contributed to the great food and the yummy chocolate cake for the birthday girl. A lovely evening which carried on long after I went home. Gordon had sworn off beer for life by Wednesday morning, well maybe till tonight.

Judy celebrated 300 runs, Trailblazer 250 and Tina 200 runs respectively.


HARES: Elaine and Black Beauty

Monday, April 09, 2007

RUN 2015 - 2 APRIL 2007

RUN NO. 2015
SITE: Bukit Markucing, Subok
HARES: Carol/Trish
FRONT HORN: Claire with assistant Mandy
There had been slight confusion as to where the run was going to start as we knew the on on was at Carol’s house but the run? After some clarification the hares were convinced that the run must start from Markucing or they would risk the hashit if the coop was to cross the road! Sorry hashit holder Madmarg (you have to keep the hashit a while longer) – we have been kind to our hares – so hashers please do read your hash rules, they do make good bedtime reading when you are desperate for something to put you to sleep!
I arrived early as was anxious to make sure the run started from the right place and was intrigued as to why the starting sign was at the lower car park. I had paced up and down right up to the usual starting steps and could not find any “on” paper and when Glamour and Veronica L arrived to start their walk – they indicated that it was just close by towards the road! It sure take some seasoned hashers to be vigilant…… We had also been warned about keeping on paper especially when checking as there were lots of paper around but we did not find find too much paper around (I guess the hares having been lost for 6 hours while recceeing could not remember where or when they saw the paper!).
Then we had the next drama of having no horns, so we improvised with a real whistle for the back horn and Mandy as the whistling horn with front horn Claire. Off we trotted at 5.15 towards the main road and then veered left to a new bulldozed cutting up the hill – of the many hills – on to the ridge. We huffed and puffed and stopped and started (for the walkie talkies anyway). A sign soon appeared for short and long runs and only a dozen hens braved the long run down into the valley. We dipped into the jungle – what a relief – some shade. First check was called and as it was in front of a tree fall “on” must be up to the left which was found by Sarah B.

We then wound around the forest, up and down over logs and trips with second check found by Readymix. By this stage the front running orientals Readymix, Jenny and Trailblazer were quickly bearing on third check which was found by Jenny. Front horn Claire and Mandy caught up as we headed back up the ridge. A few – just a few - more ups and downs before we were out. I think the hares forgot to warn shorties to only go up to first check as there were a few logs that needed long legs and acrobatic stunts to get over. Great run hares and we then headed to Carol’s for the on on with “hot” laksa to follow.


Monday, April 02, 2007

RUN 2014

Run: 2014
Date: 27 March
Site: Diplo
Hares: Alison/Cheryl/Sue

It has been a long time since we were given the choice of a short or a long run, you could see the hens milling around at the start, thinking about which run to do – should they do the short run with only one hill (as many of us had missed last week because of the school holidays) or do the long run (because we felt guilty about missing last week but this was said to have many hills)…mmm…choice! Karen was front horn and led us forward and up the path with horn firmly secured between the straps of her back pack (can’t lose the blowy bit again – surely a hashitable offence if she does) and off we went along our favourite trails at Diplo. (Unfortunately back horn was lost by Trailblazer as she could not concentrate on what to take care of first, the horn or her first time guest—in any event it did not matter—Irene in her weekend jaunt at Diplo has reportedly recovered the lost horn! Many thanks- ed)

We soon came to a split in the trail – with short run to the left and long run up on the right, decisions were made and most of the hens followed the long one. Up up and along until we were taken down into a dip for first check by the stream. Readymix went ahead at the top of the ridge so I thought I had better go down to the check and look ahead. With Karen calling “checking from here” I was fighting with the cob webs (not a good sign) for a route over the river when we heard the faint call of “on paper” from Readymix at the top of the ridge. Picking up paper and ‘on back’ the paper was laid through and we were on our way again.

Up and down hills and over streams we trouped until 2nd check which was again in another dip. Could it be back check again? Better check ahead as we (Readymix, Elaine and I ) were the ones at the front and others further back could check there. Some good trails meandered along with signs of old paper, but nothing new. In the distance we could hear the sounds of “on paper..” by Ah Struth and back we went to the check with the cob point, picking up paper until we reached the trail.

Off again until third check, nearing the back this time (as we were so far off track at last check) – we reached the check and there was a back trail that no one had taken….off I wandered, which brought me round the dip that the check point was in, and along a nice trail which kept on going and going. Ah Struth was ahead of me and again I quote from the horses mouth - “because I was so far ahead I found the paper again”.

Third check and surely the last, we were off again taking us to the extreme edges of the Diplo site. As the traffic sounds got louder and louder, we seemed to be getting closer and closer to a main road – you could even see a large road sign ……could we be at the Sungai Akar dump roundabout? Had we gone that far?.....Yep A new part for most of us and quite nice to see the stream that runs along the edge of the highway in the dip and then up a ridge for an elevated view. Back into the jungle along good trails we walked, very happy to see signs for Way Out until we were back. A good long run taking the front runners at least until 6.35 to come in, not so good maybe for Trailblazer’s first time guest as it was rather a long run. A late but short shout up with more amber liquid consumed than usual and then some well earned ‘fill your own rolls’ to end the evening with. Many thanks—hares for a great run and food.—ed

Next week: Jln Subok - look out for signs