Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RUN NO. 2292 DIPLO 24JUL2012

RUN NO. 2292
DATE: 24 JUL 2012

Well it was an eventful night for a non-event. We all arrived at the trusty old Diplo site ready to set off. Hannah got blessed with the front horn, and her virginal front horm blower status would never be the same again! Young Nicky was given the back horn, and although less virginal in her experience, still entusiastic was she. So we were off, and made a quick turn left, coming in the way we usually go out. It was great! We all stumble across Glamour warning us of an impending check, and we very quickly discovered she was right!!!! Fancy that. First check. So off we disperse like little energetic ever ready bunnies, scurrying through the jungle seeking the bright beacon of the thin white paper trail we had lost. The back horn caught up with the check, as did everyone else of course, and we looked, and looked and looked. Finally after much searching there was a very distance cal that possibly sounded like “ooooon paaaaaaper....” we ran after the distant sound, caught the caller and charged ahead once more. The paper found was long! It was bright white! It followed a trail,all we needed to start charging ahead through the Borneo jungle once more!

However as the paper got thinner and thinner we started mumbling about how “old” the paper looked. How this paper was not entirely “fresh” in fact we soon discovered it was indeed used goods from a hash gone by and we were lead up the garden path without a paddle! Back to check one we all went. The search continued, however at 6:00pm the skies looked dim and the time ahead looked long, so the call was made to abandon the hash and return to where it all started for the good old Shout Out! We had plenty to celebrate, the one person who had in fact completed the hash that evening was the hare of the night, Alison. The run just happened to be her 1000th run so big congrats for that achievemnt and she was joined by Glamour in the celebrations as Glamour completed her 1,100th run! Amazing feats. Followed by amazing feasts. Thanks to Alison and Sue for laying the hash and stumping us all, and all the ladies for doing what they do best.

Next weeks hash is at Subok 339, and the Shout Out address is to be adviced but will be very close to the hash. See you all there!!!

Karlene :-)


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