Saturday, December 28, 2013

RUN NO. 2366 SPG 420 JLN MUARA 24 DEC 2013

RUN NO. 2366
DATE: 24 DEC 2013
HARES: Trailblazer/Tina

Twas the afternoon before Christmas and all through Brunei

Some hashers were stirring, getting ready to try.

The trail had been laid through the simpangs with care,

In hopes that the checks would stump the hashers there.

Tina and Trailblazer were nestled all snug in their lair,

Ready to duck down should some hashers appear.

With visions of Christmas dinner dancing in their heads,

They were hoping that the hens wouldn’t stay in their beds.


When out in Tina’s compound there arouse such a clatter,

The neighbours peered over to see what was the matter.

Away to the windows they flew in a flash,

Peeped through the curtains or edged up the sash.

The sun shone on the compound ready to show,

Gave the lustre of mid day to the objects below.

When what to their wondering eyes should appear,

But hens congregating at the site, 5.15, be there!


When a little hasher came carrying in the JM’s bin,

I knew in that moment it must have been Madam Sin!

More rapid than eagles, the hashers they came,

As she whistled, then shouted and called them by name.


Now Zur! Now Maisayo! Now Alice in Wonderland!

On Readymix! On Hash hound! On Jenny on the Block!

To the sound of the horn! To the noise of us all,

Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!

The hashers they started, but were ready to stop,

Whenever someone called out for a photo op.

Along the trail, the hashers they flew,

With backpacks full of water, and camera’s too!


And then in a twinkling, I heard from quite near,

More chattering and talking as the hares did appear.

As they had a quick drink and were wandering around,

Down the simpang the hens, they came with a bound.

The run it was over, but do not despair,

Much fun and laughter was to be had there.

There was food to be eaten and jokes to share,

Plus presents chosen and wrapped up with care.

The heavens they opened and down the rain fell,

But the hashers weren’t deterred and soon all was well.

At the end of the night it was time for all to go,

Some left quite fast, and some left quite slow.

But as they left I heard them exclaim,

As they shouted greetings to each other by name,

And then just before they drove out of sight,

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Monday, December 23, 2013

RUN N. 2365 DIPLO 17 DEC 2013

RUN NO. 2365
DATE: 17 DEC 2013

The tent from Friday's H4 run was still in place and those hens that were present hoped it would not rain as did not want a repeat of sitting with feet  in six inches of water. Thankfully the rain stayed off.

There we only a handful of hens - around 20 as most were still on holiday. We started off away from the usual in down towards the highway across some watery paths - luckily the hens were not put off and carried on. Checking was called at the bottom by the stream and Glamour was spotted towards the right. Trailblazer had a hunch and carried on left. Onon was soon called up the usual track...with orange paper connecting the on.

A steep rambling scramble proceeded till we got on to good running trails. We got to a stream where 2nd check was called. Trailblazer thought it was ahead but as the others had not arrived decided to explore along the stream to the right. Got a bit carried away and could not hear the horn or on called. It was a while before I found paper and carried on out.

Familiar out trail and Bills Ridge soon reached but found Glamour and two new hens going the wrong direction. They were soon on their way out after a few photos taken by Alice in Wonderland - note for Jenni from the block - I was not hallucinating! Alice in Wonderland was at the out trail!

Great run followed by the usual healthy vegetarian chilli with salad, two types of rice followed by yummy cake. Thank you hares n friends. After shout up conducted by GM Squeak as both JMs still away, half the hens went home while the others chatted under the stars saying good bye to Vanessa as her family will be leaving for a new adventure in their home country- all the best!

Onon Trailblazer

Next week's run Spg 420 JLN MUARA. Kg Sg Tilong. Pls park sensibly as narrow access.
SECRET SANTA will be visiting - Please bring a wrapped gift of no less than $10 for the SACK.

Monday, December 16, 2013

RUN NO. 2364 KOTA BATU 10DEC2013

RUN NO. 2364
DATE: 10 DEC 2013

December is always the month where the committee is in shambles and the hens are going away on holiday. Those staying in weird weather Brunei helps out where its needed. And I always find myself doing a few other hash jobs. That’s December for you. For the newbies, this happens every year. Well almost.

The run was set by PeaHen and Dizzy which starts at Dizzy’s house. Melissa is back to visit!!!! A trickling of hens as the time progresses on. I was sorting out the hash beer, the hash flash and the little charity box for Nikkis village. So I didn’t do the run. However, I got a nice update from Jessie that the hill went on and on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnnn. But everytime she looks back and beyond, the view just gets better and more breath taking. 

All hens were out on time and Ika kindly offered traditional Indonesian kueh. Pims were offered around. It was a very short shout up. We thanked the hares for the run and the food. We welcomed back Melissa. There were no first timers and no hash shit too. It turned into a relaxing evening with hens enjoying the (before it started pissing down later in the evening) breeze and sharing stories with friends.

Are we to expect less hens as it gets closer to Christmas and new years??


Tuesday, December 10, 2013


RUN NO. 2363
HARES: Pee Wee/Madam Sin/Nancy

The Rapier Range out along the coast road, past Jerudong Park, is not a run we do very often. By coincidence it is where I laid my virgin run 9 years ago with the help of Karen Hedderman, who many of you will remember as Legolass.
One or two people took a wrong turn before finding the site, but the effort was well worth it.  It was a calm and clear evening for a run/walk in the jungle.  We went in to the right, up a hill and then had an open walk through scrub before reaching first check, which then led us into the jungle. A few ups and downs before reaching second check, at which point I heard back horn call for us to stop and turn around. It was 5.45 and starting to get dark, and the hares had phoned to say they were not yet out. On the reverse, there was plenty of light as we retraced our steps through the jungle, and as the sun set we left the trees behind us, and the open landscape gave us more light.
I believe that the Tutong Hash were at The Rapier Range the night before us, and this may be the reason why three Hashers were left in the jungle, going around in circles. One of these was our visiting hasher who had flown in from Kuala Lumpur. I hope she has not been put off joining us another time.  Pee Wee and Satu Lagi with the assistance of Psycho and Alice in Wonderland went to the rescue and no harm was done. 
As the food was going cold it was decided that the masses should eat before the appearance of the lost three.  We then had the shout up on their return. Numbers were down as many people have already left
for the holidays.
Thanks go to the Hares for a yummy curry, front and back horn, and well done to Nancy on laying her first hash.
NEXT RUN: Kota Batu ---- pls bring a chair.
HARES: Dizzy/Pea Hen

Monday, December 02, 2013


RUN NO. 2362
DATE:26 NOV 2013
Mrs Pingu first one home

Virgin Front and back horns

Terrible traffic along Jalan Kota Batu AND Jalan Muara meant quite a few hashers arrived just in time, for the much debated front horn to sound! We appeared to be a bit thin on the ground - not of runners, but of experienced hashers who actually know what to do with the horn once they have it…..Kirsten gallantly offered and I offered to take her as a trainee. It’s not a difficult job, but you do need to get the hang of it. A couple of the main points are to keep calling ‘checking from here’ whilst stood on the checks, and not to pip the horn or call on paper until you actually are on the new paper. By all means shout ‘on back’ or ‘on ahead’, but the sacred horn shouldn’t be sounded until you spy the hallowed paper. Other than that, fairly straightforward really! 

 We headed off down the track, and the paper took us into the right, not long after we came upon first check. The on was back, found by the stalwart Trailblazer! Back onto the main trail we had run in on. we ended up heading right again, down a clear trail this time, down and back up and right again, to another check, found AGAIN by the ever clever Trailblazer! The on paper was down a gentle incline to a trail under canopy. A bit muddy and thorny, as Pimping is, we wound or way through the jungle - pausing for a moment where our JM broke her shoulder last year, to contemplate how not to repeat this feat! Third check took us across a swamp - beautiful, thank you dear hares ;-D This one stumped us, we checked all over, for quite a while, until Mrs Pingu spied our cars and led us out back to the on site. 

 Huddled under the tent, due to rather inclement weather, our spangly new JMs very able conducted their first shout-up. WELL DONE LADIES! We’re in for a good year I can tell. Last years JMs were the hares, Ikea was celebrating quite a lot of runs! As was demon check finder Trailblazer, and another hasher also had a celebration run (I’m not even going to attempt to spell her name). Our horns were thanked - Kirsten is now a fully fledged horn who can do this all by herself I have no doubt! We welcomed 2 new members, sisters if I recall correctly - welcome ladies, enjoy your time as part of the best group of women in Brunei. Our makan was wonderful - provided by the hares, Mrs Pingu’s laksa (see hash recipe book for details). As the first run under a new committee, this was more than commendable - WELL DONE LADIES yet again.
Flowers from hash to past JMs

This week’s run sees bit of change for H3, we’re treating you to the delights of Rapier Range! As you head down the coastal highway towards Tutong, at km86, or slightly before, make sure you’re in the right hand lane, go past the u-turn, and very quickly after that you turn right - there will be a sign in the central reservation, the road heads up a hill - just follow signs. We look forward to seeing you there, on on!   

NEXT RUN: RAPIER RANGE - COASTAL HIGHWAY --- bring lots of spray


RUN NO. 2361
DATE: 19 NOV 2013

What a way to finish off another great year of hashing last week!
What a fabulous night at the Circus!

A short and easy run for all to do, with some circus act challenges thrown in on the way - led us to Bamboo Gardens and tonights celebrations, under the Big Top! Thank you to Never Wrong for laying house to this years Founders Day.

All the hens had made a great effort on their costumes, and we had wild animals, numerous clowns, bearded ladies, fireflies, strong men, fortune tellers and many other fantastic circus characters present!
Best Dressed - Rachel
A lovely evening with entertainment in the shape of a magician and some very talented fire jugglers - and not to forget the many awards that were handed out, to this years special hashers:
Most Hashits of the year: Dizzy
Most laid runs: Trailblazer:
Most Front Horn: Mrs Pingu
Most Back Horn: Never Wrong
Fastest feet: Speedy Gonzales & Hash Hound
Longest hash: Duchess of Cambridge & Le Anna
Most dedicated hasher: Psycho
Biggest member recruiter: The Recruiter
Best dressed: Satu Lagi, Rachel & Mew Sum
Trailblazer - Most runs laid.
The hashers all got to enjoy a carnival themed buffet and received a little goodie bag each in the shape of a personalised coolbag-chair, a personalised t-shirt (Thank you to Serene, for creating the print on this years t-shirts!), personalised hash socks, and a disc with a Hash E-book on it, with the best of the year that has gone by. (Thank you Miss Goody-Two Shoes and Psycho for compiling it!)
Personally Ryvita and I would like to thank the 2012-2013 Committee for a great teamwork this year - and to everybody who helped out to make this Founders Day a great night!
Thank you all again for all your hard work! Good luck and go hard to the new Committee and the new JMs, Hash Hound & Wonder Woman! 
Here's to another fantastic year of hashing, looking forward to much more fun in the jungle!

Monday, November 18, 2013


RUN NO. 2360
DATE: 12 NOV 2013
HARES: Squeak/Twinkle Toes/Duchess of Cambridge/Psycho

Lucky gardens start as always up the stairs, nice muddy slipping sliding...On-On...slip slide, slush...trip....head...On-On....shit check....checking from here!...ononononononPAPER!...trip...On-Up....head...On-On...waterfall, jump, splash....On-On...sweat go left I go right....checking from here....checking...onononononon PAPER! Yahoo.....trip...head...branches attacking...On-On....sweat sweat...pant pant....on fence....on left...oh shit I thought we were there, how much longer?....On-On...head...head....whoops slip slide, trip...On-On right....over the drain, on the road and into Hens House!
The hares...

Madam Sin hiding from the rain

Catching up with Suvivor

New member - Kirsten

New member - Louise

Black beauty in another disguise.

First time guests were drawn home due to their tired sponsor....however they had wished to join.
A welcome to our newest members from JIS....where is ISB Mrs Pingu?

Founders day coming up, don't forget short run, change into Circus like clothes and enjoy an other fabulous night in town!


Monday, November 11, 2013


RUN NO. 2359

We gathered at lower diplo ready to set off at 5.15, after a lovely day off due to the public holiday. Haven’t been to lower diplo for a while so it was a nice change (except for the amount of rubbish that people had dumped around the area – very disappointing ). However all was forgiven when none other than our dearly beloved Mad Marg turned up for a reunion hash – so nice to catch up with old friends! Just to make it even more special, Alison was selling off various Xmas fete yummies in time to be eaten and then re-purchased before Christmas.

The trail had an awesomely steep hill that seemed to be vertical in places! However the views at the top were worth the scramble. We found out later that the recee took 1 and a ½ hours with two kids (ages 6 and 7) so congratulations to them! The front horn was Mrs Pingu while the back horn was taken by Alice in Wonderland. The first check (in some slippery when wet places) was found by Dr Dolittle, while Ikea and Speedy Gonzales found the second. Sid was particularly pleased with her pace on the night (until she found out that everyone she caught up to was sick!) Sorry to burst that bubble!

The on on was really well attended (it’s usually much harder to get people to change locations after the run – lots of people head for home instead – but tonight everyone was in fine form). They must have heard rumours of previous fabulous spreads put on by our glorious Glamour (who, by the way, was celebrating her 1150th run and her 60th wedding anniversary!) Fantastic achievements! My favourite quote had to be, “As you get older, your price goes down” when Glamour was describing her gifts.

The on on started with first time guests; Lee from the loan service and Sarah who was here on a flying 10 day visit. We also welcomed two new hashers into the fold; A big ‘welcome, welcome, welcome’ to Alzbeta and Chihiro. (Don’t forget to study for the test!) Then it was time for the birthdays – Hotlips, Bunny Girl, Dr Dolittle, Sticky Rice and Trailblazer all managed to stand up in time but poor old Duchess of Cambridge was discombobulated by the excitement and noise and totally missed her chance to get a down down – at least she’s guaranteed to get one next week as she’s a hare!

Anyway, after that there were a lot of announcements – far too many to remember them all! Finally it was time for the hashit – Dizzy was pleased to get rid of it so quickly. Bunny Girl was the lucky recipient as she had a man on the hash (said man was happy to pose for photographic evidence of crime – leading this writer to believe he was quite happy to set her up!) Don’t worry Bunny Girl – you can get your own back at kid’s hash ;-)

Next comes the highlight of the night – another fabulous feast put on by Glamour – divine! Then there was time for hash shop sales (very profitable night – as long as everyone brings their money next week!), interesting conversations and a few liquid refreshments. Wonderful night – don’t forget to come next week to Lucky Gardens for another evening of fun and frolics in the Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures! on on

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens ---- Hash House ---- Bring a chair

Friday, November 01, 2013

RUN NO. 2358 DIPLO 29OCT13

RUN NO. 2358
DATE: 29 OCT 2013
SITE: DIPLO ---- Halloween
HARES: Psycho/Rachel T
SWEEPER: Mrs Pingu

It was twilight as the run start time was a bit later than usual at 6 p.m.  JM Ikea made sure we paired up and staggered the start, with a note that no running was allowed and to "walk slowly". With the realization that my co-hare for next week was nowhere in sight, decided that mental notes were required if we were to have a run report.

I paired up with a guest - Jessie and Duchess of Cambridge and Le-Anna. We went in  passed pretty  tea lights in the pipes around Diplo, complemented later when it got dark by fireflies galore. We were told the "out" would be by glow sticks rather than paper....

As we approached the jungle, amid witches in covens, screams and screeches were heard ahead as the scare team got into action.  Equipped with torches we had to keep an eye as to where you tread as we followed the stream with lots of roots to trip over and fallen trees to duck under.  Then it was up.....and up.....guess you had to get up to the ridge sometime if you are down by the river! Smurf had perfected her glug and many trees that you seem to hang on to assisting in the uphill accent gave you a feel of "yuk".....

We spied Psycho in a hidden huddle but her "blue" by her side gave her identity away - lol!
Smurf was playing with her favourite toy and getting all she could with her water gun.  Gave me a hair wash - she did notice as she said after "I think I got you!"

All out was confirmed by Mrs Pingu who was sweeper and the scare team gathered back at the tent and started preparing their ghoulish feast.  Poisoned refreshments appropriately labeled jam jars were served with the jars free to take home - good way of getting rid of what you don't need again. Food included: Caterpillar Sludge (yummy),  Mutilated Chicken, Roasted Flesh, Re-gurgitated dinner, and dessert of Blood cake, faceless jack-o-lanterns amidst great d├ęcor and Trailblazer dotted the table with Eyeball chocs, and gummy cats.

Pumpkin carving competition was well subscribed with Readymix winning the grand prize.  Thank you hares for the gifts which included life pumpkin plants and cute baskets. Best costume went to Le-Anna in her forgotten bride costume which got a few people guess who was under the veil/mask. Someone even thought it was Pee Wee which prompted remarks like "too skinny" for Pee Wee - not meant to be unkind!

Someone shouted Dizzy should get the hashit as she had arrived at hash looking for a guest whom she did not know the name of?? Psycho gave her a surprise dunking as she was in a hurry to get rid of the hashit she got last week. A new member was introduced - Sarah P.

A great evening enjoyed by a coven or more! Definition of coven by the free online dictionary - cov·en (k v n, k v n). n. An assembly of 13 witches.

Enjoy this weeks trail - pretty by the ponds, look down at the top to see where you have been! Definitely a Kodak moment.  A waterfall or two if it has been raining. Wear longs if you don't like bracken on your legs. Pretty pitcher plants to see on the way. Enjoy.


NEXT RUN: Lower Diplo - onon at Glamour's - celebration two birthdays and Glamour's 60th wedding anniversary
HARES: Trailblazer/Sticky Rice

Monday, October 28, 2013

RUN NO. 2357 DIPLO 22OCT2013

RUN NO. 2357
DATE: 22 OCT 2013

Friends catching up - Glamour & Duchess
Hotlips & Pee Wee

I didn’t quite do the run

Though I did go for a walk

And we were on some of the paper

And all the way we talked


Sid & Trailblazer found the on on paper

But everyone else decided to get lost for a bit

And then they found another check

And by then just kept on walking. Those gits.


There wasn't that many people

And the sky threatened to cry

Lots of homemade goodies to eat

Something buzzed past Erin’s eye


Shout out was quick

No guest or new member

Though it was great to give

Handles to 4 hashers


Moana have been good

Bringing guests from here and yonder

From now on she will be known



Karlene is well known

And it suits her new title

For her love of animals

We name her DR DOLITTLE!


Rozi is the cousin of Psycho

Is full of laughts and Oooos

But she hasn’t done anything much



Masayo is from Japan

Her English is good to get by

Raise your beers and shout the cheer

we all yell out KAMPAI!

Graceful Hashit takers Psycho & Satu Lagi

St Andrews run in on the fourteenth November

Serunai Singers is this Friday

Halloween Run is Next week

And kids hash is on Sunday

For Halloween Run is next week

It’s not at five , we will start late

The run will start unless it is raining

But even if it is, after the sun sets


Bring along your carved pumpkin

Some nice prizes to be won

And set it on the table

You may submit more than one


There are ghosties hiding in the jungle

Ten of them you must find

Don’t be greedy one is enough

To get you a goodie at the end of the line


Dress up totally scary

Dress up in your best

There will be a competition

Three prizes for best dressed


- The Scaries -


Ghosts & Goblins

Spooks Galore

Scary Witches at your door

Jack O Lanterns

Smiling bright

Wishing you a haunting night

NEXT RUN: DIPLO --- Halloween -- 6 p.m. start
HARES: Psycho & Rachel

Monday, October 21, 2013

RUN NO. 2356 DIPLO 15 OCT 2013

RUN NO. 2356
Must have for all reccees and when laying trail in case of a tree fall!

Hares Sid & Trailblazer

Over hills and over dales,
Over streams and along the trails,
The hashers kept hashing along.

The trail started off all nice and flat,
Obviously the hares thought "we can't have that!"

So up a hill we began to climb,
A hill that lasted a very long time!

So long in fact it began to get dark,
A thing that is not for the feint of heart.

We huffed and we puffed and curses rang out,
Occasionally we could hear the "on-on" shout.

The hares though still on the trail were found,
By Speedy Gonzales and the dashing Hash Hound.

The horns were blown with verve and dash,
As is always the case on the Ladies Hash.

There was only one check to slow us down,
By a clever & nifty hasher it was found.

Hashit was awarded to the largest number in a while,
Smurf, Possum, Trailblazer and Sid accepted in style.

Forgetting to sign out was Possums mistake,
Smurf introduced her guest a little late.
Return H4 hasher "After Hours" from Jakarta

New member: Paula from New Zealand

Trailblazer and Sid were made all nice and wet,
Hashit for "caught on the trail" is a sure bet!

There were a few hardy hashers who decided to stay,
Til 2am on account of the public holiday.

They enjoyed the flowing rivers of green and blue,
And assuredly told a tall hashing tale or two.

So another week down, another trail run,
We're keeping it at Diplo for this week's fun.

The K-9 unit have been out to search and find
Obstacles and adventures of all different kinds.

See you on Tuesday, bring a plate,
Run starts at 5.15pm, don't be late!

The K-9 unit; Twinkle Toes & Rolling Thunder, Squeak & Checkmate, Wonder Woman & Jess & Zulu.


Saturday, October 12, 2013


RUN NO. 2355

The out

Signing Out

Beautiful sunset over Brunei skies.

Unfortunately both hares were away and unable to attend the Breast Cancer run but thanks to our JM, we were able to gather your comments and provide feedback in the more traditional form of the word "report",

General comments state that there was a bit of confusion in the beginning concerning the beginning of the run. The hashit

Surprise guest????
was given for a misbehaving guest and hens were given nice bandanas
 by the hares, and random pink gifts sponsored by G.I. Jane.

Dinner was a "yummy" lamb rendang, chicken and veg.
First check was found by the Duchess of Cambridge


Friday, October 04, 2013


RUN NO. 2354
DATE: 1 OCT 2013

It has been a while since I last wrote Hash word. Inevitably because of laying next week run (Breast Cancer Run 8th October 2013) need to submit this on time.

I arrived 15 minutes earlier before 5.15p.m. (the start time) at Kapok to find there was no tent in sight. Very few hashers chatting away while waiting for more to turn up. Peewee took the front horn position but said she did not have wrist watch so will need to be alerted; I set my alarm at 5.15 and promptly when it buzz .. off we run or walk following for the first time using yellow paper s(instead of white). I thought color paper is for connecting ‘check’. Glamour and Duchess mistaken the color papers, they spent the earlier part of the hour going the wrong trail.

We all rather familiar with Kapok hill run; but hares had cleverly took us to different ‘In’ trail, put up a rather different style of first check which was found by ‘Sarah’ (hope I didn’t get the name wrong) over a zinc/wire fencing across drain on the right side of the trail. This again lead the whole pack (the late comers also managed to catch up in time) and we found that all of us back to the cemented stairs up, up, up to the usual trail of Kapok run. Caught up with ‘Back horn’ Erin, she and ‘Squek’ both decided to pair up to keep each other company (good choice).

It was indeed a long up climb and after passing ‘Gua Harimau – Tiger Cave’ sign I managed to snap a photo of our new Japanese Hasher – she looked enjoying her walk. We soon reached the summit of the trail at the hut spotted ‘Satu Lagi’ and two others were taking photos of the sea scenery while the rest of the front and fast runners who couldn’t bother to take a break had all proceed to run back to wagon site. Just as the name of run said Hashbar Run; the hares generously set the bar at the descending route where I too happily took two cups. The drink quickly kicked in my empty stomach and chemical reaction was fast enough to make me felt a little tipsy.

At the site, the tent finally arrived, quickly set up and the shout up was assembled; two first time guests were introduced and a new member (Mew Sum) was confirmed but she made uncalled mistake of drinking before down down was sang, oh..oh ‘Hash shit’ was given to her along with ‘Never Wrong’ who supposed to give her guest away did not promptly respond to the call.
Few announcements were made followed by a sumptuous meal catered by the hares. Masayo gave me her Japanese ‘Sake’ cocktail which again increased my spirit. I decided stay on a bit to chit chat with hash shitted ‘Mew Sum’ and her new Singaporean friend (1st time Guest) awaiting the sweet spirit stabilized in order to avoid newly implemented ‘Demerit System’ by Land Transport Department. Not forgetting to pick up signs for next week’s Breast Cancer Run. On on..

NEXT RUN: SALAMBIGAR WATERFALL - BREAST CANCER AWARENESS RUN - Bring a chair as onon at Wonder Woman's house ..

Monday, September 30, 2013

RUN NO. 2353 SPG 355 JLN TUNGKU - 24 SEP 2013

RUN NO. 2353
DATE: 24 SEP 2013
HARES: Satu Lagi/Pee Wee

Another glorious sunset in Brunei
“The dirtiest run I have ever set!” “The dirtiest run of the year!” “I’ve never done so much cutting!”

Who said that? None other than our illustrious hares of the week!

Facts: 2.46km; FROPs 40 minutes; Brackeny, scratchy, muddy up top, soggy below, slow track

Moanna went checking for the first time. And what a start for a virgin! She sniffed out TWO checks, not just one! Congratulations Moanna!

And what about everyone else?

“Ouch!” – Everyone! “Lots of tripping” – Lucky Hash Hound

“Hot!” Squeak

“Should have brought long socks!” “Didn’t have my pants on!”

“White socks are going in the bin!!” – Lesson learnt! (But they were her husbands – so that’s OK!)

“Filthy dirty and didn’t bring pants to change into!” – Twinkle Toes

“Why haven’t I got a little map? I’ve just got a square!” – Duchess of Cambridge.

“I got trapped in a root and had to sit down to cut myself out of it!” – Glamour

New member getting her H3 paraphenalia
Departing "Clover" catching up with returning Hasher "Bini Hutan" after a long summer in Europe
Hilary - Hashit for not briefing her guest well!
What about this weeks hares? Well we didn’t do the run as we were busy cooling down beverages for post run rehydration.

Tonights run – H3 Oktoberfest! Sort of!!!

A good workout/run for the kmph/step-counters who will work up a thirst for H2O or 100+

Or, for slower hens, a pleasant country walk/meander to a “country” pub!


Hashing, refreshes the parts, other exercise cannot reach!

NEXT RUN: Kapok Kanan
HARES: Madam Sin & Smurf

Monday, September 23, 2013

RUN NO. 2352 DST - 17 SEP 2013

RUN NO. 2352
DATE: 17 SEP 2013
FRONT HORN: Hillary    BACK HORN: Never Wrong

♫♬♪♫♫ ← that is the horn! 5.15 and off we went! I think Hilary was front horn, not a job to be sniffed at - and let’s face it, you get a rest from checking. We set off on a gentle jog down one of the best roads to nowhere in the country. It’s much improved from a couple of years ago, less holes and mud, but still quite a long trot. We ran past the cut in to the left, right to the end, where the paper took us right and eventually down to the first check. (Not so, as it turned out) Clever clogs that I am, I was convinced that the on paper would be down the hill and in to the right, as several runs have taken us that way, and I’ve laid a couple myself, bringing us out on the gas line and back to the tent. However, the hares laid the on paper cunningly to the left. This took us onto a gravel path and then into more jungly terrain. We’d all bunched together (a sign of a good check) by this point, and were all snaking around the track when 2nd check was called. Having an excellent week’s checking, I checked back - wrong again!!!!!!!! It was on ahead, and brought us out onto the out-trail, albeit it a rather long one. Swampy, wet, muddy, but not bad if you wanted to stretch your legs and have a bit of a run. We finally hopped over the barrier at the end and up the road back to the tent. A thoroughly pleasant hash, thank you Hares!

A bit of washing down and changing later, and we all gathered around for the shout up. Our JMs and our GM came up for their down down for the good run we had just done - and they provided us with some very tasty Thai makan - thank you again Hares. We had 5 new guests, the only one I could hear was the Scottish lady - good to tell she is a teacher ;-) 4 other lovely ladies with very quiet voices so I’m unable to tell you anything about them. We had 2 new members - hurrah! Nancy and Zoe, welcome to the ladies’ hash, you’ve just joined a very special group of ladies, you won’t find a more independent, strong, adventurous yet caring and supportive group of women anywhere.
New Members....
This week’s run is very different to last week’s. Wear long leggings/socks as my legs got a bit scratched on our recce. Some different jungle, with a couple of stunning views - take the time to look, it’s part of what hashing is all about! There are quite a few pitcher plants along the way too. Only one real hill, a bit of water - in fact a bit of everything really! It’s the first Satu Lagi / Pee Wee collaboration, so we hope you enjoy it, on on!

NEXT RUN: SPG 355 TUNGKU --- wear longs

Saturday, September 14, 2013

RUN NO. 2351SPG 492 JLN MUARA - 10 SEP2013

RUN NO. 2351
DATE: 10 SEP 2013

With the hard rain that we have had for many nights lately - it was a relief that tonight's run was dry. There was a good turn out of hens with several guests, making it a busy run. The quote of the day "The hills aren't so bad...once you've reached the top" from Rave really did sum up the run in many ways. The plural of hills was correct, with the checks leading us to go up and down them several times. First check was found twice, once on old paper and the second time on the right paper.  Well done Satu Lagi and Hash Hound, between them they found all three checks.

Once up the hills, there were great stretches of trails for the front runners to let off steam. The trail led us to Lucky Gardens and then back in the jungle for most, except the group that needed rescuing. The run was a good hour for front runners  (thank you very much!)  but the hares were kind enough to lay a shorter run, which meant that everyone was out in good time.

The second sign "don't park on the grass as it is soft" was left by the sign in sheets...oops you had to park before you could read the sign!- sorry! The shout up was a busy affair - with four first time guests and our celebration of the September birthdays - Happy birthday to Debbie, Doris, Hash Hound and Black Beauty. Also well done to Alison on her 1050 runs - wow. Everyone was being too good so no hash it this week, hurry up Dizzy - we really are waiting for you. Thank you ladies for the run and laksa and great job Rave as virgin hare.

Note on this weeks run. Yeh we are back at DST. Normal run with good trails and no hills, but be prepared to get muddy! take care to stay on fresh paper as kids hash was at this site on Sunday.


Monday, September 09, 2013


RUN NO. 2350
DATE: 3 SEP 2013
HARES: Black Beauty/Cheryl/Wonder Woman


Spice Girls? on site? with some fans

Goodies galore.....

More cupcakes


Last week’s run was laid by the ‘WISE’ women of our hash. Led by Mrs Pingu as the front horn (unsure on back horn), the ladies made their way around a lovely trail at Lucky Gardens. The first two checks were found by Ryvita and the third and final check was found by Pee Wee, all three being forward checks.

Big thanks to Hot Lips who was absent but generously allowed us to use her simpang for the On-On and thanks also go to the Brits who decorated the tent beautifully. To top it off, a delicious spread was set and everyone’s teacup was brimming with the yummy drinks on offer. A trivia quiz was given out all about the British Isles and prizes were awarded to some of the higher scoring teams. We all bunched together for a group photo before the rain began to fall and then shout up commenced. It was the usual announcements with one (I think) first time guest introduced to us all. Madame Sin had everyone laughing with her collection of one-liners from a selection of British comedians.

Although we didn’t do the run ourselves, due to a virus that’s been doing the rounds, we have been told that a great night was had by all.
NEXT RUN: SPG 492 JLN MUARA KG SG HANCHING ---- Bring a chair -------

Sunday, September 01, 2013

RUN NO. 2349 DIPLO 27 AUG 13

RUN NO. 2349
DATE: 27 AUG 2013
Hares Psycho & Rozi

Girls in pajamas with Jess.....
JM Ikea all enthusiastic at her first hash after the summer holidays.

Black Beauty being mysterious

Off  we went in Diplo on a fine, cool evening although breezeless, is that a word? The in went in where the kids Hash had come out on Sunday, making me think my  newly dried Hash shoes would soon be muddy again, correctamundo! A lovely sticky, muddy mushiness needed to be navigated before we offed into the jungle proper.

Fabby Diplo type hills and dips awaited us and our three pouches in tow as we clucked along fusing fitness, friendship and fondue recipes as we hashed.

The paper seemed to go randomly from white to yellow and back again but I'm sure there was a check there somewhere and it was a veritable confetti storm on the out trail, you couldn't have got lost on a dark night with a blindfold on and your Mother-in-law giving you child rearing advise in your ear if you tried.

Thanks Psycho and Rozie for the scrummy, fragrant curry, rice and little balls of asthmatic asphyxiation for afters, tasted good but lethal icing powder, need to register those a WMDs girls!
I won the pyjama competition in my green and white ice cream cone number......not. We had a first time guest and a new member but you better ask someone, who didn't eat from an aluminium cooking set for a year whilst travelling, their names as I have forgotten, sorry. Anyway Welcome, welcome welcome ladies.
New Member

Ok that's it. Enjoy the British Isles' run on on Sticky Rice.

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens -- Wise Run -- You might want to dress up for the onon at Hotlips!