Monday, October 22, 2012

RUN NO. 2304 MCFARM, RIMBA - 16 OCT 12

RUN NO.2304
DATE: 16 OCT 2012
HARES: Alice in Wonderland/Jenny on the Block/Mani Mouse

I arrived at a new run site for me and was happy to see no hills after last week's long up and down trek.

After walking for a pleasant fifteen minutes we came tothe familiar DST trail and entered through the clay area. Checks were found quickly.

I was enjoying the trail until I cam to the forewarned mud and was glad I had worn old shoes and socks. I plodded through the mud and water trying to find the shallowest parts.  We were soon out.

The shout up commenced, then Legally Blonde arrived back safely escorted by Mad Margz.

Readymix celebrated 500 runs and Debra 50 runs.  First time guest Vanessa and new member Masayo were welcomed.

Marcela was congratulated for doing the Mt Kinabalu Climbathon in 4 hours 13 minutes - well done!

The hens were obviously in a jovial mood as three people told jokes.  Mad Margz and Legally Blonde were awarded the Hashit for items left behind last week.

The hares put on a delicious spread of food - thank you!
onon Never Wrong

NEXT RUN: SHOP RUN (Mad Marg/Never Wrong) -  Bring a chair for the onon
SITE: Kota Batu

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