Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RUN NO. 2301 - SPG644 KOTA BATU - 25 SEP 12

RUN NO. 2301
DATE: 25 SEP 2012
HARES: Dizzy/Debbie/Mad marg

A very jungly jungle hash.

The scene was set by the threatening rumble of thunder and the ominous growing grey clouds above as we set off into the jungle.

The first check up a steep hill was found fairly swiftly by Hana and Kim. We were then led along the road, over a ditch and on up into the thick jungle. Second check was at the top of the hill.  It was on up.  Hill, hills and more hills making us work hard for the yummy food waiting for us at the end!!

Over rivers, through small crawl spaces among branches and bracken. Over the river again (glad I hadn't cleaned my hash shoes beforehand). Women looking all over the hillside but the on on was down the hill by the river.

It was on up another beautiful hill. Next check was up another hill but the onon was down through the ferns. Through a guy's veggie patch and up to the road.... well confusing, and worrying, for those tracking the run progress on their GPS devices.... what's going on???... As having already run over 2 km and having already found 5 checks we were now heading in the opposite direction from the start!! With great relief though, after a couple of hundred meters on the road, we were met by the lovely sight of a bus waiting to deliver our sweaty tired bodies back to the shout up. Nifty!

The rain never did show and we had a great hash with five checks found by to name a few, Ryvita, Call Girl, Rachael and Trailblazer.  Thank you ladies and thank you hares - Mad Marg, Dizzy and Debby.

We had 2 first time hashers and a returning hasher, Nelly (Not Yet) who had been in Fiji, UK (Bristol), visited Sydney and is now back in the Abode of Peace.

Five September birthdays were also celebrated with cupcakes.  Happy Birthday.

All in all a good night was had by everyone.

Call Girl, Clare, Hana & Ryvita

HARES: Call Girl/Ryvita/Hana/Clare

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