Saturday, October 13, 2012

RUN NO. 2303 SPG 420 JLN MUARA-9 OCT12

RUN NO. 2303

The run was a Breast Cancer Awareness Run to celebrate survivors and as a wakeup call, an awareness raising, for the more complacent amongst us. 

The hares were warrior GI Jane, Sid, Velma and Hot Lips.

This words is an alternative words- because we did the unthinkable - took a short cut in all innocence, utterly confident that it was the right route because we were on paper all the time.  Honestly,  we did follow paper all the time! Anyway, we went along our merry way enjoying the trail, waxing eloquent about the beautiful cool breeze, and new paths till we were rudely awakened to a vast wasteland of balding hillsides, a half-completed concrete jungle and a long concrete road to boot - sigh! 

Once out on the road someone remarked, "that was rather a short trail wasn't it?".  Another, "how come no checks?" and yet another, " this is not GIJane's style, she will only do challenging tricky ones". But, we convinced ourselves that this was an exception probably because of threatening rain and early darkness   
Once back, only us, the middle and back runners, were there - no front runners.

The pink ice cream that welcomed us soon took our minds off the non-appearance of the front runners. Then at 7pm we saw them trooping in one by one over the next half hour...they were on the right trail…long and found two checks! 

At the shout up we had two achievements:  Sid 550 runs and Erin 50 runs.  Well done gals!  Those who dressed up PINK received special gifts and some of us who were nearby also received gifts. Thank you for that hares. There was a call for hash shit - apparently the person did not remember her hash number but she claimed she did after a short while- forgivable senior moment perhaps?  Anyway two other eager beavers wanted to take on the hash shit for the reasons I don't really know actually cos I could not hear what they said.  In the end all ends well and harmony and goodwill should be our prime objective should prevail so says humble me.  Fault finding kept to the minimum please.   We are here to have some fun and to de stress right!   Thank you hare for the makan, and also front and back horns. 

Jenni on the Block

NEXT RUN: McFarm - Kg Rimba - Bring mossie sprays
HARES: Alice in Wonderland/Jenni on the Block

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