Monday, October 29, 2012

RUN NO.2305 KOTA BATU - 23 OCT 12

RUN NO.2305
DATE: 23 OCT 2012
SITE: Kota Batu
HARES: Madmarg/Never Wrong/Mrs Pingu (Shop run)

5:15 saw groups of hashers head off from Dizzy’s house up past the Yacht Club to waiting water taxis. A lovely way to start the run with a short crossing over the river to the water village. Paper led in and hashers were greeted with lots of damp leaves underfoot which soon led into a climb up what seemed like an empty creek bed. Empty, that is, except for one lost croc lying in wait to startle people! Lots of moss-covered rocks made the guide ropes very handy. 

After the climb up the trail opened out along a ridge and the view back across the water to the mainland was lovely. But what goes up must come down and sure enough, the down came. This time the recent rain couple with mossy rocks made the rope very important and I am sure I am not the only hasher who hit dirt a couple of times on the way down! 

The out soon came and we were met by Yvette and Marcella with the now-captured crocodile. Yvette was gracious enough to tell me when I asked that “no, we haven’t just been around for the second time”. We arrived on the dock just as the call to prayer began and enjoyed a pleasant boat trip back across. The short stage back to the shout up and we were met by Neverwrong bearing Hash Shop gift towels. 

Lots of announcements regarding next year’s committee and the founders’ day festivities, followed by Madam Sin’s confession that she managed to drive all the way to work last Wednesday oblivious to some lingerie dangling from her car door. I bet the staff and students at SM Menglait enjoyed watching her try to remove it discreetly! 

The shout up ended and it was on on for pizza, salad and some liquid refreshments. 

NEXT RUN: 30 OCT --- Halloween run 6.30 pm start, bring a torch!!
SITE: Tungku Beach
HARES:  Psycho/Erin/Rachel

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