Friday, May 30, 2008

RUN NO. 2075

DATE: 27 MAY 2008
HARES: Not Yet/Mama San

It was a calm sunny afternoon as we assembled at DST. Had the hens been here since that time we got kicked out from the coastal highway site and had to re-group at DST for a live run?

Well, the hares promised a nice and easy run, so we eagerly set off at 5:15 with Carol on front horn and Sarong on back “whistle.” We started off in the woods behind the tent, and some of us who had been on a hetero hash a few months ago were wondering if we would take a similar route (an infamous hash in my memory as a group of us were on wrong paper and came out at 9:00!....but that’s another story….) Would the hares lead us to that same waist-high swampy stream? It seemed so, and sure enough, I arrived at the water just as 1st check was being called just beyond. Been there, done that – call me a coward but I didn’t want to cross this time if I didn’t have to. (At the hetero we waded that water more than once as we went back and forth trying to find the on paper which turned out to be back.)

Maybe the on paper today would be at the same place? Ready Mix had the same idea and so we both ran back to a trail that led to the road, where she found the paper. Some hens had doubts and were afraid to follow, as the paper was wider than the tiny strips the hares left as a sample – after warning us to stay on correct paper. But we did find a clump of tiny strips hidden behind a bush, so we definitely were on the right track. (Later we found out that the hares wanted us to follow a mix of thin and wide paper.)

Down the road we went and soon heard 2nd check being called. Poor Carol must have been lonely at this (and every other) check as few people went ahead, figuring it must be a back check across the wide open lunar landscape area. Our guess was right – 2nd check was soon found by Lee and others (didn’t see who) after crossing the open.

3rd check was only a short distance away, and it was another back check up and down the hill and to a road. So far it had been a dry run (except for the unlucky ones checking ahead at the first swamp!), but just when we thought we had made it through unscathed, a bit of sludge had to be crossed. Oh well, what’s a hash without mud??

Back at the tent, while waiting for everyone to arrive and the shout up to begin, some hens were engaged in bottom-checking. Comparing insect bites, I heard. Perhaps a competition to see who had the most? Not sure…

At the shout up we welcomed first time guest Claire, who hails from Glasgow. Apparently she’s already been warned that there are usually a few more hills than this at the average hash, so don’t get your hopes up that it will be this “nice and easy” every week. (Having said that, next week is Rimba and there aren’t too many hills there either!) Claire was brought by Maria, who’s a fairly new member herself – well done Maria!

Thanks to the hares for lovely vegetarian food, which was enjoyed by all as the sun set on another balmy Brunei evening.
On On

HARES: Sarong/Sarah B

Monday, May 26, 2008

RUN NO. 2074

DATE: 19 May 2008
SITE: Kapok Kanan
HARES: Smurf/Madam Sin/Maria T
FRONT HORN: Pee Wee BACK HORN: Alice In Wonderland

When I arrived at the site there were very few hens but more arrived later. Soon it was time to set off, and as I called “listen up!” suddenly Pee Wee (Who? I think must have been in a hurry to dash off as usual) took over before I could say anything more. “The Bomba men had been in the jungle looking for lost Korean tourists but did not find the poor tourists but, instead, they left lots of white paper in the jungle. In order to avoid confusion the Hares used small strips of green paper instead of the normal white." Eventually, I managed to get in and called “On On” and off we went; I then saw Running Bare who was just signing in. So I quickly went back to my car to collect bells to give to her as that was her last run. I finally set off behind all the runners not intending to go very far but soon Diana caught up with me. As we were strolling up the hill, and much to our surprise, Magi Morris called from behind us asking us to wait for her. All three of us agreed that we weren’t going all the way. The jungle however was very tempting so we went on further than we had intended and met Glamour and Veronica who confirmed that it was indeed a lovely run and the jungle was very beautiful.

You see, the main ingredients of a good run in Bruneian jungle are:-
One or two hills,
A few thorn bushes,
Slippery trails and steep edges,
A good patch of razor grass.
Mix them and spice with rain and streams.

Then you have a perfect run. So it was not surprising that this run was no exception. It was Serasa Hill after all. After first check and a few thorns, slippery bits and steep edges I managed to persuade Diana that I wasn’t prepared to continue. Besides I had to be back early to prepare for the shout out as my partner in crime Sarah was away.

According to Ready Mix the hills, thorns, and slippery trails continued, then she and Jane Woolley found the second check. Jane stayed on paper and Ready Mix continued to call, “Back on Ahead! Back on Ahead!” which apparently caused some confusion hence the sketch by Carol and Pee Wee at the shout out. Well done girls.
Three Hens, Glamour, Tango and Smurf celebrated their birthdays. And thanks to Pee Wee for the cake.

When I called for Hashit, Alison the current hashit holder came forward and pointed out that as she did not usually get the hashit, she was very anxious to see what had been written about her. However, she was disappointed as nothing was written in the words. In addition, NEXT WEEK’S RUN read:- HARES: DST; SITE: Not Yet and Mama San. Well, Struth is away at the moment.
Thanks Maria for the good Nosh.

It was very sad to have to say goodbye to yet another front runner who has added some excitement to the ladies hash with her hash attire. This was none other than Running Bare. So we said goodbye to Vania and wished her all the best in Manila.

HARES: Not Yet/Mama San

Monday, May 19, 2008

RUN NO. 2073

DATE: 13 MAY 2008
HARES: Madmarg/Norma/Dizzy/Nicole

Here we were again back to Kota Batu. As Sarah C said “Another bloody hill!” Indeed! Lee valiantly took the horn, and at 5.15 sharp she blew and off we went. Of course the only way was up! Carol and Pee Wee, impatient little blighters that they are, turned into SCBs from the word go, and took a slightly shorter way up to the ridge. Once up there, we ran along beautiful trails which I am told are usually accessed from 702.

We had a decent run before we got to first check. It took us a while to realise where the check was being called from, Lee was calling like a good’un, not so everyone else………apart from Boel! Here we have found ourselves a damn good hasher – good calling girl! Carol found the on-paper, and although we could hear her call it, could we work out where she was? NO! It took a good 5 minutes of calling, yelling, straining our ears, to work out that it was in fact on ahead, a sneaky ridge or two foxing us! Off we ran again through bracken - glad I wasn’t wearing shorts.

The whippet-like front runners found and called 2nd check through very quickly. The run took us down to the beautiful big trees and past a stone wall – could this be the origins of the name Kota Batu (Stone Fortress)? It was a lovely trail down, past a small waterfall and we started climbing up…….and up……and up……and……..I could go on and on, but the only word would be up! Ropes were there to guide us up one of the steepest trails we have done for a long time, stunningly picturesque, but damn hard work. This then led us across the ridge and back down (or shall I say slid down) to where we had come from; my kind of run – good length, and intense!

We had a lovely on-site here, a stunning view over the Brunei river and plenty of fruit bats flying above. Dizzy had very thoughtfully got us all a very fetching hat for her 123rd run! Well done and thank-you Dizzy! Well done also to Linda who celebrated 50 runs.

The JMs gave all those involved for the Nash Hash a pat on the back – well done ladies! Lovely makan was served – thank you again hares! From there we spent the evening, under darkening skies, gentle camaraderie and light banter to wile away the hours. Until the rain of course, which obviously delayed our departure…….. On on!

Maria (with kind help from Pee Wee)

NEXT RUN: Kapok Kana
HARES: Smurf/Madam Sin/Maria

Monday, May 12, 2008

RUN NO. 2072

RUN NO. 2072
HARES: Sarong/Jenni/Tracey
HENS: 38

We descended upon Diplo once again. The usual rabble, searching out hashing boots, insect repellent, water carriers etc. At 5.15 the horn was very ably sounded by Anna, a recent trainee who is going great guns! Off we shot, for about 20 seconds before we realised we had gone off paper, duh! We were craftily lead in through the middle, not left and up onto to the ridge as we so often do. Drier conditions made a pair of trainers a good thing, unfortunately changing mid-hash is not an option.

We finally stumbled on first check. Not so many checkers tonight, and if I remember correctly, I think the on paper was found and called through by Carol (who was supposed to be taking it easy tonight……). Forgive me if I have made a mistake with that shaky recollection. On we went, front horn bounding through at a cracking pace. More of those lovely Diplo inclines to test our mettle, and to second check. After a bit of intellectual checking debate, the on paper was found by Angela, back up to the left.

Then lo and behold but a mere 5 minutes later we were checking again; the paper had led us up and over a ridge and down the other side and there we met the check. This proved to be back up and down to the right and was, I think, found by Trish. The trails were much clearer from here on, and provided us with a chance to stretch our legs and have a bit of a run. The hens were pretty much together on this run, checks having bunched us up on more than one occasion.

A sneaky fourth check was added, and speedily found by Sarah C (so speedily in fact that she couldn’t speak when she got out). A grinding hill brought us out, in pretty good time (especially for a Sarong run).
The shout-up commenced, and the JMs informed us that it was World Chicken Day (or something like that) and they had thoughtfully done a little lucky draw for us, with lots of…..erm…..chicken themed prizes! Thank-you JMs!

Sarong and Jenny celebrated special runs – Sarong runs and Jenni runs. Well done you two! And thank you for the makan. Under darkening skies, the gentle merriment and bonding we are so fond of continued, punctuated by final rehearsals for our nash hash extravaganza! And finally another hash successfully faded into the night. On on! Scribe: Pee Wee

NEXT RUN: SPG 672 Jalan Kota Batu - town end
HARES: Madmarg/Nancy

Monday, May 05, 2008

RUN NO. 2071

DATE: 29 APRIL 2008
SITE: Bukit Serdang, Kota Batu—Yacht Club end
HENS: 37

Hash night and the real race is on, trying to get out the door with dogs or kids escapaing and making sure I have enough cash for coupons, oh guess, I should take some water. Destination Kota Batu, not sure which end but try to keep one eye out for the dazzling signage whilst negotiating Kijangs and Lexus’s and hundreds of school children with the other eye. (Don’t’ they know its Tuesday?)
The road seemed to go on long enough for me to think, have I missed it, but then there was the welcoming group of cars and fellow hashers collecting on the side of the road. Adrenalin of course is already pumping by now as the front runners head off, over a stick bridge and up. I headed the back side. Ha ha and did my best to walk and talk. There was a lot of up and a lot of steps.

Stairway to heaven was a song which comes to mind, with a few down bits to break it up, oh and a very large beetle. We had to stop and admire whilst catching our breath, which was then taken away by the view WOW so stunning.
Not only did we have fabulous views to admire but also an abundance of pitcher plants, to ooohh and aaarh over, what a treat.

As we continued on our merry way, sweating and puffing, plantings of passion fruit in the jungle gave us more to wonder and talk about. A few hens had turned back somewhere about here as we still had a long way to go, but there was so much more to see. On on

First check came and went, apparently with slight confusion, back on paper and more fantastic views over the Brunei River and Kampong with butterflies and swallows to complete the scene. Apparently we were on a lollypop with some going one way and some doing the other, but all met up on the stick but, I guess.
Heading down now and just amazed at all the pitcher plants and even say baby ones, so cute!! Mosque call now fills the twilight air, as well as the smell of wild vanilla orchids and the promise of a good shout up at Dizzies, hurried the last hens out of the jungle and over the stick bridge.

Thank you hares for laying such an interesting run, the Kota Batu views and pitcher plants were really amazing and the hills are a good challenge for the old bods.
Sorry, I missed the shout up, but I am sure it all went down a treat. On on Tracey.

P.S. Thank you for the great chow from Ricky’s restaurant and the singing practice went on ……….