Tuesday, December 04, 2012

RUN NO. 2310 KOTA BATU 27NOV2012

RUN NO. 2310
DATE: 27 NOV 2012

The weather leading up to the run on Tuesday had been fairly wet, which promised a slippery run ahead.  To add to the excitement factor weather warnings had been coming throughout the afternoon of heavy showers on the way with the possibility of flash floods.  Luckily as the front horn signaled the start of the run the sun was still shining and we all set off down the road to find the trail into the jungle. 
As the paper trail led off the road we began to climb… and climb… and climb!  The trail led up a rather steep incline that delivered on the promise of slippery.  Back Horn slipped a few times, landing on the horn and signaling to the hashers following the way to go.  Handy.
When we finally reached the top of the hill it was to the call of first check.  This was swiftly found “on back” and we all set off again, only to find that it was now time to head down, down, down the hill.  For some of us this proved even trickier than climbing up.  Once again there were some very slippery parts, and at one stage I even tried to create my own slippery mud slide. 
At the bottom of the hill we reached the road.  The sky was looking pretty ominous and a few raindrops were starting to fall.  Some of the front runners had turned right to head off to find the rest of the trail, but we, the back bunch, decided to turn left and head back to the on-on site.  We arrived in plenty of time to avoid the heavy rain, but the front runners were not so lucky, four of whom didn’t make it back until after it had started raining cats and dogs. 
During the on-on a farewell was made to GPS (Briony) as she is leaving us to return to Australia for new adventures – don’t get too lost out there GPS!  We all wish her the best of luck and hope that she will be back for a visit at some stage.
A plea was also made by Hash softies and water who needs some help as they will be away for the xmas holidays.  If you are going to be around and are able to help out with this please let them know or get in touch with the JM’s/GM’s.
A range of beautiful handmade cards were on sale at the on-on for $2 each to raise money for the occupational therapist in RIPAS.  These will also be on sale at the next run so bring along some money.
Hash Wit handed out the electiric tariff sheets, and then it was time for dinner, pasta and homemade bread provided by the wonderful Hares.
Next week’s run is at Diplo.  With the weather we have been having lately be prepared for some very slippery terrain.  Make sure you are wearing shoes with good grip (unlike me last week!) and also be prepared to get a little bit wet  J  The run is a Hens Party celebration so don’t forget your bridesmaid outfits!
On on,
Erin, Squeak and Psycho.


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