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RUN NO. 2314 - SPG 420 JLN MUARA - 25DEC12

RUN NO. 2314
DATE: 25 DEC 2012
HARES: Trailblazer/Tina
HORNS: Non as not left for run!

The Christmas Hash Run started at Spg 420, Jalan Muara (Tina’s house). Festive spirits were felt all around, as Hashers exchanged warm Christmas Greetings, took loads of photo shoots around the Hash Christmas Tree and dressed windows prior to starting. A proud total of 16 Hashers turned up.

The run began with the ‘On on’ shout by Christmas Day enthusiastic hashers along the road through a residential area following the papers laid by the hares. Some of the hashers commented that they saw a very brief glimpse of what could only be Santa’s Elf among the trees on the hills ahead. Some hashers thought they were only imagining this…. Shortly afterwards, the track veered to the right onto a forest clearing on muddy grounds before spotting a check sign on the ground. Hashers then went in all directions looking for on on papers and nothing was found on the flat muddy grounds.

After searching for a good while, a shout from Peahen and Eastern Promise “ Onon paper!” was heard coming from a hillside. Hashers then started their way onto a short hill climb before being led by the papers through a forest area and then climbing down slippy hillsides onto tarmac. The track continued into Simpang 370 on flat ground through a new residential area where some hashers recalled that in days gone by these built up areas were forests through which many had enjoyed their hash runs.

A short run along the road led hashers to a familiar route from the week before following the storm drains all the way back onto the main road in Jalan Muara, where hashers appeared to slow traffic down with the display of their Christmas festive gears especially Eastern Promise’s red antlers, all the way back to Spg 420 returning to the On On site.

The run took about half an hour and 3,720 steps on my pedometer. With some spare energy left, some hashers ventured back out to follow the initial trail to pick some durians before the shout up began, led by Squeak and Ready Mix.

Hashers welcomed guests “Stephanie” , a hash member previously, and Nadya whose mother is a Hash member. As the festive spirits soared, and more laughters ensued, it was felt inappropriate to give out the Hashit at this merry occasion.

Hashers were then served with a candle-lit Christmas dinner and delicious sweets under a bright moonlight and entertained later by carol singers organised by Jenni from the block.

Many thanks to the hares for organizing a beautiful Christmas hash dinner celebrations!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.
On On Hashers!


HARES: Alison/Cheryl/Zur

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