Friday, August 24, 2012

RUN NO. 2296 DIPLO - 21 AUG 12

RUN NO. 2296
DATE: 21 AUG 2012
HARES: Trailblazer/Duchess/Sarong

Not a lot of hens turned up this Tuesday at Diplo. Of course, some folk are still on holiday, some are celebrating Hari Raya but enough of us gathered at the site to carry out another successful hash!

The tent did not appear, despite phone calls between ‘tent-arranging’ hens. No tent meant there were no tables or chairs, but we managed.

I tried to carry out my duties as JM, persuading ladies to carry the horns, meeting and greeting guests, demonstrating my ‘Scottish burr’ for Debra’s amusement. (Earl Gray, Rufus, Roger and Roderick!) and generally trying to be efficient in case anyone reported me to Alison or Sue!

Mad Margaret kindly ‘volunteered’ to be front horn and led the hens into the jungle.

Debbie, Jan and I lingered for a few minutes to lock away the car keys etc. and then set off after the pack. Unfortunately we were not paying attention and somehow or other managed to enter the jungle by the out paper. Talking too much had absolutely nothing to do with it!

So we ambled along the ridge thinking to ourselves that the paper was pretty sparse, until we came to Legally Blond (who had also gone the wrong way!) looking very perplexed as the paper appeared to go in both directions! Legally Blond took off again, in what we figured was the correct direction and we trotted (not really a trot, more of a crawl!) behind her until we came to an obstacle which we decided not to tackle.

We were still discussing our mistake of going the wrong way when we got back to base camp and checked with Yann. Duh! We went in backwards. Glamour said she had watched us with some amusement!

Not long after that the front runners, including some of our first time guests came running out of the jungle. The consensus seemed to be it was a very nice hash and not too long. Karlene found the first and second checks and Mad Margaret found the third.

At the shout up Duchess, Trailblazer and Sarong (Irene wasn’t at the shout up) were thanked and down downed. We then sang Happy Birthday for Duchess. Ellen presented Duchess with a delectable chocolate birthday cake which we devoured later.

The first time guests, Josephine, Margaret, Lindsey and Rebecca, all from JIS were welcomed to the hash and they have promised to return. Rebecca bought hash shoes, so she has to come back!

Legally Blond entertained us with a joke. Naj announced a few things for sale and also told us that Cowgirl had become engaged. Congratulations!

Hash Shit was given to Mad Margaret for talking whilst I was prattling on and then shared with Marcella because she had the audacity to hurt my delicate feelings!

I’m not really all that delicate but the power rush is tremendous when you dole out the hash shit!

Our hares provided delicious chicken curry (cooked by Duchess) which was served from the back of Duchess’s new car.

Next week’s run was vacant and at the last minute Satu Lagi has stepped in to save our beef bacon! Thanks Maria.

As it is a last minute hash please bring some food to share.

On on   NEXT RUN: DIPLO---- Pls bring a plate of food to share--- HARE: Satu Lagi

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