Monday, August 29, 2011

RUN NO. 2245 SPG 564 SUBOK 30 AUG 2011

RUN NO. 2245
DATE: 30 August 2011
HARES: Mrs Pingu/Lauren
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

What good news to hear of a run being done at Spg 564, Subok!! I havent been to a run from there for a long long time. I remember the lovely runs from way back and I wasnt disappointed. The run had a bit of everything we hashers like. Good trails with some hills and a little water. The trails were really pretty and the cunning checks kept us all together. All in all a great run. Well done. It couldnt have been easy with all the changes going on in the area.

The on on at Mrs Pingus was a great success and we had a first time hasher - Debra who thoroughly enjoyed herself and hopefully will be back! Mrs Pingu celebrated her 200th run and we were all so nice that we didnt give the has shit to anyone that night. The Laksa after was EXCELLENT too. Thank you Mrs Pingu and Lauren. The on on was ended by the news that the new moon had been sighted and Hari Raya was upon us. On that note SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all.

NEXT RUN: SUBOK 67 Tonights run is a typical Subok run. It's so pretty in there at the moment so dont miss the birds, pitcher plants and orchids we saw whilst laying the run. Should be about 45 mins for the runners and an hour for the walkie talkies. Enjoy! On On
HARES: Madmarg/Hot Lips

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