Monday, November 12, 2012


RUN NO. 2307
HARES: Annabel/Satu Lagi/Clover & Wendy

Only one week left!!! It does sound like we haven’t enjoyed our year of mismanagement with that statement but we will all breathe a sigh of relief once next week is done and dusted, but the whole year has in fact breezed past in a blur of hash boots, shout-ups and wonderfully delicious On-Ons. So to our last hash before Founders Day and as always I’m arriving as the hens head off at 5.15pm. Bless them, I’m already signed in by my fellow mismanagement members and I can quickly lace up the boots and be off. Having been unwell and not done any exercise all week I was not looking forward to hills but thankfully Anna had stated in the words “nice run without too many hills”.

So off we go heading up towards the far end of the simpang and presumably looking for a gate into the jungle as Cheryl was carrying a ‘Shut the Gate!’ sign. Past Bini Hutan’s old house – I wonder if they ever sorted the landslide? Ah, now we are going down to Debbie Davidson’s old house, oh the On-Ons and parties that house has seen. At ‘The Gate’ we paused to attach the sign, got a little confused as the paper had fallen through the fence into the garden but with only a slight delay we were through the gate and stepping gingerly over the storm drain! Storm drains are bad enough but that one had a viscous slope to it too.

Into the jungle and oh yea, I remember this hill out of the valley, up, up and more up, but a good trail and lovely jungle area still surviving. We conversed with Glamour on passing to check out where to find the on paper as we had heard them calling for first check as we meandered our way up the hill. Sorry don’t know who found it. On right and then left to see the orangey paper for first check and off we go again along the trail. Good trail, lovely jungle and good chance to catch up on gossip until we spied the moonscape area and heard the dulcet tones of checking. Second check and ………………… carry on Sue. (Cheryl and I turned back at this point, as the rain softly started dropping on us and enjoyed the return jungle paths and rechecked that the gate was shut)

Second check was a back check and the light was getting dim already, as we headed back into the jungle after negotiating the crumbly clay banks. Jingle bells (Melissa on her last, last run) ran past me in hot pursuit of front horn, Ryvita. Some lovely trails soon led us to third check, yet another back check and found by Mad Marg (the only check I know who found it). By this point, the rain was setting in to a steady , but not too drenching patter. The rainclouds blotted out even more of the remaining evening light, but after meandering left and right several times, we finally emerged out onto a half completed construction site. Boots soon became heavy with all the cloggy mud, as we clambered carefully down a large bank.

This was familiar territory. We walked back along Simpang 462, which soon led to Simpang 420, which was exactly where GI Jane and Sid’s hash of a month or so ago started. Remembering that night when a lot of the front runners came out in the dark and pouring rain, I was thankful the rain had been kind to us this night. The resonant sounds of the mosque called us home to Hot Lips old house and by the time we completed the road run / walk back to Simpang 370, the rain had stopped completely. It looked like we might get lucky and have a calm, still night to celebrate the shout up, but that would be wishful thinking!
Go Cheryl…….. and the rain kept raining! Back under the tent we started the shout up by thanking the Hares for their combined efforts in leading the Hens through the jungle and also for the prospect of lovely food, the smell of which was wafting from the kitchen and round my heart!

We greeted a new member into the fold, Jenni, and Dizzy ‘Welcome, welcome, welcomed!’ her. Then a bit of excitement as four hens were dubbed with their Hash Handles.

Briony shall henceforth be called ‘GPS’, Marcela is now ‘Speedy Gonzales’, Debra is aptly named ‘Hash Wit’ and Call Girl has been renamed ‘Ikea’.

There were a few announcements about the forthcoming Chieftain’s Dinner (see Jan for more details) and drum roll, our Founder’s Day!

The committee have been hard at work to make sure we have a great night. All the ingredients are there just come and have fun!

Back to the shout up, that is all I can remember, the rain kept raining and we feasted on delicious chilli and baked tatties with plenty of health giving salad!

Sue, Alison and I would like to thank you and the committee for your kind support during our reign. We wish the next G.M and J.M.s smooth happy trails.

Cheryl on on

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