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RUN NO. 2311 DIPLO 4 DEC 2012

RUN NO. 2311
SITE: DIPLO - Psycho's Garter Run
HARES: Psycho/Squeak/Erin

The hares Erin/Psycho/Squeak

First time guest

Beautiful sunset over Diplo

Tonight we were celebrating Psycho’s hen night, so we have her, Squeak & Erin to thank for laying such a pretty run through the jungle, with appropriate paper brides  dotted around the trail for the hens to find and claim a prize later.  Only two were not found – maybe I should go back and look for them and claim a prize next week!!!

Diplo… is a long time since I have hashed at Diplo and although it is the only venue I have once been lost in, and on another  occasion, caught in a tremendous thunderstorm with the sound of trees falling around me and light quickly fading,  I remember feeling at the time, a little afraid.    However, I still think this is my favorite place to hash… hopefully it will remain untouched for years to come.   Diplo jungle has a bit of everything – pretty winding trails, a few not too challenging hills to climb, small streams with wide logs to balance your way across or, for those not so brave to wade through the lovely cool water.    So… 5.15 with the sound of the horn and a shout of on on , we were off running across the field into the familiar jungle trails.    There were a couple of not too difficult checks found quickly by one of the young, sporty front runners  - ‘On paper ‘was heard  on a couple of occasions and off we all went again, following the paper round the bends and up the hills until bright sunlight ahead indicated that we were on our way out, back to the tent, sign out and a welcome beer.   After a short chit chat, and a few photos taken especially of the hares all dressed beautifully as brides, we were called to order by our  G.M’s

Judy "Survivor" signing in before the "Meragang Beach" run. Photo with Glamour & Tima K.

A ‘down down’ was given to the hares, a first time hasher, and a new member who were actually sisters, and welcomed with a ‘down down’  and in the absence of ‘dizzy “ welcome, welcome welcome” December birthdays were given a beer (that was Clare and I), prizes awarded for the paper brides found in the jungle – a prize also given to Nicky for the best dressed bridesmaid – we had some entertainment from ‘hash wit’ with wedding jokes guaranteed to make any new bride think twice before taking the plunge!!! ("Survivor" on her visit to the Abode was given her belated leaving certificate showing 437 runs when she departed for Penang last 19 July 2011- ed) and then it was time for some well earned nosh with pretty cup cakes to follow.   On on & looking forward to next weeks hash ..Domestic Goddess

The bride
NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens, Spg 542-48 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Hanching
HARES: Peahen/Eastern Promise/Jeanni

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