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RUN NO. 2253 - KOTA BATU - 25 OCT 2011

RUN NO. 2253
DATE: 25 OCT 2011
HARES: Never Wrong/Jo N

So we all gathered at the top of 672 Kota Batu, I think all the cars managed it.

It was a miserable rainy day, and therefore already dark and we hadn’t even started the run. We did have plenty of warnings from Hare Dizzy, that the run was long and pretty difficult, so no one was under any illusions as to what lay ahead. Mrs Pingu made an executive decision as front horn, to start us early, so at 5.10 off we went.

Straight away we were faced with that killer of a hill, made all the more tricky by rain. There was some rope to help us on our way, so we formed an orderly queue and trudged up. And up, and up, and up! Finally we hit the top ridge and went left whereupon we had some lovely running trails. first check wasn’t far from here and it was on-ahead, I think found by Yvette, Fertile Myrtle and myself sadly chose to check back and down a big hill. Always good when it’s the wrong way. I think by this time a few hashers had already turned back.

By 6 o’clock, the Duchess of Cambridge and myself decided to turn back - let’s be sensible we thought. We passed Trailblazer determined to forge ahead and as it turned out, it wasn’t such a long run and when we turned back it would have been about the same as continuing as it was a lollipop run and we met the others at the stick.

Well, by now it was well and truly dark, and the rain was cascading down; it was starting to descend into something resembling ‘Romancing The Stone’. The big hill in, meant the same big hill out, only this time down. By now everyone had been up it, and those who had turned back had already been down it, so this made for rather steep 30ft mud slide. Bunny Girl led the way, setting off and going hell for leather, full pelt down the slide, next came Jane - who should win a prize for her canny right turn at the bottom to end up wedged under a tree, there was no let-up and Tamsin went next, followed by myself, the bodies were starting to pile up and the screams and hysterical laughter were getting louder and louder! I have never seen such a muddy lot of hashers! All anyone could see were the whites of our eyes and our teeth.

Happily everyone came out in one piece, in good time too, and we headed back to Dizzy’s for the on on which was very ably conducted by Dizzy herself and co-JM Squeak. Hares actually turned out to be Never Wrong and Jo as Dizzy had hurt her back, thanks all for a great run - I look forward to doing it in better weather with more light.

Yvette - super checker, was named Hash Hound after finding nearly all the checks since she’s arrived, well done! We had a couple of jokes and a few announcements which were followed by some amber lubrication of the throat and delicious pasta - thanks chef Dizzy! And so another evening was wiled away under threatening Brunei skies..........On on!

Next run: LUGU (km 84.7 Coastal Highway after the Jerudong turnoffs) - HALLOWEEN RUN --- normal start time - 5.15 pm
HARES: Trailblazer/Pee Wee

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