Friday, November 25, 2011

RUN NO. 2257 DIPLO 22NOV2011

RUN NO. 2257
DATE: 22 November 2011
HARES: Sarong/Debra/Kim

A new hash year, a new committee. That’s funny; some of the faces up there looked very familiar.

After the excitement and jollity of Founders day last week a quieter bunch of hashers turned up at Diplo for a lovely run. All the usual, a bit of water, a small hill or two, lovely trails and scenic views as is to be expected in Diplo, our favourite hashing spot, and Sarong did us proud as she showed her virgin hares the ropes and got them trained up for laying future runs.

We had 8 guests, 4 of them first timers. Pat from Canada introduced herself to a great whoop of delight from Kim our lone Canadian. A South African and someone from the UK rounded out our cosmopolitan bunch.

The front runners started off in good form only to be seen milling in confusion as Sarong led them in at a different path, over the drain and off to the right, struggling to spot the very skinny paper. They soon got the scent and headed off toward the stream. Various methods of crossing were tried as some dainty girls tried not to get their feet wet. Some of us, we are nameless, managed to trip over our own feet not once but twice. Checks were called, yours truly not among the lucky ones to discover the on paper and set the hens in the right direction. With all the wending and weaving we only covered one small area of the pristine hashing still available to us in Diplo.

It was a nice tight hash with the hens all coming out more or less together. No one got lost no one was late out. Perfect. With all signed out the first hash of the New Year commenced.

JM’s Magic and Cheryl tizzied (not dizzied) around getting the hens in order. The hares were thanked and accepted their due rewards- water or ‘ads’. Guests were introduced, entertainment, announcements, then our ‘Survivor’ Judy was presented with a memento of her hashing years in Brunei as she will be heading off to Penang to settle in the near future. Those of us who have known Survivor Judy for the many years she has been with the ladies Hash wish her well and we will miss her tenaciousness, her pluck and fighting spirit as we have seen her take her first tentative steps after returning to Brunei after many months of fighting to survive. Her laugh, her jokes at her own expense as she struggled to do her own hash steps, Diplo being a favourite area with its paved road. The book was a marvel. Thank you Mad Margz for the compilation. Judy has extended an open invitation to anyone wishing to visit her in Penang. Possum being first on the list.

Hashits were mooted but the all important chicken being AWOL it was put off being awarded until it returns to the hashing fold. But, we JMs have long memories!

On On Magic

NEXT RUN: SPG 370-16 (Opp Villa Mauri), Jalan Muara, Kg Sg Tilong

HARE: Magic Roundabout ---- PLEASE BEING A CHAIR

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