Monday, September 26, 2016


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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


RUN NO. 2509
DATE:  20 SEP 2016

I wasn’t strictly there myself so I am relying on the goodwill and good information provided by the lovely Hash Hound and Ryvita! They tell me the air was cool and the jungle was fresh from the rain that had just fallen. There was lots of running trail to be had which kept our front runner girlies happy!
The lovely Hash Hound herself was front horn and I believe new member Chloe was back horn.
Ryvita herself was very busy finding 3 out of the 4 checks, with the winning combo of Yogi Beer and Lara finding the second.
There was a first time guest, Ally from the U.K. [hurray—ed.] whose husband worked for CFBT, and she was brought by the Duchess of Cambridge.
Lara became a new member after hanging out with us for a few months and
deciding to join the motley crew, and Foot Loose (previously known as Tongs (renamed Footloose)  I believe) is a returning member after her year in China—welcome, welcome, welcome (back!)
Twinkletoes got hash shit for not signing in and out of the jungle, gleefully given by Rachael T who then received a lovely wet hug afterwards…
Yogi Beer had a joke, both JMs injured, a reminder about Psycho’s distinguished gentleman ride for Prostate Cancer, plus 11 Oct is Macmillan charity night, bring cakes for the cake off. Cheryl singing 14-15 October in FreshCo, see her for tickets to her last ever Brunei performance :-( and finally good wishes go to Goodnight Kiwi who has chipped her shoulder bone and will be out of the running for a while.

This week’s run is at Mentiri Waterfalls. Not too long but potentially a bit slippy in places.
On on at Rachel F’s house - Park in the main simpang
Bring swimming things and a chair if you have one
On on
Gin Trap





RUN NO. 2508 SUBOK 309 13SEP16

RUN NO. 2508
DATE: 13 SEP 2016

JM Pee Wee in action without Smurf

A day of lateness for myself, and I have to blame it on the day itself being the first working day of the week.  Not that we are not thankful of a day off the previous day, but it does mess up the rest of the week. 
Got to site late... just as Pee Wee was trundling across the way with the refreshment esky from her pad.  Today’s run was from Psycho’s at the corner and so the entry up to the ridge was on the road rather than through some muddy patch, but I soon recognised the huge mansion complete with a dome that we used to walk by before getting to the fish pond.  Did anyone notice the solar lamps along the way to the top?
So, the climb starts, as I got to the pondok two locals enquired whether I was the last one, I replied yes, and they smiled and said to take my time, only another 20 minutes and you will be up the top, make sure you go right and not left or you will have a very long run!  I was glad to be at the top as a lovely breeze greeted me.  Quick admiration of the scenery and seems the trails are quite worn out since the last time I was there.
Took a few photos and was soon on my way again.  Kept going and being on my own thought of where checks could have been.  I was given to understand that Hash hound found first and third check with Peachi Keen find the 2nd. Subok is always a good workout and I was soon out in 54 minutes., seems a few who were also late was just a few minutes ahead of me.

It was an early shout up way before 7 p.m. and we welcomed two new members, Chloe and Kathryn.
A long queue of reminders and announcements then ensued starting with the JM regarding the Nash Hash on 2nd October in Kuala Lurah, Survivor Run organised by the Boys Hash the following Sunday, and Kids Hash on Sunday.  Cheryl invited hashers to a rock on concert  on the 14th and 15th of October at Freshco (her last performance with the Seranai Singers).
Alison spoke about an upcoming  McMillan Cake and Coffee run on 11th October and explained that it was a charity event held worldwide for the McMillan nurses who cared for cancer patients since 1975.  A cake off will be held with prizes for winners.  Ladies will be able to purchase the cakes baked., and to bring $$$ so that donations can be made. Should be fun evening at the Diplo.

Soon the entertainment started with two hashits. One to Tracey for forgetting she was the “back horn” two weeks in a row.  Rachael was dying for a hashit so she could give it to some one else, so she was duly given one for her sister who was on the phone last week during the shout up.  Beware not to be Rachael’s target as I am sure she will be vicious and mean.  Both hashits was well taken.
Next week’s run at Lucky Gardens will not have as harsh a hill as Subok, and run will start from Pedigree Pup’s house.  Please bring your own chairs (if you own one) and park on the main simpang.

Please bring a chair (if you own one) and park on the main Simpang.

Friday, September 09, 2016


RUN NO. 2507
DATE: 6 SEP 2016
More than we expected gathered at one of our favourite, although seldom used, sites - Rapier Range. Tracy Lee was almost in trouble from the start fearing she had forgotten the horn, however this was not to be the case and said horn appeared. Front horn was Peachi, so she tooted at 5.15 and off we sprinted. Across the road and up the ridge line we followed paper and it wasn't long before we got our beautiful views. The slowly setting sun descending into the sea, quite a sight to behold.

Anyway, it wasn't long before first check. I would like to say it was a sneaky check as it took us ages to find the on paper. However it wasn't. It was a well laid, sensible, good old-fashioned back check. The hens checking the right way just didn't check far enough and Mrs Pingu came to the rescue going the further mile (well maybe about 20m) to find the paper. So on we went heading towards the beach. Through some gardens/orchards etc until the paper split -yellow leading out for a short run, white continuing on. This lead us through lots of burnt out forest ground, until we reached the beach. The sun was truly setting now and it was quite stunning. Thanks hares for the treat! We were led back through more gardens and orchards, and eventually came out on the road back up to the on site. 

Then did the sky decided to cry. We huddled under the tent drinking lovely cranberry and pomegranate juice made by Black Beauty with yummy snacks passed around thanks to Where’s Wally. Half the tent were in darkness, I’d say you cant even see your own finger, but god said let there be light, and we could see everyone the whole length of the tent. Unfortunately no hashshit was given (somebody left shoes *cough* and socks *cough* as well as 2 umbrellas made its way into the lost and found box (if nobody claims them Im taking them, I don’t have enough umbrellas). There were 2 FTG, a Rose visiting from England  and (God help me I spell this correctly) Seamen Sucker who has sailed in and parked her boat at the RBYC. We have two new members hurrayyyyyy …. Sorry I wasn’t paying attention on names.

Hares with their hounds during reccee

Jokes and announcements, it was food time ….. did anyone else notice the huddled form behind the Jm’s and looking at her phone? Ehehehehehehe I smell hashshit.
So announcement ;
Nash Hash – See Pedigree Pup
Labuan Cocktoberfest – See God Knows Who
Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride for prostate cancer awareness – See Psycho
Next Weeks run is at Subok 309 at Psycho’s new den. Bring a chair just in case I don’t have enough chairs. I have a cats infestation. If you are allergic do not enter my house.
On On
PeeWee & Psycho 

Friday, September 02, 2016


RUN NO. 2506
DATE: 30AUG2016
HARES: Yogi Beer/Rush Hour/Hornbill/Siaw Yan
Front Horn: Mrs Pingu?! (horn) Hash Hound?! (whistle) Mrs Pingu?! (horn)
Back Horn: Super Trooper?! Full Steam Ahead?! Tracy Lee?! Full Steam Ahead?!


We’re going on a paper trail. We’re going on a long one. What a rainy day! We’re not scared.

Uh-uh! A forest. A big dark forest. We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. Oh no! We’ve got to go through it! Stumble trip! Stumble trip! Stumble trip!

We’re going on a paper trail. We’re going on a long one. What a rainy day! We’re not scared.

Uh-uh! A rain storm. A heavy one. We can’t go under it. We can’t go over it. Oh no! We’ve got to go through it! Splash splosh! Splash splosh! Splash splosh!

We’re going on a paper trail. We’re going on a long one. What a rainy day! We’re not scared.

Uh-uh! The clouds are emptying out on us. Rain pounding down. We can’t go under it. We can’t go over it. Oh no! We’ve got to go through it! Squelch, squelch! Squelch, squelch! Squelch, squelch!

We’re going on a paper trail. We’re going on a long one. What a rainy day! We’re not scared.

Uh-uh! The sky’s going dark. Torches out. We can’t go under it. We can’t go over it. Oh no! We’ve got to go through it! Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo!

Uh- uh Eyes full of water. Full steam ahead. We can’t go under it. We can’t go over it. Oh no! We’ve got to go through it! Squint, squint! Squint, squint! Squint, squint!

Uh-uh! The On Out! Grass along the highway. We can’t go under it. We can’t go over it. Oh no! We’ve got to go through it! Swishy swashy! Swishy swashy! Swishy swashy!

The rain’s stopped. Hooray!!

Drenched to the core with soggy socks and soggy pants, we were all warmly received at Yogi Beer’s new abode… hot showers on demand, followed by a Birthday Rum Punch from the adorable Black Beauty… could it be a big one coming up?!


At the Shout Up, Yogi Beer was well chuffed to receive her 50th Run Cup! Does this mean she could contest for the role of JM next year?!  Come on you Hens!  Get your applications in now, as only a few months til Pee Wee and Smurf hand in their notice! 


Before being treated to good ole bangers and mash, Yogi Beer entertained us with a couple of “non-dirty” (yeah, right!) jokes. The first one was a bit cheeky and full of shit.  And the second one gave us young hens good advice on how not to get up the duff… just tell the guy, “DON’T…. STOP!” Even the Special Needs group (Full Steam Ahead, Trailblazer and Where’s Wally) got it… eventually!

Lovely to see lots of new faces again, such as Kat from Teeside who tells us that now she’s moved to Asia, she wants to taste new exotic foods… so she felt very brave taking a small bite of Hornbill’s delicious home-made carrot cake!

We had a reminder from Smurf of the 3 big hashes coming up.  Kuala Lurah Nash Hash on Sunday 2nd October, Labuan Beach Cocktoberfest on Saturday October 8th, followed by the BSBH3 Survival Run in Diplo not too early the next morning! So get your forms in asap!
Yet again no HaShit… are we going all PC?! Ah well, maybe we could get it going again next week… as surely one of you forgetful Hens left your soggy, muddy socks and shoes at Yogi Beer’s?! He! He!