Monday, September 12, 2011

RUN NO. 2246 SUBOK 67 6 SEPT 2011

The paper we picked up during the reccee.......

RUN NO. 2246
DATE: 6 SEPT 2011
HARES: MadMarg/Hot Lips
FRONG HORN: Ryvita BACK HORN: Alice in Woinderland

It was a fine afternoon as we set off down the usual trail mindful of the last few runs that saw many hens turn around as the rain pelted down. The hares had advised that it would not be a long run but with lots of paper on the trail to ensure that the on paper had a kiwi on it

Down the trail we went and pitcher plants aplenty were spotted very close to the intrail. First check was soon called, and found by Pee Wee with her keen guests with a quick introduction to what the hash is all about. We followed the stream for a bit which this week was extremely dry.

Second check was called across the stream and as the front runners checked ahead, Trailblazer and a few others checked back without crossing the creek. Our efforts were soon rewarded as Mrs Pingu and Lauren found the “on” which had the kiwi printed on white paper.. On paper was called “back” and we were soon joined by the other hashers. Mrs Pingu and Lauren went ahead, and front horn Ryvita soon caught up.

We wound our way through the pretty trails and was soon out as advised by the hares within 45 minutes. Others slowly trickled through and soon the sign-in was completed. The horns were thanked and Alice in Wonderland did a good job as back horn making sure all the hens out checking got back on track before moving on, as both checks were back and it was good to be able to hear the horn as usually the paper would have been picked up, and if one was not back before the main pack went through, could find themselves in strive trying to get back onto paper without assistance of the horn.

The hares provided delicious samosas and curry puffs, but not before Elaine was given the hashit for an incoming call during the shout up. Madmarg had her native baskets on display for sale, and it was good to see Hash Shop back after a long absence. Thank you hares for a great run.

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - Please bring a plate to share
HARES: Sarong/Trailblazer/Heather D

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