Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Guest Kathrine
Glamour enjoying the walk with Duchess behind
Peahen signing out
Crossing a bamboo bridge
Hares: Diva/Catherine/Pickled Lilli

RUN NO. 2183
DATE: 22 JUN 2010
SITE: Lucky Gardens
HARES: Diva/Pickled Lilli/Catherine
FRONT HORN: Magic Roundabout BACK HORN: Fiona

Cor Blimey! the last time we gathered here was 30th March! but a lot longer than that for me as I can't remember the last time I was here!

We gathered together in a huge shed affectionately known as George's shed - a fire was lit to keep away the mossies and there were some huge fans blowing as well so a great place to have a shout up. The bar was set up and the golden dog was sitting on the bar guarding the liquid refreshment when we took off at 5-15pm with a toot from Magic Roundabout. We ran off up the road and up a BIG hill to start with!! After the last 2 weeks' runs of gentle flat runs, this was a huge shock and certainly got the heart pumping!

Up we went, followed by a very friendly dog who kept trying to trip us up as he was so excited to be with so many gorgeous female hashers. The paths were lined with fallen leaves making it soft and smooth and we crossed a few small bridges, went uphill and down dale and uphill and down dale and uphill and down dale!! I remember passing by a lovely lake and seeing daylight at the top of one of those uphills!!!

There was very little muddiness this time so our feet were lovely and dry at the end of the run.
Checks were found by Gina first and then Vanessa found the second one and Pee Wee found the third check - a sneaky one up a side path back up the hill!!. We were greeted with delicious rocket fuel drinks on signing out. The committee handed out Mid year run tee shirts in black and pink with members' hash number on the sleeve.

The shout up started soon after and 1 first time guest Katherine from Australia was introduced by Ryvita. Special thanks to Psycho and Satu Lagi for organising the tee shirts and the Sawadee Restaurant for doing the catering, and also to Cheryl and Alison for helping with the reccies and the run tonight. There was hash entertainment from Speedo - jokes about an old folks home and about the Irish winner of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Psycho told a joke about vibrators!!!!.
Announcements were made about the Kids' Hash at Tungku Beach this Sunday, the Hetro Hash is at Mata- Mata and the "Threesome"(set by KB, Tutong and Happy Chapters) Hash is on at Telesai Satellite this Saturday.
Velma has copies of book called "Catology" for sale at $10BND - if you are a cat lover, this is a very funny book of collected stories about cats!. All the money will be donated to raise funds for the Animal Shelter.

Anna is having a coffee soiree at her house in Simpang 770 this Friday from 10am to 7pm.

Psycho has a virgin and horny cat on heat - I am not sure if she is looking for female friends for him or she just wanted us to know about her male cat which she reckons belongs to her Mum!!!.

A friendly reminder was given in regards to picking up your own rubbish when you leave and stacking away your chairs, etc. Please don't leave it to the stayers to tidy up after you - it only takes a few seconds to put your cans and bottles into the right bags for recycling and your rubbish into the rubbish bags provided.

Speedo and Sarong (in absentia) were given a cheer for their great efforts in running 5kms in the road race held last Sunday for World Olympic Day at the National Stadium - Speedo ran in 31 minutes and Sarong ran 39 minutes so it was a great effort in the heat!!!.

The call for Hashit was given to Cho for not signing out. Auntie Lynn was so happy to be rid of it!!!. Thanks to the Committee for organising the delicious Thai food also.

A great night - the rain finally came down in great torrents just as we all decided it was time to head off!! so umbrellas and empty buckets were used as raincoats to get back to our cars!!. All that spectacular thunder and lightning but oh so scary to drive in!!!.

Next Run: Mata Mata
Hares: Satu Lagi/Virginie/Patricia


RUN NO.2182
DATE: 15 JUN 2010
HARES: Ryvita/Melissa

How nice it was to have a hash run close to where us muara lepers live.. we usually are the ones who have to traipse half way round Brunei, to get to the next hash.. but today.. it was at our end of the universe.. Hurrah..

The last hash I did here was about 18months ago.. I remembered it well.. as we were searching for the first check for what seemed like hours!!

Anyway.. todays run wasnt like that at all...

We set off up the lane, following a well laid trail of paper... and soon wended our way into the deepest darkest jungle of Muara...

I was fortunate to hear the Checking call so continued down the lane and not into the jungle.. following what I presumed could be the out trail... (funnily enough.. the hares said they saw me and had to lay flat so as not to be seen...) believe me.. I didnt see them!

I heard the ON paper call and headed back to the brooding pack.. (not sure who found what.. sorry)

From here on in we were IN the jungle..

Slippery slithery wet and prickly jungle... NOT my favourite place to be, especially as it had started to rain now.. and seemed to be getting dark.. (Im still Traumatized by the stormy wet diplo hash on margs birthday last year!!!!!!!!)

It became rather boggy and very smelly.. and at this point I was overtaken by two of cath burnetts dogs who decided they were far batter at finding the way through... (and they were)

….. so I decided, there and then... that.. I was going to be a complete wimp and turn back..

I dont like to admit that I turned back.. as I know how much effort is put into laying each and every hash.. and I always kind of feel disloyal... BUT.. im afraid I did wimp out after first check this time...

I walked back though the jungle with Sarah and old lady reflux (Nicole).... we had a good old chat and discussed the merits of us not yomping through the jungle with the others, as the weather was starting to get worse... self preservation won the day today!

I heard the trail took the other (Braver far more hashworthy ladies) over to kapok kanan and then looped back..

The first runner in was the lovely Claire, who was rewarded with a huge round of applause, as the rain was now pelting down... Satu lagi came in next... and somehow I dont think she was impressed with the rain... Nil Point!

The rest of the flock came in in dribs and drabs.. but all were back at the roost safely.

The Down Downs commenced...There was a new member (Please forgive me as I didnt catch her name but shes been here 10 years and teaches at JIS!) there were no special awards and Auntie Lynn got the Hashshit cos A;she could B;it was suggested shes tossed off twice at panaga.and won!. C; there was NO one else! Well taken Auntie Lynn...

Thanks to the hares for the food too...

On On … Pickled lilli (on bahalf of the Committeeeeeeeeeee) (and my last write up b4 I leave!)

Next Run: Lucky Gardens
Hares: Mismanagement

Friday, June 11, 2010


Hares: Dizzy/Mrs Merlot/Rachel/Bella

Poster adorning the wall at on on

Returning Hasher "Trips" enroute to WIH Kuching

Guests being introduced by JM Diva

RUN NO. 2181
DATE: 8 JUN 2010
HARES: Mrs Merlot/Bella/Rachel/Dizzy

I arrived at the site feeling really tired, thinking this is going to be very hard work!

Tango on the other had was very enthusiastic, she took the front horn and off we went, 5.15 on the dot! Up the hill, up up and UP and onwards.

We arrived at first check and Tango was convinced it was straight on, through the swampy water. I didn't want to get wet.........
instead I decided to go checking up the hill - bad move and definitely the wrong one as I reach the top of the hill I hear Call girl call "On Paper". Oh well, down I go and join Tango as we head off to the next check.

After too much chatting we decide to start running a bit and I stumble onto second check quite quickly. So far the run has been lovely. Familiar routes and we are all enjoying the jungle and it's ups and downs.

New girl Gina and Magic Roundabout are setting a good pace and we follow pursuit.

Magic Roundabout finds third check and at this point I don't feel that tired anymore. I have got new energy and race off towards the calls.
We are almost "home" and arrive at this open area, surely no more checks?
Lots off us arrive and we are all looking and checking, then I spot Alice in Wonderland far far up a hill. Forth check is found and Gina and I run back to sign out!

Lovely run, everyone's out and no ones lost!

We arrive at Rachel's house greeted by 4 Queens!!!
Lovely red satin outfits with glittery tiara's, they looked very Royal, indeed!
It's the Queens birthday and we are served "Special tea" and lots of Regal , lovely food! Very Yummy!!!
Through out the shout up the Royal's sat in the back on their thrones, taking it all in, like the Royals do.

We had guests Jan and Dhany from NZ and the US and also Erin a returning hasher who's passing through on her travels.
The Queens were handing out Special awards and medals to hashers that had contributed in various ways, all very special and entertaining for all of us.
Lastly the Hash Shit went to Possum and Satu Lagi and they returned it nicely by throwing the water back at us all!!

Thank you ladies for such a GRAND EFFORT and use of Rachel's house!

On on - Ryvita

NEXT RUN: Jln Sri Pimping, Muara (Wear longs as it could be prickly as a bit thorny)
HARES: Ryvita/Melissa

RUN NO. 2180 - 1 JUN 10 - DST

Hashit taken by Christine for not signing in!
Hens Readymix & Trailblazer

RUN NO. 2180
DATE: 1 JUN 2010
HARES: Trailblazer/Readymix/Sarong/Survivor

First day back doing school runs after a weeks break and boy, after moody kids we were happy to see 430pm. Miracles do happen and we were early for the first time in weeks. We were even on site to hear the horn and had forgotten what it sounded like....."toot-toot-toot-toot!!" Lets go! We started running, yes we did, Ms Merlot, Vanessa and Bella (yes even Bella was running) through an open drained area and out to the path on the right. Satu Lagi found an early first check (she was going to have a 'smashing' night) and it was on ahead, up the hill and across a couple creeks, with unstable poles to hang onto-think we all made pretty ballerinas. We thought we were close to the front runners, but it was Claire and Satu Lagi who found the checks to get us out. Hares thought they laid 4 but front runners thought they found 5. We went in and out of the jungle then out onto the road around a huge reservoir (thought we were in Scotland for a minute and saw the Loch Ness monster...) and then back into the jungle....we knew we were on our way back. We came across Speedo and her friend daydreaming, doing a circuit and missing the 'out' completely.

It was a good run, some hashers forgot their shoes and ran in crocs, so luckily we didn't get too wet. We signed out, found out Fertile Myrtle had delivered baby number 4, that Survivor had a baby; that is her daughter had a baby and the shout up was under way. Two guests a Kiwi (Elaine) and a Brit (Shantal), and couple of funny jokes from Miss Pink and Speedo. We wished a speedy recovery to Alison, her hubby and niece after a horrible boating accident, and showered Christine with water and noisy chickens for not signing in! Thanks to the hares for a yummy dinner, AND CONGRATS TO TRAILBLAZER AND READYMIX ON THEIR 400TH RUN, but the night was still young and full of drama. Not only did Satu Lagi lose her mobile phone in the big blue 'Ice Bucket', she was heard from Kuala Belait, 'going off' at her driver for crashing into PeeWee's little Swifty!!!! How much room does a driver need to turn the car??? Apparently more than DST has to offer....maybe we could have our shout ups on the runway, ask for clearance for a few hours so Satu Lagi's driver has plenty of room and no obstacles to smash into....That's one for the suggestion box.

Enjoy ladies, thank you for your kindness. On On!!!
Ms Merlot and Bella

HARES: Mrs Merlot/Bella/Rachel