Sunday, September 25, 2011


RUN NO. 2248
DATE: 20 SEP 2011
HARES: Aunty Lynn/Legally Blonde ---- Madmarg/Eastern Promise stand in due to Aunty Lynn breaking a toe., and Legally Blonde had work duties.
SITE: Tanjung Bunut Kanan

Well, the traffic made this quite a journey! So I rocked up just in time for the horn to sound. Just!

It was already dark, and for most of the run we were under canopy, but I did have my torch at the ready! Out of Sleazy Gardens we went, left up the hill and ahead on into the jungle. Well worn trails took us where we knew, out onto the pylon trail and then up into the main bit of jungle. I was taking great care not to get into the muddy water, having crashed into some steel concrete reinforcement bars on Friday’s hash, and having cuts across my shins as I didn’t want any infection!

The run was lovely and flat, just a couple of inclines which weren’t too taxing. As I was approaching the last one out of the jungle and back onto the pylon trail, having avoided all the river crossings, I managed to plodge into a pile of mud! Right up to my knee. It was a good look, trust me.

We all came out in reasonable time, even Never Wrong who had taken a wrong turing on the way back. The shout up was very well conducted, as always, by Magic. Hares were down downed, not a simple job, as original Hares, Legally Blonde and Aunty Lynn, were MIA. Legally Blonde was caught up at work, and Aunty Lynn had broken her toe - stubbed it on her bed apparently. So Hash Heroine Mad Margz took Eastern Promise in with her and together they laid what was a lovely little run! Thanks for that ladies.

We had yummy roti for dinner, great stuff! And a great on on as usual. Enjoy this week’s run, a short and a long, and enjoy the view! On on!

NEXT RUN: Subok 309 --- Please bring a chair if you have one.
HARES: Pee Wee / Tiffany

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