Tuesday, November 22, 2011


RUN NO. 2256
HARES: Dizzy/Ryvita
FRONT HORN: Tango BACK HORN: Trailblazer

How are all you groovy hash chicks? Here I am, the new hash kid in town being asked to write these words on the momentious events of the past week namely Founders Day. What an honour. I bow before you duly humbled. Where to begin? First there was the mysterious and perplexing start to the trail which nearly had the troops running out to Menteri (perhaps the pile of roadside checkpoint paper was construed as recent trash thrown out of a car window since some out-with our lofty group fail to keep Brunei tidy). Quick as a flash all sense of direction was recovered and pride restored when the trailhead was located and the assent of Everest, I mean the wee hill commenced. Up, up, up, up, up and more up, then down, down, down, down and yet, more down and then it was all shower up, tidy up, presto, change into your favourite musical character. My oh my, what transformations unfolded before my very eyes.

This peace loving hash chick who is having a hard enough time as it is learning everyone's name (since new hash chicks from all over the world keep appearing from out of the woodwork every week) and their hash aliases, finds she now has to assemble even more bits of information in her brain to try to guess who these gals (and in some cases gals in drag) are supposed to be, not to mention needing to not make any mistakes guessing who they are supposed to be (let's face it, sometimes that was easy, others not) and put a name or hash alias to the characters incognito. No small feat that, but this hash chick gave it the old college try and managed to identify on first attempt a few of the personalities gracing her presence e.g. Carmen Miranda, the Phantom of the Opera, the naughty nun, Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of West (such astonishing powers I hear you, say yes, I know, thank you, thank you but enough about me). The power of three was evident on the night as well with the three muchacos and the three red and white wigged lovelies I was beginning to feel lonely until I remembered that I brought me, myself and I to the ball. At least one other hippy chick graced the horizon (thanks Wendy).

With loads of star performances from Alice and her dainty folk tale entourage (complete with English subtitles), the girls in the nightgowns regaling us with their "Favourite Hash Things" and the Mad Dr (complete with white lab coat) and the Hashettes singing the Monster Hash, in a flash we were well and truly underway with our memorable evening, even if the chef and sous chef still hadn't turned up for duty. What a patient lot of hash chicks were were. Nothing phased us on the night. With a shout of "The show must go on" and an expert DJ (thanks Freddy Mercury (or was it 2 Karen), I mean Salsa, I mean Mandy, see what I mean?) and revved up dancers, the floor was a movin' and a shakin' so much that any inhibitions that had entered the venue that night disappeared for good. What talented gals you all are.

We thank you from the bottom of the very tasty punch bowl. Even the waiting staff were shaking their booties and other bits to the groove. Oh what a night. The food was nice and tasty once the chef decided to fee the masses (no pun intended Sister Hash Hound). Do you suppose he had run off with the sous chef and they changed their minds once they got word of our star line up of the evening? No worries, once fed we forgot all about it. It is good to be forgiving, right Sister Hash Hound (SHH)?

Top marks go to those who helped set up, decorate, organise, those who won prizes and awards on the night. Well done everyone! You know who you are and so do we. Sincere thanks go again to all our committee members for the terrific job they have done for us this past year. Best of luck to the incoming committee too. It will be full "on on" once the reins pass to you. It was also nice to meet the guests. We hope to see them again in future.

The paparazzi were out in full force as well. With so many great photos taken you are sure to be able to recall many fun moments from the evening, even once the ads haze wears off (surely not the nun I hear you say? Sister, I will leave it to your conscience to confess or not). Just flip through your Founder's Day 2011 photo album any time you simply want to remember your Favourite Hash Things... and then you wont't feel ... so bad. Thanks for a memorable evening everyone.. Peace baby.

NEXT RUN: Diplo HARES: Sarong/Debra/Kim

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