Wednesday, December 28, 2011

RUN NO. 2262 - SPG 378 SG AKAR - 27DEC11

Glamour relaxing after having done a 4 hour hash!

JM Magic with Cheryl introducing first time guest Karli
Looking for a replacement for this lost bottle in the jungle.
Cheryl explaining her boob roll down the hill.
Cheryl showing off her bottom.
Glamours shoes and walking sticks.

RUN NO. 2262
DATE: 27 DEC 2011
HARES: GI Jane/Gung Ho

As Jane said on Tuesday night, ‘there is never a dull moment in Brunei’. I think we should qualify that by adding ‘at the Ladies Hash’!

The evening started out without incident as a small gathering of hens went off into the jungle to the sound of the horn. As I didn’t have my usual walking companions, Kym very kindly said she would stay with me. I am more of a ‘crawly talky’ rather than a ‘walky talky’ these days!

After about 30 minutes we caught up with Glamour and rather than hold up the ladies I was with I stayed behind to keep Glamour company.

We got on well to begin with but as the evening wore on and it got dark we got slower and slower. Fortunately we were well equipped with mobile phones, plenty water and torches. Up on the ridge we keep up a steady pace but as the paper lead us down again onto muddy trails we slipped and slid down to the bottom. I even managed a spectacular ‘boob-ski’ at one point. (Beautiful bruises this morning, one in the shape of Africa, the other quite a good profile of George Clooney!)

We crossed another stream, crawled over a log and then came to a horrendously muddy hill. I did try to haul myself up it but decided it would be too difficult to propel Glamour to the top. That is when I phoned Heather and asked for help.

GIJane, Marcella and Fiona (Gung Ho) came to the rescue. Jane took us back a little bit on the trail to meet up with the ridge, thus avoiding the muddy mountain. Then after a short while we heard the welcome chatter of the rest of the hens.
Thank you girls for coming back into the jungle to get us, we could not possibly have done it without you.

The on-on was conducted by MAGIC (Jan)standing up and me sitting down! It was a pretty short affair; the hens were thanked for the run followed by splendid food, then KARLI was introduced as a guest. Only one announcement, from me, about the forthcoming Burns Supper (on the 26th January at Serasa Yacht Club – write this immediately in your new diary!)

No hashit given.

All in all just another night at the Ladies Hash!
Next week’s run needs another recce, so details of difficulty, length. etc will be announced before the horn.

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - HOGMANAY (A Scottish New Year's Eve celebration) wear any bits of tartan if you have
HARES: Cheryl/Alison/Smurf/Possum

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