Monday, August 15, 2011

RUN NO. 2243 KAPOK KANAN 16 AUG 2011

RUN NO. 2243
16 AUG 2011
HARES: GI Jane/Marcella
Front Horn: Mrs Pingu Back Horn: Kathryn
Hens: 31 Chicks: 6

Having had a busy week, not to mention day, and running late, headed off towards Kapok Kanan and wondering whether I needed to top up my petrol as the puasa hours at the pumps albeit we are already half way thru Ramadan has not sunk into my routine. Anyway pressed on and on the way passed Madmarg and Toni running—my, all the way from Sg Tilong??

The run had started when I got there, so a quick dash to the sign in board and then back down the road to catch up with the bunch. The “in-trail” was through the orchards although at this time, no fruits were in season so no pungent smell to guide the nose. As we headed towards the stream bed and rocks, Smurf and Madam Sin were turning around to go in via the out-trail as they reckoned it would be easier.

We followed the trail almost all the way along the stream, luckily no rain and rather dry surroundings, and the pack moved on quickly up, up and up with some assistance on the way of ropes which seem to be a permanent fixture at the site.

New hens were wondering how long the “up” was going to be and I encouraged them
along saying that there is only one way up this side of Serasa hill, and once up the ridge will be on the way down!

First check took a while to find being a back check with Pee-Wee putting her hashing skills to work. 2nd check was found by guess who—Pee Wee again, and 3rd by a keen Tango who has just come back from her summer holidays.

We were treated as usual by magnificent sights of Serasa, the Kodak moments sites being a bit overgrown and after a brief stop, we were winding our way down again. Front runners were out within an hour and an excellent makan of roti and dhal provided by the hares.

Some puppies were on site and one has found a home since.


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