Monday, August 15, 2011

RUN NO. 2242 DIPLO 9 AUG 2011

RUN NO. 2242
DATE: 9 AUG 2011
FRONT HORN: Magic Roundabout

The sky looked threatening over the Diplo site as we arrived but the rained held off for the whole run and the shout up. There were some hens beginning to trickle back from holidays and others looking forward to the start of theirs in a couple of week’s time. We chatted as we walked in along Bill’s ridge following the yellow paper. Part way along the ridge blue paper to the right showed the way along the short route, which most people decided not to go along.

However when we reached the point where the yellow paper when down a steep path to the left 4 hens decided to walk back and tackle to shorter run! Down we went for a while and then along and down again to a small stream with some great muddy patches along the banks. Of course we then had a nice long up to enjoy before arriving on a ridge where we turned left to reach the area where, in some cases, hens were looking for the paper at the check. I went back but of course it was down and to the right. What a steep and challenging slope it was (not sure who found it) Trailblazer with Alice in Wonderland - Ed., which lead us back onto Bill’s ridge. We wound along for a while and then took the path to the left which went down to the creek. We now had a section of water side paths to follow and no more steep climbs until we came to the out trail. Many thanks to the hares for a great run.

At the shout up we welcomed 3 first time guests Jane (Oz), Jackie (NZ) and Marilyn (NZ). All are teachers. Marilyn had a special mention for having found the hash after only being in Brunei for 3 weeks. Fertile Myrtle received her award for doing 150 runs, well done. Alice in Wonderland told a joke that had been provided by Jeni from the block. Yann announced that she needs co hares to help her lay the run in 2 weeks time and more hens were asked to volunteer for the hareline for August and September. The hashit this week was a special rollover event. Erin had left her 1st time guest to walk unsupervised in the jungle and there is photographic evidence to prove it. The hash will remember. Quote of the evening “I know I am mouthy and bolshie” but we still love you Smurf! Many thanks to the hares for the lovely rolls and the gluten free option.

NEXT RUN: Kapok Kanan - Bring those bug sprays!!
HARES: GI Jane/Marcella

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