Sunday, March 28, 2010

RUN NO. 2170 - BUKIT MENTERI - 23 MAR 10

The hares Peahen & Bini Hutan
Hashit taken by Madmarg in style, given by bini Hutan

Run No. 2170
Site: Bukit Menteri, Jln Kota Batu
Hares: Bini Hutan & Peahen
Front Horn: Tango
Back Horn: Mad Marg
Hens: 28 Chicks: 0

Do you know how you think – hey its school holidays and I’m so going to be on time – NOT – It was a frantic tear down Kota Batu but I finally made it to the site with 30seconds to spare!! Yay!! Oh no – my fellow JM still coming behind me and carrying the horns (note to self – keep spare horn in my car). Finally we were under way at 5.15 and 46 seconds (I’M SURE) with Tango as front horn leading the way. Not a large pack of us with the holidays but a good number still.

And in true Kota Batu fashion it was on up!! Then on up!! I was trailing at the back behind Mrs. Merlot and Bella and on my first up I decided the ground looked lovely and I needed to kiss it!! So I did!! In true hash fashion I did a 180-degree front flip to land perfectly executed on my front. Ow. War wounds to show the hubby. Never mind, up and off again we go after a few chuckles. And up and up. Then down and down. And going down means one thing – up and up. My about the 4th up I was dying. Thankfully there were ropes on the ups to help aid us. But once you got to the top – wow - the views from the tops were amazing. Before our final descent home we got to see where a lot of our water comes from and it was truly lovely. I believe there were no checks and we were all pretty much it out within an hour or so.

Thank you ladies for a lovely hash although my bottom and legs the next day said differently!!

Then back down Kota Batu to the On On and WOW – what a great ON ON site. We had a smaller number again at the On On. Sigi provided us with a wonderful shout up area overlooking the river. A nice shout up was had and Mad Marg got the hashit for her phone going off during the shout up – in saying that, I think the JM’s had a very lucky escape for their tardy arrival to the run. Mad Marg was taken downstairs and put in the pool for her wash down!!

After the shout up Hare 2010 t-shirts were available and all had a lovely vegetarian curry and roti.

Thank you to the hares for the great run, wonderful food and hospitality.

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens
HARES: Alison/Sue & Cheryl

Saturday, March 20, 2010

RUN NO. 2169 16MAR - SPG 791 JLN MUARA

DATE: 16 MAR 2010

Tears in our eyes when we received the message from the Hares last week, that this would be our last run at the Morley Movers Area, since the Excavators already standing in position for going ahead to flatten down the lovely small hills, valleys and waterfalls, the water streams and the fantastic forest.


However, our disappointment was enormous when we arrived on site and got the information that they already started with the excavation and we were not any longer allowed to enter the jungle and their construction site.

The poor Hares had no other choice, but to find an alternative to it. The only solution was to walk on the road trough the houses of the Kampong. The walk through how the village without the badly missing trees was indeed slightly exhausting under the sunny and still hot Air.

Ryvita had the front horn, but for what? There were no checks placed. We only had to follow the paper on the road.

On this run we at least had the enjoyment to learn how the villagers are living and enjoying their leisure-time. On one place view boys were playing a sort of Beach-ball and they had certainly much fan with it. Other people were cutting lawn or watering their plants or just relaxing in the shadow under the drive-in.

After a little while I joined together with Patricia since Peahen unfortunately still were busy at work. We were astonished that few land lords have nicely extended their houses and several are really beautifully done.

It was a fantastic exercise for all the ladies who like to run very fast, we recognized it when we just reached the last third of the run, and these Ladies were passing us at their second time. For me personally, I enjoyed the run, no hills I had to climb, no valleys and water streams to be passed, nothing but easy going terrain.

However, the welcome from the Hares for us with a green mixed drink was a big surprise and a fantastic idea. Thanks Ladies. Besides that, lovely small prizes have been given away, one for the best Irish dance, which Eastern Promise was winning and another for fastest answering of question has been given away.

After some nice jokes were narrated we got invited to a delicious Irish stew which everyone enjoyed.

I do not like to forget to mention the originality of the Hares how they were dressed, I can’t wait to see the Fotos of Velma at the Internet.

Many thanks for the exciting evening.

NEXT RUN: Bukit Menteri, Jln Kota Batu
HARES: Bini Hutan & Peahen

Thursday, March 11, 2010

RUN NO. 2168 - SG HANCHING - 9 MAR 10

RUN NO. 2168
DATE: 16 MAR 2010
HARES: Madmarg/Hotlips/Glamour/Karin/Sarah

It was like the Wildwest minus the tumbleweeds as we gathered in the swirling dust that hot afternoon. Unusually the hens were all ready and eager to go but we had to wait for the sound of the horn. Then we were off!

Straight in and up and there were quite a few ‘ups’ that afternoon!

We were all hashing very merrily when we came to the first check. It was all very confusing – some Hashers were still checking while others were pointing to what appeared to be the on paper – but we were all convinced that it was the out trail and we had missed something out! Meanwhile other Hashers took it upon themselves apparently not having seen the check or understanding the problem to go back and do their own thing. I called one of the Hares for clarification and Houston there was a problem. We went back and got on paper with the others – except for Auntie Lynn as no-one was sure where she went in the confusion!

The trails were pretty if a little dry – when are we going to have rain …… when are Trailblazer and Readymix laying their next run……!

Then we had check number 2 – which went as well as the first! It was like the Bermuda Triangle – Hashers went checking never to return! Then someone shouted on paper and we all duly followed only to find out it was the actual check and the paper we were already on!! Ha – we Hashers like a laugh! So we decided with so many Hashers missing to stick together and go out a trail that Cheryl was confident would lead us to the on paper we found at first check and lead us out – which it did! Then more good news as all the missing Hashers were at the site! Phew!

We all went very excitedly to the shout up at Glamour’s House – it was a big occasion as Glamour our Founding Member was celebrating her 1000th run – that’s 20 years of Hashing in Brunei – how fantastic!

We duly thanked the Hares for the run - especially Karin and Sarah our virgin hares who had stepped in at the last minute – well done ladies! We welcomed a First Time Guest who was a friend of Miss Pink. Then we got on with celebrating Glamour’s
1000th Run. As Hash royalty Glamour got to wear my ceremonial cape and a crown and sat on a throne to receive her gifts. She was given a golden chook and a Bling- Bling walking stick but best of all gold sparkly Hash shoes – I am so envious!!
Then it was time for Hash Shit which Auntie Lynn wanted to give to us all for leaving her at first check – but it went to Velma for signing in and out at the same time. It was very well taken because as you all know Auntie Lynn is quite good at throwing!!

Glamour had prepared a delicious feast for us and we had cake to follow – all this and a celebration drink! Fantastic! Thank you Hares and congratulations to you Glamour!

SPG 791 JLN MUARA, TANAH JAMBU (Morley Movers)
celebrating ST PATRICKS DAY ---- Green, green, green and clover.....

Monday, March 08, 2010

RUN NO. 2167 - 2 MAR 2010 (SPG 378 subok)

A rush for the G&T
JM Diva with a partner for the "hashit" chook
Madmarg scrambling over one of the fallen trees

Hares: Squeak, Rambling Rose & Jane

RUN NO. 2167
DATE: 2 MAR 2010
HARES: Rambling Rose, Jane & Squeak
FRONT HORN: Satu Lagi BACK HORN: Trailblazer

A nice evening awaited and it was a decent turn out from our hashers. The hill up to the site was a good work out/warm up before we even started! Subok is well reknown for its beauty and of course its hills. No surprizes therefore expected there and the hares were very accurate with their timing in the words. There are still some good sites left thank goodness! Lots of beautiful jungle on this run and the trails were well laid. Lots of calling and communication too! No hitches or glitches and it was enjoyed by all. A good work out up ‘them there’ hills but it was worth it. The first check was found by Anna and the second by hot lips & Madmargz.
Everyone got safely back to base and settled with refreshments and after the shout up we were all treated to lovely curry puffs. Thankyou girls.

This week we are so lucky to be celebrating Glamours 1000th run with her. She is definitely ‘a true hasher’. She started hashing in Kuala Belait in 1966 and was about 34 yrs old. She actually started on run #2 on the ladies hash and was an ardent front runner. She stopped hashing after 15 years due to a knee problem but was asked to re join a few years later after she moved to Bandar. The ladies hash was usually held on a Monday and as her shop was then always closed on a Tues she asked if the run could be changed to a Tuesday. So it was and has always been so ever since. Glamour has seen so many changes – and hashes, and is an inspiration to us all.

NEXT RUN: Sg Hanching Baru - GLAMOUR'S 1000TH celebration run
HARES: Madmarg/Hot Lips & Glamour
ON ON AT GLAMOURS - Spg 347 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong