Friday, December 09, 2011

RUN NO. 2259 RIMBA - 6DEC2011

RUN NO. 2259
DATE: 6 DEC 2011
HARES: Ryvita/Melissa/Hash Hound

It was a clear day, no sign of rain, unlike a week ago, when it was raining cats and dogs!!
When I arrived at the former hash site near the Rimba compound (we hadn’t run there in a while), a few cars were parked there, all wondering where the run was. Luckily someone headed further down the road and turned back to inform us.

Before we headed off we were informed that it is a 5 km run. At 5.15 pm sharp, all of us followed the front horn along the road, back to the compound and turned left just before the entrance. We followed the paper all along the fence, a bit up, down, through some rubble, some mud, saw the nearly finished housing project (this had been abandoned for a long time; so good to see it made up) until we finally arrived at the entrance to the jungle trail. Not far along, the first check was called and everyone headed in different directions to try and find the on – paper. It took a while until someone called, in the end it was a back – check.

Further we went through different vegetation, some areas with ferns, some with shrubs, a few ups and down, but not too strenuous. Second check was a back - check again, found by Readymix, I assume, as she headed off in that direction. Thereafter I lost track of any other checks. I still remember plenty of trips on the trail, some thorns (not too many), some logs and trees blocking the path. We came out after 50 minutes and only ran appr.
3 km, but had a good workout.

It took a while until everyone was ready for the shout-up; also it was getting quite dark. The hares would get the usual down-down. We had one new guest from the Czech Republic, who got a down – down, too and one new member was confirmed.

It was Domestic Goddess 64th Birthday; Congratulations, you really have done well!!!!
Some jokes were shared before our JM brought up the hashit issue. Oh no, it’s missing, so who ever was a nominee has been lucky this time around. But for sure, it’s not been forgotten.
Our thanks to the hares for the delicious treats, the baked potatoes and condiments were really tasty.

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens
HARES: Peahen/Eastern Promise

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