Monday, August 08, 2011

run no. 2241- LUCKY GARDENS - 2 AUGUST 11

RUN NO. 2241

Last week’s hash was at Lucky Gardens but not at our usual site. This time we set off from Erin’s place, which used to be known as ‘The Hash House’.

Lucky Gardens is one of my favourite sites and hopefully we can use it for many more hashes to come. We seem to have fewer and fewer sites to choose from when setting a hash!

I haven’t been up to the ridge from that ‘horrible hill’ for a long time. I had nearly forgotten how long it is. Alison, Sue and I dragged ourselves up and up, with stiff muscles from hashing earlier in the day, (doing our recce for tonight’s hash!) I kept waiting to see which one of us would chicken out at first check. However once up at the top of the hill Alison took off like a bat out of hell! A woman on a mission! Sue and I dutifully trotted along behind her. We didn’t even have enough breath for a good gossip!

I don’t think I even heard calls for checking but I believe Magic Roundabout found one of the checks.

Down off the ridge we meandered along the floor of the valley, crossed over a couple of streams and then back up another bloody big hill. A very nice hash, thank you ladies.

Back at Erin’s, after a few sustaining egg sandwiches, Smurf explained why it is called ‘The Hash House’ and told of all the runs that had begun from there.
The shout up was an orderly affair. The Hares were thanked for the run and for providing the food. I don’t think there were any first time guests, no announcements or jokes. Hash shit was dispensed to an errant hasher - Elaine.

Shortly after the shout up, we were tucking into delicious pasta and cous cous salads with roast chicken.

A very pleasant evening. Thank you Erin, KathRYN and Mad Margz for the run and the food..


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