Monday, December 31, 2012

RUN NO. 2314 - SPG 420 JLN MUARA - 25DEC12

RUN NO. 2314
DATE: 25 DEC 2012
HARES: Trailblazer/Tina
HORNS: Non as not left for run!

The Christmas Hash Run started at Spg 420, Jalan Muara (Tina’s house). Festive spirits were felt all around, as Hashers exchanged warm Christmas Greetings, took loads of photo shoots around the Hash Christmas Tree and dressed windows prior to starting. A proud total of 16 Hashers turned up.

The run began with the ‘On on’ shout by Christmas Day enthusiastic hashers along the road through a residential area following the papers laid by the hares. Some of the hashers commented that they saw a very brief glimpse of what could only be Santa’s Elf among the trees on the hills ahead. Some hashers thought they were only imagining this…. Shortly afterwards, the track veered to the right onto a forest clearing on muddy grounds before spotting a check sign on the ground. Hashers then went in all directions looking for on on papers and nothing was found on the flat muddy grounds.

After searching for a good while, a shout from Peahen and Eastern Promise “ Onon paper!” was heard coming from a hillside. Hashers then started their way onto a short hill climb before being led by the papers through a forest area and then climbing down slippy hillsides onto tarmac. The track continued into Simpang 370 on flat ground through a new residential area where some hashers recalled that in days gone by these built up areas were forests through which many had enjoyed their hash runs.

A short run along the road led hashers to a familiar route from the week before following the storm drains all the way back onto the main road in Jalan Muara, where hashers appeared to slow traffic down with the display of their Christmas festive gears especially Eastern Promise’s red antlers, all the way back to Spg 420 returning to the On On site.

The run took about half an hour and 3,720 steps on my pedometer. With some spare energy left, some hashers ventured back out to follow the initial trail to pick some durians before the shout up began, led by Squeak and Ready Mix.

Hashers welcomed guests “Stephanie” , a hash member previously, and Nadya whose mother is a Hash member. As the festive spirits soared, and more laughters ensued, it was felt inappropriate to give out the Hashit at this merry occasion.

Hashers were then served with a candle-lit Christmas dinner and delicious sweets under a bright moonlight and entertained later by carol singers organised by Jenni from the block.

Many thanks to the hares for organizing a beautiful Christmas hash dinner celebrations!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.
On On Hashers!


HARES: Alison/Cheryl/Zur

Monday, December 24, 2012

RUN NO. 2313 SG TILONG - 18 DEC 2012

RUN NO. 2313
DATE: 18 DEC 2012
Hares: Sticky Rice/Zur
Front Horn: Domestic Goddess
Back Horn: Ryvita

It was hot and humid but we arrived at the site early having being forewarned that we would be bussed somewhere.

Domestic Goddess took the front horn whilst Ryvita took the back horn.

Alas, that was not to be as walkie-talkies were told to start off first. We set off and the scant paper led us through the housing area and then along storm drains where there were lots of bananas and fruit trees. We emerged through a fence along Jalan Muara and a van was waiting at the bus stop to ferry us across to ‘BSC’ on the opposite side of Jln Muara.We followed paper along the storm drain and continued along the simpang. Soon first check was called and people went in different directions checking. It was a back check and Jeani soon found the on paper. 

We went down a short simpang and continued along more storm drain to emerge back on spg 370 to find us on familiar hash site but the jungle was no longer there. As we turned a corner, second check was called which was found again by Jeani. By then the front runners had already caught up and we proceeded back along more storm drains.
Just when we thought we are nearly back at the pick up point, the paper veered off left from the storm drain which took us into the jungle, crossed streams and slidded down steep banks and walk along the river to emerge out of the jungle. We were reliefed see the van waiting to ferry us back to the other side of Jln Muara as it was getting dark.

What a run! I must say it is an unusual and interesting run. 

We then trek all the way back to the on site where burgers awaited us by the poolside.
At the shout up Kim received her 50th run award followed by some announcements.
 On ! On!

NEXT RUN: Spg 420 Jalan Muara, Kg Sg Tilong -Bring a chair.
Hares: Trailblazer/Tina K

Saturday, December 15, 2012


RUN NO. 2312
DATE: 11DEC 2012

In the absence of the two very sick and poorly hares for next week, us JMs took it upon ourselves to write this week's short and sweet run report. This time of the year, the group of hens gets smaller and smaller each week, tonight there was only 30 of us taking on the jungle that is still Lucky Gardens.
The run was a lovely, short run with two checks. An good decision to make it slightly shorter this time of the year when the night falls earlier and earlier, and with the amounts of rain we have been having recently.

We had two first time guests tonight, CJ from Philippines and Ika from Indonesia.
We also had two canine friends, Spot and Jessie, up the front who apparently helped in finding both checks, sniffing out the right route without hesitation!
Kiwi girl Shantal ran her last hash, as she is leaving Brunei for a totally different experience next week - she's moving to SWEDEN! :) Good Luck there, keep warm!

The on-on followed, and that too was short and sweet! The "50 years of hashing"-celebrations were mentioned and more information has followed in an email to all H3 hashers. Apart from that there was no more announcements so we proceeded straight on to the yummy food! Mmmm, springrolls, filled pasty packages and a selection of German Christmas goodies for dessert. Lovely!

The hareline is looking fantastic at the moment, currently the next available run is not until the 26th of February! So quick, quick, get your name done if you have a specific date in mind! Don't wait!

IKEA & Ryvita

Monday, December 10, 2012

RUN NO. 2311 DIPLO 4 DEC 2012

RUN NO. 2311
SITE: DIPLO - Psycho's Garter Run
HARES: Psycho/Squeak/Erin

The hares Erin/Psycho/Squeak

First time guest

Beautiful sunset over Diplo

Tonight we were celebrating Psycho’s hen night, so we have her, Squeak & Erin to thank for laying such a pretty run through the jungle, with appropriate paper brides  dotted around the trail for the hens to find and claim a prize later.  Only two were not found – maybe I should go back and look for them and claim a prize next week!!!

Diplo… is a long time since I have hashed at Diplo and although it is the only venue I have once been lost in, and on another  occasion, caught in a tremendous thunderstorm with the sound of trees falling around me and light quickly fading,  I remember feeling at the time, a little afraid.    However, I still think this is my favorite place to hash… hopefully it will remain untouched for years to come.   Diplo jungle has a bit of everything – pretty winding trails, a few not too challenging hills to climb, small streams with wide logs to balance your way across or, for those not so brave to wade through the lovely cool water.    So… 5.15 with the sound of the horn and a shout of on on , we were off running across the field into the familiar jungle trails.    There were a couple of not too difficult checks found quickly by one of the young, sporty front runners  - ‘On paper ‘was heard  on a couple of occasions and off we all went again, following the paper round the bends and up the hills until bright sunlight ahead indicated that we were on our way out, back to the tent, sign out and a welcome beer.   After a short chit chat, and a few photos taken especially of the hares all dressed beautifully as brides, we were called to order by our  G.M’s

Judy "Survivor" signing in before the "Meragang Beach" run. Photo with Glamour & Tima K.

A ‘down down’ was given to the hares, a first time hasher, and a new member who were actually sisters, and welcomed with a ‘down down’  and in the absence of ‘dizzy “ welcome, welcome welcome” December birthdays were given a beer (that was Clare and I), prizes awarded for the paper brides found in the jungle – a prize also given to Nicky for the best dressed bridesmaid – we had some entertainment from ‘hash wit’ with wedding jokes guaranteed to make any new bride think twice before taking the plunge!!! ("Survivor" on her visit to the Abode was given her belated leaving certificate showing 437 runs when she departed for Penang last 19 July 2011- ed) and then it was time for some well earned nosh with pretty cup cakes to follow.   On on & looking forward to next weeks hash ..Domestic Goddess

The bride
NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens, Spg 542-48 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Hanching
HARES: Peahen/Eastern Promise/Jeanni

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

RUN NO. 2310 KOTA BATU 27NOV2012

RUN NO. 2310
DATE: 27 NOV 2012

The weather leading up to the run on Tuesday had been fairly wet, which promised a slippery run ahead.  To add to the excitement factor weather warnings had been coming throughout the afternoon of heavy showers on the way with the possibility of flash floods.  Luckily as the front horn signaled the start of the run the sun was still shining and we all set off down the road to find the trail into the jungle. 
As the paper trail led off the road we began to climb… and climb… and climb!  The trail led up a rather steep incline that delivered on the promise of slippery.  Back Horn slipped a few times, landing on the horn and signaling to the hashers following the way to go.  Handy.
When we finally reached the top of the hill it was to the call of first check.  This was swiftly found “on back” and we all set off again, only to find that it was now time to head down, down, down the hill.  For some of us this proved even trickier than climbing up.  Once again there were some very slippery parts, and at one stage I even tried to create my own slippery mud slide. 
At the bottom of the hill we reached the road.  The sky was looking pretty ominous and a few raindrops were starting to fall.  Some of the front runners had turned right to head off to find the rest of the trail, but we, the back bunch, decided to turn left and head back to the on-on site.  We arrived in plenty of time to avoid the heavy rain, but the front runners were not so lucky, four of whom didn’t make it back until after it had started raining cats and dogs. 
During the on-on a farewell was made to GPS (Briony) as she is leaving us to return to Australia for new adventures – don’t get too lost out there GPS!  We all wish her the best of luck and hope that she will be back for a visit at some stage.
A plea was also made by Hash softies and water who needs some help as they will be away for the xmas holidays.  If you are going to be around and are able to help out with this please let them know or get in touch with the JM’s/GM’s.
A range of beautiful handmade cards were on sale at the on-on for $2 each to raise money for the occupational therapist in RIPAS.  These will also be on sale at the next run so bring along some money.
Hash Wit handed out the electiric tariff sheets, and then it was time for dinner, pasta and homemade bread provided by the wonderful Hares.
Next week’s run is at Diplo.  With the weather we have been having lately be prepared for some very slippery terrain.  Make sure you are wearing shoes with good grip (unlike me last week!) and also be prepared to get a little bit wet  J  The run is a Hens Party celebration so don’t forget your bridesmaid outfits!
On on,
Erin, Squeak and Psycho.