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RUN NO. 2250 - DADAP 11 OCT 2011

RUN NO. 2250
HARES: GI JANE/GUNG HO/SID (in absentee)

Something must have been in the air this Tuesday, if not the dementia must be setting in early because I actually volunteered to write the words this week??!! Well when there's nobody down as hares the week before a run and someone volunteers at the last minute and it's hashers who have laid a few runs already this year then we all need to be very grateful to them and lend a hand so here I am writing the words. As I have this honorable task I can add my own whinge at any of you hasher who are sitting back on your laurels expecting others to come up with a run each week and haven't laid a hash yet this year come on even if you aren't very experience there are plenty of experienced hashers to help you out, get your name down and lay a hash!!!!!!!!!!!

So, Tuesday 4th of October and we're at Dadap, a different site for a change and it's bound to be a good one! With hares like GI Jane, Sid and Fiona there's got to be a good run, a good On-On with good food and a bit of theatre from the girls, especially the dressing up kind. Anyone remember Sid's bras?

Well that is exactly what we got, 5.15pm saw a what............gaggle, flock, herd, pack, possie, what is the collective term for female hashers? Any ideas to hash words or JMs. Well what ever we are called there was quite a group setting off up hill in an array of shades of pink in honour of Breast cancer awareness, well done for remembering and supporting the cause. Words from Jane had stated that the run was “not too hilly” and I suppose all these terms are relative, but from the site to passed 1st check we seemed to be still going up and up. Mustn't complain though after the Tuesday before at Subok even Diplo this week will be flat!!! Lets call it a gentle steady incline from the start of the hash as we forked right off the road and into an open clearing and then eventually into very pleasant open paths. On up was definitely the way we were going even if only gently. No problem though as all this gave us time to catch up on the holidays of our JM Dizzy as she strolled with us near the back of the hash. The checks were found but don't ask me by who but congrats to whoever you were they were all laid through well and we back runners only detoured from the correct way slightly once at 2nd check.

A few slippy drops down from the higher ground and we recognised the more traditional area of Dadap as we crossed and recrossed the streams and rocky out crops along the way. The waterfall was in good flow as we crossed over the slippery rocks.

We passed through a variety of terrain throughout the hash finally making the last stream crossing to the out trail. It was suggested by JM Dizzy that the clearing should be where we had the On-On thank goodness no-one else had that idea as that last stroll out seemed to go on for sometime before we finally heard the clucking of the gathered hens.

The shout up started by a quick introduction of our wanderlust JM as some new members may never have seen her before followed by a thank you to the hares for a great run. The hares took the opportunity to thank those responsible for the decorations, Sid for her recci skills and sorting out the pink towels we had all received after the run. Thanks to all for a great night whether for the run, decoration, freebie, food, drink etc it was hash to remember.

The JM and GM welcomed 2 new hashers (remember it's never to early to start laying a hash!!) and a returning hasher, Running Bare who I'm sure we would wish to be seeing her back in Brunei for more joyous reasons but it is still always good to welcome her back.

This weeks run - well, watch this space, listen before the run or just wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget your plate with something edible on it




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