Monday, September 24, 2012

RUN NO. 2300 SUBOK - 18 SEP 2012

RUN NO. 2300
DATE: 18 SEPT 2012
Hares Trailblazer & Peewee
Crossing the waterfall after first check
View from the top
Hashit well taken by Possum

HARES:       PeeWee/Trailblazer

Front Horn : Kathryn
Back Horn:  Mad Marg

Celebration Run 2300

So, we all showed up in our latest and greatest hash attire, from the fashion houses of Milan, Paris or perhaps it was Gadong.  The girls had all dressed up for a pre arranged group photo. Taken by our friendly pro, Ben, ready for the front cover of next months Vogue. Anxiously awaited by the masses.

The horn sounded and away we went. First we passed our friendly blow-up snakes, as opposed to our just our friendly blow-up boy...say, where is he anyway? A beautiful water feature came next which looked so inviting, just a shame it wasn't at the end. Next we headed up the hill to the right, ready to embrace the three camel humps above us. Over the three camel humps to the top of the ridge, which had beautiful views.  It was dissapointing to find that the coffee stop was unattended, no latte on offer which would have helped to get us through to the end. Further on we passed the Youth Hostel, again unattended. We stopped to admire the sun set, before the lights went out. Thankfully many of the back hashers had torches which helped with the tuck and rolls into the valley of darkness, to eventually surface, having tested our ballet skills walking across the ballance beam and on tiles and bricks, to arrive in the midst of a new housing development.. A long road trail then led home.

On arrival back we received. from the hares, a celebration T shirt - thank you ladies.  One new guest joined us this week.

Yann celebrated her 500 runs and Kathryn managed to pass on the hashshit to Possum for owning up to not signing in.

Thank you hares for the food

usual ups and down. Wear longs.

The Three Musketeers.

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