Monday, November 19, 2012


RUN NO.2308

On a cloudy night in Serasa, up Jalan Ping ping - the site of the final run of this year’s committee. A short run in grassy terrain, with slippy areas that challenged the best of us, (well those of us that bothered to venture out, rather than making their way directly to the party). The heavens opened just as many of the hens made it out of the jungle. So there was a mad dash back to the cars.

A magical night was had by one and all. There were magical creatures and mystical people everywhere in the yacht club. The three blind mice made an appearance; a ladybird collided with tables and chairs, a wolf was caught scaring little red riding hood. Characters from nursery rhymes and favourite fairy tales were seen sipping cocktails, reminiscing about the hashes gone by, each delving into the goody bag given upon arrival.
Then it was down to business, we celebrated Cheryl’s 500 runs, welcomed a new hasher Sue Sawyer, and a returning hasher – Helen Swan (Puteri) and Survivor (ED). Awards were given to Mad Marg for the most runs laid (but in her absence awarded to Trailblazer - ED), to Ryvita for being the front horn the most frequently and to GI Jane and Squeak for the back horn. Dizzy was given the annual hashshit and told not to lose the chicken this time. Prizes were given out for the hardest on the feet run, the hottest run and the wettest one. A yummy meal was served and devoured whilst all this was going on.

The hens were asked to parade around in their costumes. Suddenly the 6 dwarfs (not sure what happened to number 7 – perhaps still wandering around in the jungle) broke into song “Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it’s off to hash we go!!!!” The judges awarded the best costumes to the Wolf (Mrs. Pingu), Ladybird (Sticky rice), Snow White (Alice) Mermaid (Ryvita) and not forgetting the 6 noisy dwarfs.

The old committee members were thanked and new members of the committee were welcomed in, in traditional fashion. Many thanks to the committee of 2012 for the hard work, commitment and dedication, making it a successful year. We loved the mementoes, hash shirt and photos (we discovered on the stick) and look forward to trying the nosh.

NEXT RUN: JLN MERAGANG, KG KAPOK Please leave your cars in the designated car areas as the spg is too narrow. It is recommended that you wear long socks and shoes that are not brand names as they may get wet. --- Pls also bring a chair.

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